Saturday, 12 March 2011

My Makeup Storage

After I bought my new storage system months ago, I had intended to write a post showing all my makeup looking nice and neat and organised. Unfortunately, it's taken me until last weekend to actually make it look (vaguely) organised. Although it's overdue, I thought it might still be quite interesting to share. Apologies in advance as I suspect this will be picture heavy.

My makeup is currently stored in one of three places: a drawer unit in my wardrobe, my beauty box or the makeup bag in my handbag.

Here's the the drawer unit:

Up until last weekend, the state of the drawers was pretty horrific. Nothing was particularly ordered apart from the fact that the top two drawers contained makeup, the third drawer down contained nail polish and the bottom drawer had various skin and hair care. It's still in this order but I decided to try and sort out the makeup drawers to make it easier to find things as and when I want to use them. This is how it looks now. I found a new use for my Zuneta boxes as you may see!

1st Drawer
2nd Drawer
3rd Drawer

4th Drawer

I still keep quite a bit of makeup in my beauty box. You can see how much my collection has grown since my very first blog post where I shared my then new traincase!

Lastly I have a few bits and pieces in my little makeup bag. This gets changed around quite a lot but usually contains at least one concealer. You can probably see how obsessed I am with them as I'm currently carrying around three!

I still want to find some more containers or organisers for my storage drawers but sorting things out in there has made it much faster to pick things out when I put my makeup on in the morning. I'm also toying with idea of a brush roll or similar to store my brushes as they're beginning to outgrow the vase I have been storing them in.

I hope you enjoyed a little nosy into my stash. Feel free to ask questions about anything you spotted that I might have omitted to post about. I'd also love to hear about your makeup storage and any handy containers or organising systems that you might have found. If you have a recommendation for a good brush roll I'd be very interested too.


  1. I love looking at makeup storage pics. The Zuneta boxes are very useful, I use fragrance boxes to keep makeup organised in my traincase as I hate throwing a nice box away. Those drawers are nice, I like how the drawers are flush to the surround (my geeky storage side coming out there!). When I was looking for brush rolls I remember Screenface had a decent size plain black one, but it was leather and about £50 so thought I'd make my own instead and jazz it up a bit.

  2. I always find these kind of posts interesting, partly because I'm very nosy and like to see other people's stashes. It's also interesting to see storage solutions. I posted about mine a few months ago, but I'm currently re-thinking it, so will hopefully get around to doing another post soon. Or maybe I'll do a video! Ooh, I'm all excited! :D

  3. Ooooh, I love this kind of post! Everything looks nice and tidy, well done you!
    I'm thinking of getting a traincase as well as I use an art-deco dressing-table with where I store everything and two separate mu bags where the monthly rotation picks are at the ready. It's those two bags that I'm thinking of replacing.

    And a question: On the second photo of the first drawer (that's where they're most clearly visible), I can see a RBR and a NARS gloss the looks of which I really-really like...which ones are they???
    Nina x

  4. Great post, i love these types to see how people store there stuff. I have mine organised as i dont have enough time in the mornings to be searching lol.
    I think the uk struggle with nice storage for makeup, i keep seeing nice storage and then check it out and its always from america :(

  5. @Meeta: The drawers were from Argos, not great to look at but it’s fairly well made and hidden inside my wardrobe! Thank you for the recommendation for Screenface, I will take a look. I loved the one you made but know I haven’t got the time to sit and make one properly myself at the moment. It’s a shame as I quite enjoy sewing.

    @Anitacska: I’m very nosy too and I remember your post, you did a video before didn’t you? I quite enjoy organising but I’m yes diligent about keeping it nice and neat (especially as I keep adding things). Have fun re-organising!

    @Nina: The traincases are quite useful storage. I got the beauty box originally as I had about three bags which I had crammed everything in. I just keep filling up storage now! Your art-deco dressing table sounds lovely.

    To answer you question the NARS lipgloss in Bougainville which I think I have posted about before. The RBR is Coy, it has made an appearance but I have pictures ready to do a post very soon. It’s a really lovely colour, though more sheer on the lips than the colour you see in the tube.

    @nicoletta: I agree that there's seems to be many lovely storage solutions available in the States but not here. I used to see so many great things on Specktra stash posts and be in awe! I think Muji does some nice storage but it's quite expensive.

    Jane x

  6. Yes, I did do a video, but I've just checked and that was nearly a year ago actually! So I definitely need to reorganise a few things and then do another video. :)

  7. This is so organised! Did you rediscover anything awesome that you'd forgotten about? You have so many nice things!

  8. Love your organizing system where everything is so neatly placed in each drawer!

  9. I love those Zuneta boxes! they sure do come in handy for storage purposes!

  10. Very nice and neat!! As I lug all my stuff around in a suitcase on shoots all the time leakage is a major problem and I've started putting things like glitters and foundations in clear zip-lock bags from Waitrose to prevent the leak going everywhere. It's also a good and cheap way to organise make-up into different categories as you can see what's where. When the bag starts to look a bit manky just put it into a new one. You've insipired me to do a major clear out!!

  11. I used to have my makeup all over the place until several months ago I finally got a nice storage which is very useful. Nice collection you have here ;) x

  12. @Anita: I honestly can’t believe it was nearly a year ago! I look forward to the update :)

    @dempss: You know, I thought I might find something but there really wasn’t anything that I’d forgotten. I’m still at a point where I can remember everything that I have but at least this way I don’t have to spend ages rummaging for the crucial items!

    @Kirstie: I’m hoping I can keep it all that way. Neat isn’t natural too me but it’s so much easier to find things this way!

    @Imo: The Zuneta boxes are great. I got a new one today and I’ll be putting it to good use of course :)

    Hi Linda! I bet the zip-lock bags are really handy. I think something see-through would be great for this kind of storage as you can see what’s in them and don’t have to open up everything before you find the thing you were after. I hope you got on well with your clear out!

    @Marina: I remember you mentioning your new makeup organisation, wasn’t it something a friend made especially for you? It sounded great!

    Thank you so much for your comments,
    Jane x


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