Friday, 18 March 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Coy

In the tube, Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations lipgloss in Coy is a beautifully strawberry colour packed with silver and gold shimmer. On my lips, it doesn't give a lot of colour rather it enhances my quite pigmented lips and makes them look plump and juicy.

This is my first Rouge Bunny Rouge gloss and unsurprisingly the formula doesn't disappoint. It's quite a thick consistency and has a certain level of stickiness but it feels really moisturising. The 'stickiness' is not of the MAC variety either, more it gives the gloss cling and makes it long lasting.

Viewed in the context of my face, you can see it adds a little colour and lots of shimmer. It's adds warmth too. Even though this isn't my usual 'my lips but better' shade, I find it works with a variety of makeup looks. I can see me reaching for it a lot when the weather gets warmer.

Although I'm not really a big lipgloss person, I'm interested in trying one of these in a different shade. I'm rather keen on the Glassy Gloss in Fleur Parfait first though. I think it was the mention of the word mauve that did it!

Disclosure: This was a really generous Christmas gift from the lovely folks at Zuneta.


  1. That's super, super flattering on you. It's enough to give your lips that 'just been kissed' flush without being a screamingly bright tint.

    I've never tried BBR but the more I read about it, the more I think I need to splurge!

  2. That is lovely, and I giggled a bit at *juicy lips* - mildly porn like description there he-he ;)

    I am REALLY loving whatever blush you're wearing too - aahhh soo pretty!

  3. Gorgeous gloss! And I don't really get into glosses very often :) It looks wonderful on you.

  4. This looks gorgeous on you and really goes well with the blush you have on too. I do love these glosses, they are a lesson on shimmer done well. From the ones I have, the shades seem to be quite versatile for many skintones as they not overly pigmented.

  5. It really suits you, & I like the look of it - glossy but not gloopy.

    I'd be all over Fleur Parfait too, I have a thing for mauve. I haven't quite worked myself up to RBR as of yet though!

  6. You look fabulous! Your skin...where is the green-eyed monster emoticon when I need it?? Must. Get. This . Gloss. Please could you tell me what eye and cheek colours you are wearing? Thanks!

  7. Gorgeous shade, you look particularly pretty in these pics - which blush are you wearing??? :)

  8. That really suits you and I have to second the other comments about how pretty you look in the last pic - the blush is gorgeous on you! x

  9. So, SO gorgeous...! Like everyone else said, the gloss, the blusher, the lot. Lovely picture, lovely product :-)
    Nina x

  10. Great colour! Great photos too. I wish I had your skin! :)

  11. Did someone say sexy, strawberry pucker?

  12. Thank you so much for the lovely comments about the full face look. I actually cheated as it’s a picture I also used in my review of Hourglass Rouge cheek stain. I’m wearing the cheek stain and on my eyes I’m wearing Kjaer Weis Earthy Calm and Wisdom eyeshadows and GOSH eyeliner in Truly Brown.

    @swatchgirl: Thank you! I really like their cosmetics, everything I’ve tried has been a winner.

    @Chic Beauty Blog: Ha ha, I did a pervy post! I had the Hourglass Rouge cheek stain on, it’s such a lovely blusher.

    @Jennifer Leigh: Thank you! This is a really lovely gloss and I’m with you, there aren’t many that tempt me.

    @Meeta: The shimmer is definitely elegant rather than OTT. Which ones do you have?

    @25FLONDON: I love mauve. It’s only a matter of time before I crack!

    @FragrantWitch: Thank you! I’ve written down all of the details of what I had on at the top. I really like how it all worked together.

    @Gaby: Thank you!

    @Jadegrrrl: Thank you Jade. I’m wearing Hourglass cheek stain in Rouge, I’ve become quite partial to it.

    @Debbie: Thank you. I was pleased with how my makeup turned out in that picture.

    @Nina: Thank you so much. How are you getting on with the Hourglass lip stain?

    @dempss: I never think my skin is that great but it’s something that people often comment on. I’m pleased it looks ok.

    @Skin Scrubs: Thank you honey! Although I’m not a big gloss wearer, I do really like this colour.

    Jane x

  13. Hi Jane - I have in Sin Tiptoe In, Blameless, One Long Sip, Counting Wishes and No Strings Attached. I really should do a post on these as they are some of my favourite glosses.

  14. Really pretty shade!!!
    That's what I like about the RBR glosses too, the shimmer is dense and they give a lovely "plump" effect!!!
    I'd love to try more shades too, but I'm on Glossout sadly!!! I'll be living vicariously through you should u decide to get more shades! ;)

  15. Oh Meeta, you have an impressive collection! I am almost drooling at the thought of all that RBR loveliness!

    Hi Tina, it's a really lovely colour and definitely gives a nice plumping effect. I shall consider it my beauty blogger duty to try more out whilst you cannot ;)

    Jane x

  16. I love that color. I was considering buying it but thought it would be too cool on me. My lips tend to turn colors an unbecoming shade of fuschia.


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