Friday, 15 April 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bonheur

I've had this lipstick for a week now and try as I might, I don't seem to be able to get a good lip swatch photograph of it. I have tried different lighting and on different days but I think it's just not going to show up well with my camera. That's probably my roundabout way of explaining why there are so many photos!

Bonheur is a glossy rich berry colour with fine sparkle. On the lips the sparkle isn't really visible until the colour fades. The Rouge Coco Shine's are quite a sheer formula but I find this shade does add a reasonable amount of colour to my lips, something that put me off trying shades like Boy. The formula has a nice slippy feel on the lips though I don't find it quite as balm like or moisturising as my Chantecaille Lip Chic. It doesn't last very long so you need to re-apply frequently.

I think that the colour appears more pink and lighter in these photos than it does in the flesh. It's a lovely bitten berry kind of colour on my lips but the pictures do give a good impression of the glossy, sheer finish.

Edit: As I was unhappy with these lip swatches, I took some more which I feel are a better representation. You can find them here

I included this full face picture to show how it looks in the context of my face. Again, I think it's a bit darker in person.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? I'm really interested to know how those with pigmented lips find Boy. I'm drawn to the colour but suspect it won't show up on my lips.


  1. Looks pretty :) I find ones like this easier to wear than block colour. Will check it out x

  2. So glad you went for Bonheur. looks really pretty on oyu, although I think it does show up a bit darker on me. Boy works well on me but I think that is becuase the darkness of my natural lip colour comes through. I'm really interested in trying one of the Dior ones just to see how they compare. I have a pink (can't remember the name offhand) Chanel one and it doesn't look quite right on me because you still get my dark lips coming through, looks a little odd x

  3. That really looks like a gorgeous colour and it really suits you... I swatched a load of these in store and wasn't taken... I don't know why! I suppose I just don't really like sheers but I see that on you and I want!

    1. Hi Charlie, I know what you mean about swatching in store. I swatched so many in store and was not at all moved but when I went outside into the sunlight and saw my lips I ended up with a different problem. I couldn't decide which ones I wanted. I ended up going for the two I saw on myself outdoors - "Boy" and "Bel-Ami".

      I was trying to decide between "Bel-Ami" and "Bonheur". Well, I guess I didn't decide, because I ordered "Bonheur" from Chanel online on Friday and it arrived today. I love it! (Once again, completely different when I put it on today from how it looked in store.)

  4. That looks great on you, it has a very pretty sheen to it. I wanted Bonheur but they were out of stock. I have Boy and even though it is a very natural shade it is one I have been reaching for often since I got it, especially when I haven't got time to think of what lipstick to wear as it goes with just about anything. When I tried it on counter I thought the colour was barely visible (yet I still bought it!)I think because the SA applied with a lip brush as when I got home and tried it was not as sheer as I thought and I could see it gave an even wash of colour.

    Also I must say that your skin looks really good (not that it doesn't usually!) but I think it looks more even. I hope that doesn't sound weird! Meeta :)

  5. you look beautiful with this lippie! your brows look great, too :)

  6. you lips look so juicy and gorgeous! I love this shade!

    I've got pigmented lips and although Boy doesn't show up that well it still gives a lovely MLBB glistening look

  7. The Rouge Coco Shines are soooo difficult to photograph! It took ages for me to get a decent photo. I love this colour on you - it goes with your blush really well (what are you wearing?). I really enjoy the version in Boy, but my lips are not very pigmented at all.

  8. Bonheur looks absolutely lovely on you! Very fresh and juicy and young. It looks darker on me (my natural lip-tone is darker than yours), and I agree that the lasting power isn't great, although I love how they feel and don't mind reapplying.
    I'm enjoying Boy as well but, interestingly, because of my particular lip-tone it veers much cooler (almost mauve-y) on me...go figure.
    Have a lovely weekend Jane :)
    Nina x

  9. That looks gorgeous on you, infact I love the whole look, could you let me know your eye and cheek shades please?
    I have to say I have all but given up trying to take photos of any lip product on my lips, I rarely get a good colour representation and just get annoyed going through about 20 close ups of my face to just then go and delete them all x

  10. @Computergirl: I think this is a nice formula if you’re not a fan of opaque lipstick.

