Thursday, 7 April 2011

Chanel Soleil Identite Revisited

You may wonder, after all this talk of hyperpigmentation, why I'm sticking fake tan on my face. It's all in the name of research, I promise. I received a comment on this post recently regarding how dark the Chanel Precision Soleil Identite in Bronze was on fair skin. I was struggling to answer from memory so I realised putting it on again was the only way to give an accurate answer. Fortunately for me the sun has come out so my suddenly tanned face hasn't looked so out of place!

Anyway, on to the important stuff, before and after pictures. I have cheated a little with the before picture as it's one that I took a few days before. The real bare faced before picture was too gruesome to share. The one I've picked out isn't terribly flattering either but at least it's in the same part of the house with similar light. All the better to compare the (slightly fuzzy) after shots with.



I think it came out a little darker than it has done previously. I was fairly generous with the application and I know when I used it last year I applied only the thinnest layer. In these pictures it looks like I completely forgot to do my neck which I can assure you wasn't the case. The bit I did miss was actually just under my chin. The colour, although quite obvious on the first day, has faded really quickly. I think this is probably due to my current skin care regime.

So, what are my thoughts about Precision Soleil Identite a year on. I still thinks it's a good facial tanner. It gives an even tan which always surprises me as it's not tinted. It doesn't smell like fake tan but the cookie dough scent can get a little annoying if you apply in the day. It's a little more orange hued than I remembered and so I feel it's essential that I wear make-up with it to stop it looking 'odd'. As to the question of whether or not the Bronze version is too dark for fair skins, I'm on the fence. I think it looks ok but it's hard to know without testing the Golden shade whether that would look more 'natural' or be sufficiently buildable to be a better alternative for fair skin. When I original bought this, every review said that Golden was just too subtle. I think if you're fair and don't really wear make-up maybe Bronze could be a touch too dark.

Have you ever tried this facial tanner? I would love to hear from someone who has used Soleil Identite in Golden or possibly even both shades. How do you feel about facial tanners generally?


  1. Hi!

    You might be able to help me because I have real problem understanding facial tanners and I'd like to use them since my face is so pale...but where do you end the product application, clearly not on your chin as then you have a white neck, not at the bottom of your neck as then you have a white chest, etc etc!

    It's really putting me off using a facial tanner because surely in order to have it look natural it has to meet and blend with the colour of the rest of your body. Help! Am I just overthinking as usual?

  2. you look lovely. I think it's a winner very natural xx

  3. Hi Charlie, I don't think you're over thinking it at all. Normally I wouldn't apply a fake tan to the face without applying a fake tan product to the rest of my body. On this occasion I didn't do that, so I took it down my neck and slightly on to my chest. When I did at the weekend, the weather was a lot colder so I was sure only my face would be exposed! I think where you take it too depends a little on the style of tops you wear. The more flesh you expose, the further down you would need to go.

    I do think you can bridge the gap with bronzer on the chest though. You'll have to give it a try sometime. Be brave! :D
    Jane x

  4. Hi Miss Jones, thank you. I was a little nervous about showing the pictures, I know it's not my usual sort of thing. Good or bad though, I hope it will help someone else with their decision making x

  5. Charlie, my understanding of facial tanners are supposed to used with body tanners, no? So you use one on your body up to your neck and then a facial one on your face..

    That was MY understanding anyway..

    I have to admit, between your 1st picture and 2nd picture, I can't see any difference actually, in fact you look slightly paler in pic 2? Could of course be all that natural daylight we have had recently.

    Hmm- I haven't tried this and I have to say I wouldn't either, simply because - well I reckon a cheaper facial tanner might work just as well.

    Anyway, you look lovely of course xx

  6. Hi Stina, I agree on the facial tanner plus body tanner. I would normally do both together but didn't in this case.

    Yes, I see what you mean about the lighting, it's maybe bleached it out a little. Weirdly these were taken at the beginning of the week when it was quite overcast. I did it before the school run in a rush, which is why I look so grumpy ;)

    I've tended to do go more expensive with facial tanners, not sure why really. It can look a bit odd though when your face looks good but your body looks orange with streaks, lol!
    Jane x

  7. Ok thank you. I don't and probably never will use a body tanner so thats why I don't get it! THanks for the explanation, I feel really thick!

  8. Charlie DO NOT feel thick. I think it's a reasonable question to ask. I think it's also possible to use a facial tanner on it's own but I suppose it helps if your hands/body are sun exposed and slightly darker than your face. I suspect bronzer would do just as good a job if you don't fancy full on fake tan. xx

  9. I've used this self tanner in the darker shade (I have medium "mediterranean" skin) and never had any trouble with spotting or uneven color. It gave a nice glow, however I didn't finish the bottle because I absolutely detested the sickly sweet scent they put on the product to mask the smell of the active ingredients. It made me nauseous.

    (strangely enough, it''s the exact same smell of the Smashbox hybrid gloss with moringa from their "Green Collection" a couple of years ago. And I can't wear it either...)


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