Thursday, 3 March 2011

It's a Special Day!

 It's my birthday today. I've hit the half way point of my thirties and I'd love to say that I still look good for my age but today, that would be a bit of a fib. I'm absolutely shattered but I had such a fun evening out in London it was well worth it. I had the great pleasure of viewing the new Toxic Nature collection from Illamasqua and also enjoyed a lovely soiree thanks to the Murad and The Doctor Brand girls. All this whilst gossiping and enjoying the company of some very lovely blogging friends. There will be more news to come about my night of 'research' but I must say that it was a lovely pre-birthday treat.

If you follow me on Twitter you might be aware that I went on a quest to find some new boots to wear yesterday. It's never particularly wise to wear brand new shoes when you have to do a lot of walking but it was a desperate situation. London needed to be spared from my battered Uggs and muddy Converse! I went along to Clarks, not necessarily the most trendy place to buy footwear but with wide feet and a life spent walking everywhere, my choices are limited.

I had originally intended to get ankle boots but when I discovered there was a 25% off promotion, I decided to go for broke and get some knee length boots as I reasoned that they will be more versatile. These cost £97.50 with the discount (normal price £130). It's more than I had budgeted but handily I got a cheque for my birthday that covered the cost. Thanks for my new boots Mum!

I really struggle with knee high boots normally as I have wide calves but these actually fitted ok and I didn't need to opt for the wide version. They're also very comfy. I walked a lot yesterday and I even managed to run for the train at the end of the night. Not bad for a first outing! I don't tend to wear heels anymore but this heel is chunky enough for it not to be awkward to walk in. I'll admit that when I took them off at home my my legs did feel like they'd had a bit of a workout.

I think the promotion might have finished but there are quite a few boots still reduced on the website. I'm surprised by how many of the boots and shoes appeal to me from Clarks. I'm not sure if they're getting more fashionable or I'm just less discerning. I'll let you decide, if it's the latter, feel free to keep it to yourself!


  1. Happy Birthday Jane! The boots look lovely, did you get anything beauty related this morning or do your family think you have enough products to last a lifetime (mine certainly do!) xxx

  2. Happy Birthday! The boots are fantastic, I love them. Have to say that having been raised on a diet of sensible Clarks Shoes (brown lace up - winter, navy t bar sandal - Summer, til I was 19 and left home!!) I was always adverse to nipping into Clarks as I saw it as a clear indicator that style over comfort had given way to a more middle aged concern with practicality. Which of course is tosh when the boots look this good! I got a pair of Clarks ankle boots in the sale in Jan reduced from £85 to £25, whats not to love?! And anyway how cutting edge do you need your fashion - Victoria Beckhams heel'less boots perhaps? Have a fab b'day - you share it with my dad, who's major shoe love was a nicely tooled pair of Grenson brogues back in the day!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! :) Love the boots! I'm a bit like you...are Clarks getting cool or am I getting old? Hmmmmmm...we need a wipper snapper to answer that question for us! lol

    Hope you have a fabulous day!

  4. Happy birthday Jane! I still have a month to go until my half-way-in-my-thirties birthday. :P Nice boots by the way. Enjoy your birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Jane! I like the boots - the buckle gives a nice bit of detail without being over the top. Clarks have some really nice styles - when my sister was looking for some not ridiculously high-heeled shoes to go with her graduation dress, we found a perfect pair in Clarks that looked very fashionable and still had a good heel but are comfy. Who says you cannot have the best of both worlds? Also it was nice to speak to you yesterday. It was a good event and I was quite impressed with the mini-facial when I saw my skin in the morning - much brighter and I think some of my acne scarring looked less visible.

  6. Happy birthday!!! Those are gorgeous boots!

  7. Happy Birthday Jane...hope you have a wonderful day today!

    The boots look lovely, especially for Clarks... comfort & style hey!
    I'm actually tempted now haha as they look like great dog walking boots as I hate wearing wellies when going on a walk, just not comfy at all.

    Fee xxxx

  8. Happy Birthday lovely lady!
    Gorgeous boots, enjoy them...along with all the makeup that, I am sure, must be on the gift list :-)))
    Have a fab on Jane!
    Lots of love
    Nina x

  9. Erm, Fee did you just compare Jane's lovely new boots to wellies?????????!! Lol. Guess you are the whipper snapper we all needed to hear from as to whether clarks are trendy or not. Guessing thats a not vote from you!!

  10. @Debbie - haha just re-read my comment, oh dear! I think I meant to say that I needed something alot more confy than my wellies that also looked nice!
    Not that Jane's new boots look like dog walking attire in the least haha oh dear, really should stop now shouldn't I !

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope youve had an amazing day! its my birthday tomorrow! x x

  12. Happy Birthday! I hope you got swamped in presents and given a nice big cake!
    I really like the look of those boots, I know what you mean though as Clarkes does have a certain image, I think their range is more modern than it use to be though x

  13. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Jane,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Love the boots! Hope you have had a lovely day x

  14. Happy Bday, Jane!

    Clarks boasts a pretty good range of shoes now. I know there's still the preconception that they're rather dowdy, but I've a special place in my heart for them ever since my first school shoes visit and now own a few pairs of prettier heels.

    I also believe that Clarks shoes are really well made (especially considering their price), with mostly leather material rather than synthetic. They're sturdy and comfortable too, even if the design might suggest otherwise.

    I'm really loving the style of boots you chose, btw - you have a mother with very good taste :P

    Cassie x

  15. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day.
    Love the boots!

  16. I'm late, but Happy Birthday beautiful mom! :D I love your boots ;) x

  17. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Glad we managed the accolade of 'soiree'! Just checked out Clarks website, think they're more fashionable than I remember too x

  18. Thank you so much for all the lovely birthday wishes. Glad it's a thumbs up for the boots too. I can't believe how comfy they are considering they're new boots.

    Fee and Debbie, I was laughing out loud at your little wellies conversation. A classic!

    Happy Birthday to the two other birthday girls today. I hope you've had a great day too ;)

    Thanks Elle, it definitely was a soiree. Champagne, canapes, gossip and beauty products, it's all win!

    Jane x


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