Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chanel Ming and MAC Subculture

This is a lip combination that I wore quite a lot last week. I thought it would be interesting to share with you especially as it's not my typical choice of colour.


Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Ming is a neutral pink with fine shimmer. I think it's more pink than it shows in the swatch below and I will update with a more colour accurate photograph. The formula is like a liquid lipstick and I find it doesn't give me completely opaque coverage. I prefer to use the lip pencil as a base to neutralize my natural lip colour or to replace colour when I have accidentally blotted out my natural lip colour when applying foundation (is it only me this happens to?). Ming has a shaped doe foot applicator and this is my minor gripe about this lipstick. The edges of the applicator are really sharp and it can feel a little uncomfortable as there doesn't seem to be sufficient padding over the plastic. I'm not sure if it's just this one or if all of the Allure Laques are the same.

Top - Subculture, Bottom - Ming
Updated picture

MAC Subculture lip pencil is a beige pink. It's leans a bit more brown than Ming but I do find they work well together, the combination of the two colours produces a slightly more peachy pink. I don't have many lip pencils but I do really like this one and find it really versatile. It's not a creamy lip pencil as you can see from the lip swatch but it's not drying or uncomfortable and lasts well on the lips.




I really like this lip combination, it's simple and works with a variety of other makeup looks. The only downside is it seems a little unforgiving of lip imperfections so if you have dry lips this is something to be aware of. The colour actually reminds me a little of MAC Viva Glam V lipstick, maybe with a little less shimmer? Randomly, Viva Glam V was one of the first lipsticks I ever finished.

What lip combination are you currently favouring? Are you a devotee of lip pencils?


  1. MAC Subculture is my go-to lip liner for a natural lip look. A MLBB lipliner... if that makes sense...

    Ming is something that I have lusted after for a long time!

    Great combo!

  2. Thats very nice, I also have and love Subculture.

    I like it when I blot out my lips with foundation as it gives me a truer colour when I apply my lippie, as my lips are quite pigmented!

  3. Lovely combo! I don't use lip pencil regularly, but when I do I like it all over as it does give a more even finish to lipstick. I rarely use foundation/concealer on my lips as I think it can sometimes emphasise dryness and also when I come to topping up in the day I am not carrying around my base with me so I much prefer a pencil.

  4. Very pretty. I'd really love to try another Chanel laquer as the one I have is a muddy brown on me so gets no use, but I do like the finish. Subculture seems like a good staple that I should have (feel a MAC shopping trip coming on!)x

  5. @Jen W: I do know what you mean about Subculture being MLBB, I think it’s a good one for adding definition to the lips or shaping the lip line as it’s quite a natural lip colour. I think you’d probably like Ming too.

    @Charlie: I know what you mean with blotting out the colour. I find it works well with a quite a few of my lipsticks. With this being a liquid lipstick, I find it mixes with any foundation on my lips and makes it sludgy looking if that makes sense? It looks very Mingy! ;)

    @Meeta: I’m the same as you and tend to use pencil all over if I use it. I have a couple of lip pencils, including Nyx Mauve which I really like. I might actually do a comparison post of the ones I have.

    @Lipstick Luvvie: I find subculture is a really handy lip pencil. It’s quite good at muting/modifying my natural lip colour. My lips are more mauve which can mess with lipstick colours. I seem to think you’ve had similar problems with lipsticks? Subculture might be a good one for you.

    Jane x

  6. I love this colour on you. I am a BIG liner fan, I dont wear lippie without it but not in that 80's dark liner and light lippie way.

  7. That is a really pretty lip combo, I think I might have Ming, although can't think where it is, or maybe I don't have it, seriously have too many lip products.... although like you I don't have many lip pencils, think 3 max, I just forget to use them really, they stay hidden in my brush pots! x

  8. I have Ming and on my lips it's quite a bright pink. I would likely wear it in the summer when I've got more color. I just tried your combination as I also have Subculture, but Ming still appears quite bright. At least you got me thinking about combinations. Thanks!

  9. Ohh Ming looks lovely, although the name makes me thinking of *Ming-ing*..

    Has it got any brown undertones in it, or is that due to the use of Subculture?

    I have never tried these liquid lipsticks from Chanel, I think I'll go check them out next time in out shopping, it looks lovely (except for the doe foot, what a strange concept)

  10. These are lovely natural shades. I could wear something like this for work and I wouldn't look like a clown!

  11. This colour is definitely doing it for me (not that I don't appreciate a Dragon), but this is right up my street!!!
    Excellent choice Jane & thanx for blogging abt this!!!


  12. I really like that combo- looks lovely on you- as usual!. I believe I have that liner in my stash but I need to hunt for it.... shameful how things get lost sometimes. I don't have one of those glosses but just received a Rouge Allure Extrait in Confidence (sheer soft pink) and really like it. Review coming soon =)
    Chanel is really high on my list lately with their glosses! x jeanie

  13. I've been meaning to pick up MAC Subculture for over a year now, and I already have Ming so perhaps this will give me some incentive! Such a great combo, and a great way to increase the lasting power of the Chanel.

  14. I must say that MING is one of my absolute fave lippies ever. I think I have gone through about 2 of these beauties recently.

  15. @Imo: Thank you. I always seem to forget to put liner on. I have a few that are really good and I ought to pull them out more often. I really need to get some darker ones, to go with my darker lipsticks and glosses.

    @Replica: At some point I will go upstairs and actually look how many pencils I have. It’s probably more than I realise but it’s rare for me to use them. It somehow felt really necessary with this one. Did you work out whether you do have Ming?

    @Joolz: I always find it interesting how colours will pull different on different people. I even found this myself, I’d taken the pictures a little while back then applied it the day I posted too. It seemed much more pink on Tuesday! I wonder if another lip pencil colour might mute it slightly for you? Something even more brown based maybe?

    @CBB: I’ll be really interested to see how this colour comes out on you. It’s not got a brown undertone, I think that’s because of Subculture. It’s definitely more pink on me when I apply to bare lips as you can see in the bottom picture that I added. The name is definitely an odd choice!

    @Skin Scrubs: It’s definitely a work appropriate look. The only downside is it shows up lip flakes. As the queen of scrubs I shouldn’t think you’d have that problem ;)

    @Tina: Yay, I’m glad you like it. It’s a nice feminine and polished lip look, I think. I can see you really liking this x

    @Jeanie: I’m wondering if Confidence is one of the other glosses I have in my sampler. It seems like a really pretty pink. It’s interesting how many people have Subculture in their stash. It seems quite a popular colour. I agree with you about Chanel too, I have a few things on my radar currently ;)

    @MLBB: Your post was my introduction to Ming. I was really excited when I got it in my ebay bundle as I’d thought it looked very pretty on you. I think Subculture is one of those basics, it’s not exciting so it gets put to the back of the list. It’s definitely worth getting if you like to wear a liner. As you say, it’s handy for increasing wear rime too.

    @Old Cow: I can see why you like it, it’s a pretty colour and feels nice on.

    Thanks for all of your comments,
    Jane x


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