    @Jennifer: I really like Bonheur. It definitely does show up darker, I did another post today to try and get a truer picture. I do worry that Boy might just come up as a sheer gloss on me. I went and had a look in SpaceNK on Thursday and I definitely spy more Lip Chics that I would like. I want to try the Dior too. New York is on my list but we’ll see!

    @Charlie: Thank you! I think if you’re a fan of mattes it would be hard to see the appeal, I think your lovely NARS sticks look like that might be a similar finish so you might not really need something like this. I think the Dior Addicts have a very appealing selection of colours that would probably appeal to you.

    @Meeta: Thank you. I’m pleased to hear you’re getting lots of use from Boy. The colour sounds really me but I’m just worried it’s going to be too me and no colour! I wonder what it is about my skin that’s different. Maybe it’s the effect of the skin care I’ve been using to get rid of the pigmentation? I was only wearing my usual Bourjois foundation. Don’t worry about sounding weird. I’m very flattered!

    @ketoglutarat: Thank you!

    @Jen W: Thank you. I like the fact that so many of you like Boy for the MLBB effect.

    @dempss: I’m glad it’s not just me that struggled trying to photograph these. I loved Boy on you and I’m tempted to give it a go. I still want to try the Dior Addict first. The blush I’m wearing in this picture is Becca Turkish Rose. I love it!

    @Nina: I hope you’re having a lovely weekend too. I’m really pleased to hear you like Boy as it makes me even more tempted to give it a try! Bonheur definitely comes up darker than it appears in these pictures. I did another post as I was really frustrated with not getting ‘true’ photos. I agree with you on the application, they do feel nice so the re-application isn’t too much of a chore x

    @Replica: The photograph taking can be frustrating sometimes! I’m pleased you like the look, I was happy with how this turned out. I have the Enigma palette on my eyes with a touch of the taupe LM eyeshadow too. I lined with GOSH Truly Brown, I had a bit of the RBR pencil highlighter on brow bone and inner corner too. On my cheeks I was wearing Becca Turkish Rose.

    Thanks for all of your comments,
    Jane x

  11. I really like these.. I have it in Boy.. I love how moisturizing they are.. But I wish they were a little more long lasting..

    The colour u have is so nice.. I would not have looked at it had you not provided us with how it looks on your lips..

    Thanks so much =)

  12. Lovely colour & I agree you skin looks gorgeous! Love your e/s too.
    Strawberry Blonde x

  13. I bought "Boy" at the weekend, the assistant in John Lewis advised that this would be the best shade for my colouring, which is a gingery blonde, blue eyed and fair. I'm 56 and it makes my lips look younger.I was a bit worried about all the sparkle but this does not show up. However the colour does not really show up either, on me. I wanted something a little bit brighter. Wish I had tried the colour you are wearing, Bonheur,(it looks lovely) but they had run out. Boy is a lovely shade but not ideal for me.

  14. got Boy today, really like how moisturising these are and it's just the right amount of pigment for me, just the right shade of pink for every day. I am pale but do have quite pigmented lips.

  15. I just stumbled across this post and knew I could count on my internet twinnie to do this color justice!

    I am interested that you find it less moisturizing that Chantecaille Lip Chic. Though slick, I find those guys to be a little tacky, and I do love this formula. I would like to buy one for spring yhat's a little lighter than Bonheur but still cool. I am going to see if you reviewed Boy.

    1. I have to admit that time has changed my mind on this and I probably do prefer the texture of the Chanel. I tend to carry this one around in my handbag. I'm tempted by Boy but I worry it would just look like lip balm. Maybe one of us should just go for it ;)

    2. I can take one for the team!!

  16. Ah, never mind. Speed read the first time and saw that you think Boy is too close to your own lip pigment. I may as well forget it because Boy will probably be exactly the same on me.


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