Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Current Favourites

I haven't done a favourites post in a long time. I think we're a bit too far into April to call it a March favourites post but these are definitely items I've been favouring over the last month or so.

Trilogy Cream Cleanser
I was keen to try more of the Triology range after trying and liking their Gentle Scrub. I was thrilled to discover that the cleanser has the same lovely scent which I really enjoy as part of my evening skin care routine. I use this in the same way I use all cream cleansers; I massage in to the skin with my hands and use a warm muslin or flannel to remove. This cleans well, leaves no residue and doesn't leave my skin dry which are the three essentials for me with a cleanser.

Elemental Herbology Facial Glow (Radiance Peel)
I can honestly say that I was impressed with every single sample of Elemental Herbology that I tried. This is a lovely skin care range, pricey but as everything works so well and feels so good it will be a worthwhile investment for me. Facial Glow feels like an exfoliant but you use it like a mask, leaving on cleansed skin for 4 minutes. My skin feels soft, smooth and glowing after I have used this. It contains Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid and Vitamins A, C & E amongst other things. This and Cell Food are definitely full size purchases for me, once I have saved up my pennies of course.

Haus of Gloi Something Hopeful Pumpkin Butter
I really like Haus of Gloi pumpkin butters but I'm a bit hit and miss when it comes to choosing scents. I really enjoy Samhain, I'm so, so about Hearth and I couldn't get on at all with Snow Wolf. However, I have loved and devoured my Something Hopeful pumpkin butter. It was released with the Valentine's collection so there's no replacing it but I'm reliably informed by my HoG enabler that Milkmaid could be a good alternative for me.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
I don't think I realised how much I like this until I forgot to put it on a couple of times. I've come to the conclusion that my eyelids are a little oily and this just provides a better surface for eyeshadows. Without this primer it isn't unusual for me to end up with creasing towards the end of the day. I only use a tiny amount but I find that's enough and doesn't leave my eyelids feeling dry.

Lancome Hypnose mascara and GOSH Truly Brown eyeliner
I won't say too much about these as I've mentioned them quite a lot already. They have become staples for me and there were a few occasions last month when this was all I wore for the school run in the morning.

Healthspan Nurture - Illuminating Touch Concealer
My obsession with covering up my dark circles is becoming quite legendary and I was sent this illuminating concealer to try a little while ago. It's made by Healthspan who you may already know of for their vitamins and supplements. I will do a review post soon but this has happily joined my rotation of concealers. At £9.95 it's a cheaper alternative to other illuminating concealers and any faults with the packaging are made up for by the formula.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
Unfortunately you can't see because of the angle but I have used up more than half of this bottle. I wear this pretty much everyday and I really like the finish. The colour is an ok match for me, it's not perfect but I find it really easy to blend in. My only gripe is that is it seems to disappears during the day. I don't powder over it, then again I don't think the finish requires it.

Becca Creme Blush in Turkish Rose
I don't think you can beat cream blusher for giving life to the face when you're feeling less than perky. This is a perfect natural colour for me and the cream finish fakes a subtle glow. I took this on my weekend away as it's so compact and I don't have the same worries about it smashing in transit that I do with powders.

Illamasqua Bacterium Nail Varnish
I fell in love with this colour after the Illamasqua event. I must try and get a good photo of it on my nails as I don't think the photo below shows off it's true beauty. I have a bit of a thing for murky colours with complexity and this is a great example, the varnish formula is excellent too.

Essie Smokin' Hot and Luxedo
Both of these colours came out with Essie's Winter 2010 collection. Luxedo has become my new favourite pedicure colour. It's a really dark plum colour, not black with a hint of colour but very dark and vampy. Smokin' Hot is a grey with a hint of purple, similar in feel to Metro Chic. If you're not in to gruples this won't be for you but I love it and I'm pretty sure it isn't a dupe for any others that I already own. Having found so many gorgeous nail varnishes recently, I only wish my nails were stronger so I could wear them more often.


  1. I LOVE Elemental Herbology! I think I've worked my way through about 70% of the range and not come across a single dud. A great brand indeed!

    That creme blusher looks beautiful! Another one to add to the wish list...


  2. I have never tried any of the Becca range, I have read several positive reviews lately and I think I may invest in the Turkish Glow, I also love cream blushers xx

  3. I really liked the moisturiser I tried too, it smelled delicious and even the other half commented. I think it's really reassuring with an expensive expensive brand that everything is good as opposed to a couple of bits that are great with a few duds mixed in.

    Turkish Rose is lovely, it's a really nice texture to work with too.

  4. This all looks lovely, especially the blusher. Although after years of cream blusher I am now wondering with my increased use of foundation and concealer if I wouldnt be better switching to a powder to prevent muddy cheeks!

  5. Yessss Shadow Insurance pro squad. I enthusiastically pimp out Shadow Insurance to absolutely everyone 'cause it's hands down the best primer I've ever used :3

    On the flip side, I /really/ need to get on the Haus of Gloi bandwagon soon.

  6. Great favourites post!

    I really want to check out Becca's cream blusher and the Elemental Herbology skin product. And the Haus of Gloi butter! *drool*

  7. @Jude: Becca products are really nice. I’d wondered about buying one of these blushers for a long time, years probably. I’m so glad I went for it finally!

    @Debbie: I have only ever once had the dirty cheeks problem with cream blusher and it was with a MAC Blushcreme. None of my others do that over foundation. I only use foundation though, no concealer on my cheeks. I’m not sure if that makes any difference?

    @swatchgirl: Shadow Insurance definitely makes more of a difference than I gave it credit for. With HoG the main thing is finding the right scent type. I need to improve my olfactory imagination when it comes to reading the descriptions!

    @Jen W: Thank you. The Elemental Herbology skin care range is lovely. I have a penchant for ‘smart’ botanical skin care and this definitely ticks the boxes for me. Becca cream blushers and Haus of Gloi are well worth a look too.

    Jane x

  8. The Elemental Herbology looks interesting Im going to have to take a ganders, Ive already got an order placed with HoG and am looking forward to using it. Ive heard a lot of good things about them.

  9. I love Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butters too, so glad they're permanent now! I think I'll be ordering full size Milkmaid some time soon... x

  10. Trilogy is my latest love affair, but all of these look great, thanks for sharing these Jane, I love the detail that put into your posts. Jan x

  11. Great faves, I've heard good things about the bourjois foundation :)

  12. Love it. Great picks Jane! I'm been using a Becca Lip and Cheek Stain recently and really like it. TFSI is also a staple for me. I particularly enjoy its effectiveness when the product dries out a little :)

  13. Well there we have it then - I am using MAC blushcream! x

  14. @Ms Red: I hope you get on well with your HoG order. I hope to get better at picking the ‘right’ smells for me as I go on.

    @Rocaille: It’s great news about the Pumpkin Butters. They have the most amazing texture. I guess we’re going to be a pair of Milkmaids together!

    @Jan: Thank you. I noticed you mention the Elemental Herbology on Replica’s comments. I think you might really enjoy the range.

    @Jadegrrrl: I really rate Healthy Mix, it’s a nice finish and great for the price.

    @dempss: Glad you enjoyed it. Which shade of the Lip and Cheek stain have you been using? I’ve fallen even harder for Becca after visiting the Boutique the other day.

    @Debbie: There you go then! I had Ladyblush and I’m sure I said somewhere on here before that I thought it made my cheeks look dirty. You know me, I like to paint pretty pictures of myself ;)

    Jane x


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