Monday, 18 April 2011

My Favourite Jewellery

I spent a good bit of yesterday looking at jewellery. Specifically glass beads for a Troll Bead type bracelet. I started off by searching for handmade brush rolls on Etsy (there are lots of lovely ones here if you're interested) and it spiraled from there. I have quite a lot of jewellery, my taste seems oddly mixed and although it's not beauty as such, I thought you might like a peak at my favourite bits.

I tend to favour Silver or Platinum jewellery. Generally I only wear gold if it's antique. My silver and turquoise heart necklace is real favourite. I have no recollection of where it came from which probably means it was one of my Grandma's finds. She was a huge influence for me when it comes to jewellery. She used to wear a mix of costume and genuine mega bling, she had the most amazing collection of statement rings. A fan of flea markets and auctions, she would pick up all sorts on her travels so I suspect this was one of her finds. This is bit of a delicate choice for me but I love the combination of silver and turquoise.

The earring are a much more recent acquisition. I bought these from ASOS last year, I'm still pondering purchase of a ring to go with them. I really like this sort of style where it spans two fingers.

This bangle/cuff was definitely one of my Grandma's gifts. It is quite sizeable and I like the fact that it's a bit battered and not too pristine looking. It has a nice shape and I like the detailing. When I'm in the mood for dressing up a black outfit I always reach for this.

This Pilgrim bracelet was a birthday gift from a good friend and I've had it for about 6 or 7 years. I used to really like Pilgrim jewellery but I haven't bought any for a long time and looking at their website, their style seems to have changed quite a lot. I used to like the fact that they were a bit quirky.

When I looked through my jewellery, I realised I have more pendants than necklaces. I don't know why exactly other than the fact that anything too dainty and I fear I may break it. In fact, the heart on the left hand side of the picture above was originally on a fine chain which I snapped. Enough said! The teardrop pendant in the middle was a gift from my Mum. I particularly like the colour of the stone and the little fossilised bits in it.

The large red heart pendant was bought at a Body Shop party. I've no idea whether TBS still do parties or indeed whether they still sell jewellery but I bought this on a whim (I didn't fancy anything from my 'makeover'). I tend to only wear it in winter but the lovely colour always makes me feel cheery.

This last item is a piece of jewellery that I love but have yet to wear. This ring was custom made for me but only in the design. Unfortunately the band is too small and one of these days I will get it adjusted. The stones in this ring were taken from a ring left to my Mum by my Grandma. She decided to 'split' the ring and make two new ones from it for for myself and my sister. At the time she was living in Muscat and knew a good jeweller. My sister has her six stones in a different setting to mine. I thought this was an inspired idea and one that my Grandma would most definitely have approved of.

I'm looking forward to adding to my collection after browsing Etsy and DaWanda yesterday. I love the fact that you can pick up something really unique. What's your favourite piece of jewellery? Do you have a particular style or do you just tend to go with what catches your eye?

PS. A little bird just reminded me that if you're a fan of shiny fings you might like to look here too -


  1. The turquoise heart necklace is GORGEOUS! Your Grandma had good taste :) The idea of the last ring is lovely. Right now I'm loving natural stone jewellery, I have an onyx necklace I wear all the time. I've always had a thing for antique/ vintage jewellery after the owner of an antique shop let me choose an antique broach from her display stand to keep :)

  2. I love your jewellery, I do like pretty things but I tend to wear the same items day in day out and rarely change. Ive got my commitment ring, my xmas ring, my birthday ring, an xmas watch and a valentines day necklace.

    I wear little else though I have some lush bits.

    Ms Red

  3. oh i love those wing earrings.. sooo nice

  4. OMG The angel wings earrings are gorgeous! I love anything that has to do with angel wings x

  5. I love the idea of your Grandmother's stones being shared.... what a lovely sentiment!

    The large red heart pendant and the turquoise one are really pretty.

    For everyday I stick with my wedding ring, a watch (I have quite a few blingy Fossil ones that are large enough for me to tell the time- lol) and perhaps a pair of small hoops or diamond studs. I used to wear loads more but I've been more tame the last couple years. I loved seeing some of your favorite things- thanks for sharing with us! x jeanie

  6. the bangle is gorgeous! i love reading posts like this i am such a magpie! xx

  7. Wow, Applause ;) Really Great written post. Strong storytelling and motivation it is a great part for an interesting story and this is how it should be always ;) Great one, I am very happy to found this blog ;) Regards, Autorine Juvelyrika.

  8. @Beauty’s Bad Habit: Thank you, I like the sound of your onyx necklace. I bet the antique broach was a really lovely introduction to antique/vintage jewellery. I really like it when there’s a story behind a piece too.

    @Ms Red: It’s hard to remember to wear the other items isn’t it? I keep meaning to buy a jewellery tree or similar so everything is easily at hand to wear.

    @Delyeful Speaks: Thank you, I wear them often.

    @GABY: Thanks, I think I was inspired by several bits I’d seen Sam Pixiwoo wearing in her videos.

    @Jeanie: I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It’s nice to do a bit of something different. I loved my Mum’s idea of splitting the stones (I’m *think* they’re diamonds but I don’t like to ponder it too much in case the value puts me off wearing it!). I like the sound of your blingy watches :), I never wear a watch as I can only reliably tell the time with a digital face and they usually look too sporty!!

    @Miss Jones: The bangle has been a firm favourite for years. It’s quite big but I love wearing it. Glad you enjoyed the post!

    @juvelyrika: Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Jane x


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