Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Revisited: Hourglass Glosses in Ignite and Origami

I bought both of these Hourglass Extreme Sheen lipglosses quite a while ago. I posted pictures and swatches when I originally bought them but recently I've had a few questions about them and I realised I'd never shown any lip swatches of them on their own. Plus, when I look back at the pictures from the old posts, I realise that my photography skills have improved a little since then.

Origami is probably best described as a bubblegum pink with no shimmer and Ignite is a beige nude packed with peach and gold shimmer. Both lipglosses are quite moisturising and they feel wet on the lips rather than sticky. The formula is different to anything else I've used but I find it very pleasant. They are also strongly scented. It's a very sweet smell and there's a hint of vanilla but also something else like cinnamon. It's very similar to the scent of the Soap and Glory Mother Pucker lipglosses. If you're not keen on fragranced lip products, these are probably not for you.

Left - Ignite, Right - Origami

Although I've taken more photographs of Ignite, Origami is the more unique colour in my opinion. I do struggle to describe it. I think bubblegum (or maybe Barbie?) is the most helpful description purely because I think it gets across how bright it is. I attempted to compare it to some other colours to show where it sits on a spectrum of lighter pinks but it's tricky as I don't own many similar colours. The picture here with the flash makes it look a little darker than it is in person. 

L-R: Lychee Juicy Tube, MAC Syrup, Origami, Revlon Carnation, MAC Hue and MAC Hug Me

My favourite way to wear Origami is to layer it over other colours and you can see an example here. Ignite also works well applied over a nude or flesh pink lipstick.



I am really open to requests for me to revisit any other products I've shown in the past. Either you'd like me to take more photographs or you wish to see it in a FOTD or compared to other colours. Do feel free to ask, I'm always happy to oblige.


  1. Oh no! This post comes at the exact time when I have been debating whether to finally give in and purchase Ignite...I have had it on my list for absolute ages (and I have actually saved your previous swatches of it on disc for reference lol) and today's pics might just be the final push.
    I think both look really pretty on you!
    Nina x

  2. Oh looky here! My two enablers!! lol

    I ordered "imagine" and the new un "fortune". I particularly LOVE fortune it really is unique.

    I must admit that I wanted origami too Zuneta were out of stock.

  3. Thanks Nina, I do the same thing with saving pictures and having the long term lists! I'm very pleased the original swatches were still useful.

    Ignite is pretty. Relatively sheer on it's own but the shimmer is very pretty. That's why I got carried away taking pictures ;)

    Hi OC! Yes, little Zuneta club meeting here ;). I was looking at swatches of imagine yesterday. It looks very nice. How do you find the texture? I find it quite difficult to explain but it's much more watery feeling than other glosses.

    Jane x

  4. The pink is especially gorgeous!

  5. Origami is so SO beautiful! I plan to get it thanks for the lip swatches x

  6. Thanks Charlie! It's quite a unique colour in my collection. It's the sort of lipstick shade that I'd love to wear but can't. Sometimes, only girly pink will do!

    Hi Marina, I really hope it's useful. A few people had asked about these so I definitely thought it was work adding more pictures. Thank you for the inspiration for the post.

    Jane x

  7. Not keen on the Origami I prefere the Ignite. For some reason the Origami looks quite gooey to me, or am I see things?

  8. they both look amazing. I really love Hourglass glosses for their great colour selection and beautiful texture but it's very exy.

    Origami is such a delicate, perfect shade of pink and looks so good on you. sigh...

  9. I have Ignite and love it, it goes with so many looks and the formula is quite unique compared to other glosses I have. Origami looks very pretty too.

  10. Okay that does it, I was on the Zuneta site today pondering what to purchase and Old Cow told me about these glosses and now you have! its a sign!

  11. Wow, these look amazing on you! I have to take a closer look at Hourglass glosses :)

  12. Both look amazing!!!
    Being on Gloss Out, I've come to appreciate a good lipgloss even more!!! Once I'm done, I plan to get the Fortune one from this range! ;)

    Great post and gorgeous swatches Jane!


  13. @Skin Scrubs: I put quite a bit on in order to show the colour on camera, I suspect that might be why it looks gooey. They’re not gooey in reality, the texture is really hard to explain but it’s not like a regular lipgloss. I’d actually be fascinated to see how you got on with them as a big lip balm fan.

    @Jen W: Thanks Jen, yes definitely exy! So far none of my Hourglass purchases have disappointed which is real plus as it’s online only here.

    @Meeta: I’m glad you rate it too. The feel is really different isn’t it?

    @Imo: Did you splash out? Hourglass is a really lovely brand.

    @dempss: Have you ever tried anything from Hourglass? I think you’d love the eyeshadow duos.

    @Tina: Thank you! Well done for sticking to it Gloss Out. I’m not normally a big gloss girl but I make an exception with these and the RBR glosses. Hourglass is definitely one to watch.

    Jane x


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