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Illamasqua Toxic Nature

I had the opportunity to take a look at the new Toxic Nature collection from Illamasqua this week. The inspiration behind this collection came from the chaos caused by the volcanic ash cloud last year. Toxic Nature is comprised of colours you would find in nature that have been a bit 'tampered with', ranging from mutated pastels, 'not quite' neutrals, to the odd pop of bright acid colour.  There are even a couple of taupes in there for good measure (yes, really!). This collection will definitely appeal if, like me, you like swampy colours with a little bit of an edge.

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The new cream pigments released with this collection are a replacement for the cream eyeshadows. They are multi-purpose and can be used as eyeshadows, colour correctors, contour or blusher. They can even be mixed to create new 'toxic' shades. The new matte formula also promises to be more crease resistant. There are six shades of cream pigments; Emerge - peach, Mould - grape, Delirium - a rosy taupe, Bedaub - mint, Hollow - toffee and Dab - lilac.

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The collection also includes two lipsticks which are more creamy than the usual Illamasqua formula; Flare, a bright orange and Atomic, a fuchsia violet. Two complementary sheer lipglosses, Torture, a coral peach and Divine, a fuchsia pink. Nail varnishes in Gamma - neon orange, Radium - acidic lime shimmer, Bacterium - pearlescent ash ochre, Purity - peach and Stagnate - grey mauve. Last but by no means least is the amazing flesh coloured precision liner in Glister. This is truly stunning and the opalescent shimmer is really beautiful. I would think this has to be the must-have from the collection.

Precision Ink in Glister. Image from

Other standouts for me are the cream pigments in Delirium and Hollow, the lipstick in Atomic and the fabulously titled Bacterium nail varnish. You can admire London Makeup Girl's manicure with Bacterium here. It really is a unique colour and the pearl gleam made it look different according to the light. I also admired Peonies and Lilies manicure with Stagnate, a good one for gruple fans.

I was given a few items to try and I'm currently playing with these and will hopefully have a swatch post with comparisons up in the next couple of days. I particularly want to compare Emerge cream pigment to my cream blusher in Rude.

The collection will be released online on 10th March and be available at counters from 17th March. If you add items to you wishlist on the Illamasqua website now you could be one of three lucky people to win your favourite items from the collection. My thanks to Helen Sparklz and Shine for letting me share her great photos with you. You can see her post about the collection here. May I also recommend you take a look at lipglossiping for lots more fantastic pictures.


  1. It all looks very pretty, but I can't see anything I'd specifically want. I do like that last picture of the girl, she looks like she could be Shrek's wife he-he :)

  2. The visuals for this collection are so striking - such creative shading and colours. There are quite a few items on my wishlist like Glister and Bacterium.

  3. When I first looked at the collection pics online I thought I'd just want the Bacterium polish Grace posted about, but the more I see the more I want. Do you think Atomic is wearable for someone like me, or do you think too bold? x

  4. The brights aren't for me, but some of these colours so look lovely. I usually very weary of cream products on the eye as everything seems to crease on me, but perhaps these will be a different story :)

  5. @Chic Beauty: LOL at Shrek’s wife. The model in that picture is actually albino which I found really interesting. I think the images and looks created for this collection are really amazing to look at.

    @Meeta: Glister and Bacterium are both really amazing. I think these will be the items with most universal appeal.

    @Replica: I was admiring Grace’s manicure all evening, such a lovely colour. Atomic is lovely but I would say it’s quite a statement lip colour. Not bright necessarily but I do wonder if it’s a colour that you wouldn’t feel confident wearing? I’ll have to have a look through the lipsticks on your blog to see if I’m misjudging though.

    @dempss: I do think these will still be creasey on the eye. I had a go with Delerium on the eye the other day, albeit without primer and it showed creasing. I think Sparklz and Shine’s latest post hits the nail on the head really. How much you will like the cream pigments will depend on how you use them. As blushers they work well and I think they will suit those keen on using makeup in an artistic/alternative way. On the eye they will be best set with powder still. I do really like the array of colours though and how they’ve used them in the visuals.

    Jane x

  6. Hello,
    I think if its a statement colour, I should leave alone, I am very unadventurous when it comes to lip colours ;) x


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