Monday, 4 April 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Brushes

I bought the Rouge Bunny Rouge Large Shader 003 and Crease 011 brushes at different times but I thought it would be useful to post about them together. As you might expect from RBR these are great quality and the hair super soft.

The Large Shader is made of natural pony hair. It's a dense, paddle shaped brush and the size is somewhere between a MAC 227 and 239, as you can see from the comparison photos. The tip is rounded and very dense and fluffy. It's possible to use this brush in a few different ways: you can use the flat side to press colour on to the lid, use the tip to apply colour to the outer corner or sweep colour into the crease. It's even quite useful for applying highlighter on the brow bone. With quite a large head it's very good for covering a large area of the eye quickly. I have included a picture of it against my eye to put the size in to context.

Right-left: MAC 227, RBR Large Shader, MAC 239 and e.l.f 'C' shaped brush

The Crease brush is made from goat hair. It has a fluffy, tapered shape with a slightly domed tip and looks similar to a MAC 224. How it differs from the 224 and other similar blending brushes, is that it is flat in profile. I have attempted to take pictures to show you what I mean but I'm not sure it's that clear. For me this is too large and not firm enough for defined crease work but it is good for soft definition in the crease or adding a sheer wash of colour. I will warn you that as it feels so soft you'll want to keep sweeping it over your eye, even when you no longer need to!

'Side' view
Top - bottom: Sigma E40, RBR Crease brush, MAC 224

Left - MAC 217, Right - RBR Crease

These brushes have done nothing to quell my desire for one of their face brushes. I imagine it would feel just like stroking my face with a teddy. I'm sure I'll crack at some point and order one.

I bought these brushes from who ship worldwide. The large shader is priced £21 and the crease brush is £16.


  1. ahh, i just had the crease brush in my virtual shopping basket yesterday... but i have to wait for the purchase, as there are also some edward bess products and the RBR contour brush on my wish list ;)
    just bought some paula dorf brushes on ebay from your little "reminder" last time, i'm on the hunt for the paula dorf sheer crease brush but can't seem to find it anywhere :(

  2. A really useful comparison. I don't have any of their brushes but they did feel rather lovely when I had a play with them last year. There is one face one that I remember being ridiculously soft and would love to have (I think it's the 012). I might get one of their eye brushes next time I order some RBR, I don't have a large shader and I would find that useful for patting on loose eyeshadows.

  3. Awww stroking your face with a teddy?!? I think I'd be too ticklish! LOL. They do look like lovely brushes. And not as expensive as I'd imagined. x

  4. I have wondered about the crease brush but think that would be too big for my eyeshadow application, probably better to blend. I really should add to my RBR brush collection, I have a strange urge to get the face contour one even though I don't do contouring...

  5. @ketoglutarat: Ooh, I bet the RBR Contour brush would be lovely. I tend to save up for a big Zuneta blow out too. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Paula Dorf brushes. I seemed to think the Sheer Crease brush was on the PD website I liked to, is the postage US only? I’m off for a peak on ebay now!

    @Meeta: The large shader is very nice. I thought it would be too big but it’s actually really versatile. I’d love one of the face brushes. I can’t remember if I had a feel at the event!

    @Leanne: The face brushes are really rather expensive but they look amazing. I agree that the eye brushes are well priced. I love soft brushes on the face, I find it so relaxing!

    Replica: I have quite a few contouring brushes, I don’t do much contouring but I do like using them for blusher. I definitely say do for the contour! The crease is definitely to big for regular crease work for me. I think we both prefer something more like the size of the 226 for that. It is nice for blending though, I must try of with concealer sometime.

    Thanks for your comments,
    Jane x


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