Saturday, 30 April 2011

My Favourite Reads This Week

Cafe Makeup reading usually spells new lusts for me. I'm not the biggest Bronzer fiend but both the Dior Aurora and Chanel Bronze Rose are talking to me. I think the Dior in particular is lust worthy on looks alone!

Joeybunny via Pink Sith and Makeup Magpie both have me in a dither about the NARS Dogon duo. It looks beautiful and I need it yesterday! I rather like the look of Mayflower lipstick too.

I was really interested to read Delicate Hummingbird's post about the new Guerlain Ombre Fusion cream eyeshadow in Havana. Especially as it dispelled my assumption that the tube was frosted glass. The texture sounds lovely and the colour looks very appealing.

Makeup Picnic swatched and shared her beautiful collection of Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipglosses. I only have one of these but I love the fact that they're so polished and grown up. Meeta has such a lovely selection of colours.

The Non-Blonde's Edward Bess Mystery eyeshadow post reminded me how much I love the 'Bess Magic' with neutrals. I still don't own any eyeshadows but I think that the new shades have popped up on Zuneta so it's time for some shopping!

Another Zuneta related post which caught my eye was Visionary Beauty's review of the Cochine hand and body lotion in Water Hyacinth & Lime Blosson. There's always room for more handcreams at Casa MB, I'm interested in the Cochine diffusers too.

Get Lippie shared a very useful secret summer must have. Bodyglide isn't sexy nor is it going to make you look pretty but it's a handy product to know of if warm weather means blisters and chafing for you.
For of an alternative take on the Royal Wedding fever, I loved Helen at Just Nice Things series of Regal themed nail polish reviews. I enjoyed the review of Orly Prince Charming especially. I'm not sure if Kate's dress was totally 'Disney Princess' but at least the wait is over now!

Not a read as such but I wanted to draw your attention to Lipstick Luuvie's blog sale. There are lots of gorgeous high end goodies which are worth a look if you fancy a bank holiday bargain.

Two new blog discoveries that I want to share are Perilously Pale and Hopelessly Devoted to Makeup. Both fellow Mummies with a passion for cosmetics. They've been making me drool with their beautiful Le Metier de Beaute collections.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!
MB x


  1. Thank you so much for acknowledging my blog, that means so very much to me! Have a great weekend!

  2. I agree about those Le Metier de Beaute Coll pics, I am hoping they return to the UK in some form. Thanks Jane for the mention too!


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