Friday, 11 March 2011

A post from my sick bed

I'm calling in sick today, which roughly translates as the Biochemist is at home taking over my Mum duties for the day. To cheer myself up whilst I wallow in bed I have the laptop and the March copy of InStyle with Best Beauty Buys for company.

I wanted to share with you some of the other things that have made me feel better whilst fighting off the germs. Today I am featuring as Escentual's Blog of the Week. When I read their post I felt quite overwhelmed, it means a lot to me that people actually enjoy my writing and penchant for tongue in cheek posts. I've been blogging for close to a year now and it's hard to not to let a little bit of my naughty sense of humour in here. It's good to know that it's appreciated and that it doesn't put too many of you off. I hope!

The other thing that I have been meaning to share with you is my little Blog Award from Azaria PR.

As you can see it came in the form of a biscuit. It didn't last long but I made sure I took a picture quickly before it was demolished. It would be mean of me to blame it all on the children I suppose...

What are you doing this fine and sunny Friday? Are you looking forward to the weekend or have you been caught by the lurgy too?


  1. I'm in Wales so naturally it's raining. But I'm stuck inside writing my dissertation so it doesn't really matter.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Congratulations on all that recognition, you totally deserve it! I love your reading your blog and really apreciate the way your sense of humour creeps in to your posts!

    Hope you feel better soon. I'm (supposed to be) getting on with Uni work today!


  3. MB - I love your fresh, tongue-in-cheekiness! I could use with a little more :-)

    I love British humor and when I read your blog I read it in my head with my (bad) faux British accent which makes it that much more fun. Your blog is one of the several I check out every day and it's kind of like having a pen pal! Do I sound like a stalker?

    To answer your questions: Yesterday was my 26th bday and today is my hubby's 32nd bday. I am at work (it's about 8 AM here in Boston) but am taking a half day and we're going to just hang out like directionless college kids. Maybe catch a matinee (there's a new alien move we want to see haha) and get some curry for dinner. It's a verryyyyy foggy, eerie day today. It's warm for this time of year - about 11 Celsius - and the fog is hiding the ocean from view and there's a bit of misty rain floating about. I kind of like it...good day to be lazy :-)

    Anyway. Congratulations on the award and keep it up! I hope you feel better soon so you can blog!!!

  4. haha my comment is below loveaudrey's - loveaudrey is my other British, friend-in-my-head blogger!! I love both your blogs and if I'm ever in London I'm inviting you both into the city for dinner :-)

  5. Hope you get better soon Jane! That is a cute looking award and even better that you can eat it! They should do that with mainstream awards - imagine an Oscar biscuit or cake to go with the trophy.

  6. Hope you feel better soon! Yesterday was my birthday - so tomorrow we will have a family party :) I love reading your blog - especially for the sense of humour!

  7. aww hope you feel better soon lovely. If i was you id play it out a bit longer and make the most of staying in bed:) xx

  8. Hope you feel better soon! I have intermittent lurgy; feel fine one minute and then like poop on a stick the next. Have been self medicating with ibruprofen and tea all day, am now self medicating with prosecco and frankly should move away from the key board before I offend!x

  9. I hope you feel more with it soon, of course I'd be tempted to milk it if it meant not doing mum duties for a bit ;)
    Congratulations on being featured and getting your award :)
    Have to mention I saw those new YSL Chromatics palettes today,this one is so pretty
    if it wasn't for some doofus man in my way, who wouldn't move so I get get to the SA it would have been mine! xx

  10. I hope you'll get well soon! Congrats on all the awards, you know I love your blog!
    This weekend we're going to see some friends and I'm hoping I'll get a chance to see a movie and that's about it, they always go by so fast. x Klara

  11. Biscuit awards? Now that is the way forward. Hope you feel better soon x

  12. @sweetest_potato: Best of luck with the dissertation writing. I remember doing mine over the Easter break though as I said to loveaudrey yesterday, I can’t remember what it was about! Maybe the sun will shine for you today to spur you on :)

    @loveaudrey: Thank you, I really am so pleased that people enjoy it. Good luck with the dissertation writing. Do you manage to write over the weekend? I take my hat off to you as it must take a lot of dedication to do writing with small people.

    @Gretchen: Thank you for your wonderful comment and sharing your plans. I hope you both had a lovely day and a belated Happy Birthday to a fellow Pisceans! Not stalkerish at all. If you ever get to London, I’ll hold you to a dinner date ;)

    @Meeta: An edible Oscar, that’s a marvellous idea! The award was rather tasty. It’s a winning formula!

    @too busy to stitch: Happy Birthday for Thursday! I hope you have a lovely party, I do hope wine and cake will feature? Thank you for reading and enjoying, knowing that people like reading means an awful lot to me.

    @nicoletta: Thank you! I only lasted till lunchtime yesterday in bed but the family have gone off to my in-laws for the day so I can recover quietly. It’s such a shame to be stuck in bed on a glorious day though. I’ll be fighting the urge to clean!

    @Debbie: You know, I’ve never had prosecco and I’ve heard it mentioned a few times now so I feel like I’m missing out! I hope you’re feeling better soon. By the way an entirely random thought just occurred to me. I have a feeling you would really like the Know What Lies Are For (RBR) lipstick as a nude. I think it’s not dissimilar in colour to the GOSH one that was drying your smackers out. If anyone wants to treat you, that would be a fine choice!

    @Replica: The family have gone out for the day so I will get a day of quiet to wallow in bed. That palette is divine!! It says it’s Selfridges only, I’m presuming that’s not the case if you’ve seen it? I want it!

    @Klara: Thank you. I agree, the weekends always go too fast. I hope you have a lovely time with your friends at the cinema. That sounds like a lovely way to spend the day.

    @Skin Scrubs: Yes, I’m all for edible awards! It tasted delicious.

    Thanks for all your lovely comments and well wishes,
    Jane x

  13. Hello Jane,
    Its out in John Lewis with the new mascara as well x


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