Saturday, 16 April 2011

Brousse, Sin and Bonheur Applied

In the pictures below I am wearing NARS Brousse eyeshadow duo, NARS Sin blusher and Chanel Bonheur. Although I haven't done swatches of Brousse or Sin yet you can pictures of them in the pans themselves here.

NARS Brousse Duo

On my eyes I am wearing the brown eyeshadow from lash line to crease and the purple along my lash line and blended upwards into the brown. Looking back at the photos, I wish I had blended more at the crease and maybe taken the colour up slightly further at the outer corner to correct the shaping caused by my hooded lids. For some reason I completely forgot to fill in brows too and I apologise for how odd they look in these pictures!

The colours in the Brousse duo are definitely darker than I normally wear but I really like the smoky brown look. I popped into a SpaceNK on Thursday and had opportunity to swatch a few of the other duos and it cemented how pleased I am with this choice.

Which is your favourite NARS eyeshadow duo?


  1. I had been wanting Brousse for ages since seeing Zoe Saldana wear it on the red carpet. It's just gorgeous on you!

    Bonheur looks really lovely too :)

  2. You look lovely and I especially like this blush colour on you (pushing Sin slowly on my wishlist). I haven't tried any NARS eyeshadow duos but I think I might get the new summer duo in Dogon - the colour combination looks lovely and reminds me of Rajasthan which I sadly didn't get. x Klara

  3. I love this look! This is definitely something I would wear. You're so pretty Jane!

  4. What a great duo and they look lovely on you. I think I might have to purchase! x

  5. Such colours look absolutely gorgeous on you! I am jotting this down in my birthday wish list now :) Such versatile colours never go waste and are something I'm likely to hit pan on.


  6. I just LOVE your makeup application. So pretty!

  7. It all looks really pretty on you Jane. I'm looking forward to the NARS summer collection, I think I am likly to go for the lipstick and Dogon duo x

  8. I really love this one!!!!!!

    Hmm, my favourite NARS duo... can't say that I have one, most of my nars duos are recent acquisitions, so it's too early to tell!!! My most used one is Alhambra though!


  9. This combo is just so pretty on you Jane, I love it! you have steadily been giving me Nars envy, so much so, that today I'm off to spaceNK to get Earth Angel and Kalahari. They had been on my list for ages, and suddenly I thought they'd make a perfect Easter treat (yeah, I'm really good with rationalisations) :)
    Have a great week!
    Nina x

  10. Brousse looks very good on you. I'll try this way of using it. Incidentally, I think your brows look perfectly lovely. x

  11. @Jen W: Thanks Jen, I love the duo of colours. I’ve worn the darker of the two paired with some other eyeshadows too and I think I’ll get a lot of use from it.

    @Klara: Dogon is on my wishlist too. I would have ordered from NARS already if I hadn’t had such a spendy month!

    @dempss01: Thank you, that’s such a kind thing to say. I do think you would love this duo as a fellow glasses wearer.

    @Claire: I love this pairing of colours. I have already used the darker of the two as a crease colour with other eyeshadows as well so this has been a good investment!

    @Get Gawjus: Thanks Shifa, I can see me making serious dents in all of these colours.

    @Anon: Thank you!

    @Replica: I’m with you on Dogon and Mayflower, especially after seeing Makeup Magpie’s posts.

    @Tina: I can see you enjoying this pair. The colours makes quite a deep and sultry eye. Have you seen swatches of Dogon from the Summer collection? I’m really fancying that one.

    @Nina: Naughty me! It’s taken me a long time to get going with my NARS collecting but I’m pleased I did. Did you get to SpaceNK? I’d love to know if you went for it :D

    @Simone: Do you have this duo already? I’m really enjoying the colour pairing. Thank you for the lovely comment about my brows, I wasn’t sure whether to go and get them threaded again or embrace the trend for thicker brows.

    Thanks for you lovely comments,
    Jane x


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