Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Blatant Copying!

Sorry, that probably sounds more juicy than it is, it's actually me that's been doing the copying! I was reading one of Visionary Beauty's posts the other day and spotted Nina's description of her makeup that day in the comments. As I owned quite a few of the items she mentioned and I have been wanting to use my neglected Guerlain Oriental Metal for a while, I thought I would give Nina's look a try.

I don't own the Edward Bess Bronzer in Daydream or RBR Murmurings sheer lipstick so my substitutions were the Le Metier de Beaute Blonzer and Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Hibiscus topped with BECCA Lip Plumping gloss.

As my base I'm wearing Ellis Faas Skin Veil in S102 and the matching concealer in S202. Around my nose and on blemishes I used BECCA concealer in Praline. I only had a small sample of the Ellis Faas and when I initially put it on I wasn't sure about the colour match but looking at the pictures I really like how it looks.

I applied as Nina described. RBR Atlas Swallowtail cream eyeshadow over the mobile lid and the taupe from Le Metier de Beaute Le Cirque Kaleidescope applied over the cream. I lined with Guerlain loose kohl in Oriental Metal and blended RBR Delicata over the top using a MAC 224. I think as my lashes lack oomph I would have benefited from tightlining with a darker brown or black to give more definition.

I used the Le Metier Blonzer all over the cheeks lightly and applied RBR Delicata to the apples of my cheeks. Of course, I wonder whether the EB Bronzer might look better colourwise with the rest of the shades. I didn't check the colour of Murmuring until afterwards (it's a beautiful sheer damson) but I was in the mood to wear the Laura Mercier Hibiscus lip stain for a splash of colour. The BECCA plumping gloss gives a nice sheen and has moisturising ingredients to counter any drying from the lip stain. Fortunately the Laura Mercier formula isn't too bad in that respect though it does seem to need reapplying during the day.

Overall I'm pleased with how it turned out but I'm a little unhappy with how far I took colour in towards the bridge of my nose. Next time I will add more definition under the lashes with black or brown liner and use a more volumising mascara. I may have a go adding switching to Bonheur on the lips as I imagine that would be more similar Murmurings too.

Where do you get inspiration for your looks? Do you ever try things you've seen on magazines, blogs or YouTube? Or are you the sort of person that other's copy?

Disclosure: The BECCA items and RBR Atlas Swallowtail were PR Samples. As ever, none of the links in my posts are affiliated to any brand or company.


  1. your skin looks amazing and that is such a beautiful make up!

  2. This is a great post! 2 of my fave bloggerverse people in one. What a gorgeous look.

  3. Looks very pretty :) Might have to try that lip look :) Emma x

  4. Looks really lovely, might even have a go myself! I'd never thought of using Delicata as an eyehsadow. I've just bought the Ellis Faas Foundation in the lightest shade having seen it on Dempeaux's blog. Not used it yet though, although is probably a bit fair now I have the makings of a tan, even where wearing factor 50! I really like the Laura Mercier Lip Tint, but I worry that things like that will apply patchy as I have very dry lips. That has been my experience with Benetint but maybe this would be better. Thanks for the look x

  5. Your face looks quite fresh and dewey which product made it look like that?

  6. @ketoglutarat: Thank you. I’m think I will have to invest in the EF foundation.

    @Old Cow: Thank you! It was really fun giving Nina’s look a go.

    @Computergirl: I really like the colour of the Laura Mercier stain and I think it works well with the gloss. It’d recommend giving it a go.

    @Lipstick Luvvie: Definitely give it a go, I think Replica was going to try it out too. It would be really interesting to see all of our interpretations! Using Delicata to blend everything out was lovely, I’ll definitely do that again. Thank you Nina! I hope you get on well with the EF. I thought it felt quite dry going on but it doesn’t appear like that in the pictures. The Laura Mercier Tint actually has a texture not dissimilar to a tinted lip balm, a little drier but not much so I don’t find it too patchy. I think the texture accounts for why it doesn’t last. I found the lip velvet more drying though.

    @Skin Scrubs: That bit I can’t really explain, I suspect there must be some light reflective particles in the foundation. This is another one of my photography problems I have to admit. My face often looks quite shiny when in person it doesn’t at all. Light seems to bounce of my forehead like nobody's business!! I do make myself sound so gorgeous, lol ;)

    Jane x

  7. you skin looks gorge - really lovely and fresh. I haven't used a lot of this make up, will have to give some of it a go x x

  8. Oh WOW!!!!!!
    I am so honoured and delighted... :)) No, seriously, I squealed with delight! I think it looks lovely on you. I do agree that tightlining with a darker colour would look better and bring out your blue eyes more. My eyes are very small, so I have to be careful with what colours I use. I also think you would love Murmurings (it's my favourite RBR l/s to date) and I can't tell you how much I dithered before purchasing Delicata. Now that I have seen the wonders it performs, it's fast becoming one of my staples along with Atlas Swallowtail. So thanks for introducing me to it!
    Nina x

  9. Beautiful, natural look and your skin is amazing!! :) x

  10. I like the look beaucoup! The look is refreshing!

    I don't copy looks anymore too old for anything fashionable yet too young for the death look. I just keep it original. ;-)

  11. You did it ;) Thats so pretty on you. I'll have to try doing the eyes for that, trying to think what I could sub for the Guerlain liner though. x

  12. Beautiful wearable look!!!
    I love the exact shade of the eyeshadow result, so I guess I'll be inspired by....you tomorrow! Hehe! ;)


  13. Love this look! Very pretty! I sometimes pull out looks I really love from magazines and YouTube is a great source of inspiration. I especially like Lisa Eldridge's videos & the Pixiwoo sisters.

  14. @BeautyGeeek: Thank you! Quite a few of the brands are not so well known but they’re well worth investigating :)

    @Nina: I’m glad you liked the post :D. I felt really inspired to give it a try. Using Delicata like that makes a lovely effect and I think it would be a good trick for warming up eyeshadows that are too cool toned. I think you’re right about Murmurings, I can see that being one that I would really like. I’m glad you mentioned it as I’d not looked at the sheer lipsticks before. I do love me some RBR!

    @Stavroula: Thank you, I definitely have Nina to thank for this one!

    @Olivia: You don’t follow the trend, you set it lady! I’m glad you liked the look. For me it was quite interesting to see how going up higher with the colour seemed to change my eye shape.

    @Replica: Thank you, it was fun to do. I wonder if you could use KW Wisdom instead of the Guerlain, I seem to think they’re similar colours and Wisdom is quite pigmented.

    @Tina: We have Nina to thank for this one. Let me know if you give it a try! I enjoyed layering Delicata over the eyeshadow colour.

    @Makeup Magpie: I love Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo videos, they’ve often been a source of information for me too and I love learning from them. They always make me want to buy new makeup too!!

    Jane x


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