Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Eye Look with Funky Violet and Le Cirque

I had a question from Kenneth Soh about the GOSH pencil I posted about a couple of days ago. Kenneth wondered whether there was enough 'play time' before it sets to allow this pencil to be used as an eyeshadow base. I mentioned in my review post that the shade Funky Violet is not as creamy to apply as Truly Brown, so I was intrigued to see whether it would be possible to smudge it at all.

My first attempt didn't go well. I applied the liner to primed eyes and tried to smudge with a brush. All it did was soften the line slightly. So today, I applied straight on to lid without using an eye primer. My lids tend towards a little oiliness, so this helped a little with movement (too much information I am sure). I slapped the pencil on quickly and smudged with my finger. I found I had to layer to get the desired amount of colour and this became harder to do as the lower layers began to set. As you can see the effect is a little patchy. I did find it acted a little like a primer as it removed natural oiliness.

I wonder if an experienced makeup artist like Kenneth might get better results than I did. However, I suspect it would be tricky to use this as a base if you have naturally dry lids. It's a shame the formulas aren't true across the shades as the brown is much easier to work with as a base.

Although I had limited success with smudging the pencil, I discovered it makes the most amazing base for the purple eyeshadow (Dynamique) in my Le Metier Le Cirque Kaleidoscope. Without a base this colour can seem quite muted but over Funky Violet it stands out beautifully. The coverage isn't perfect because the base underneath isn't even, however this is only visible in close up. Hopefully I can work on making the pencil less patchy underneath as I love the combined effect.

I used the taupe (Spectacle) shade in the crease to blend out the purple and the oyster shade (Flamboyantes) above the taupe. I've included photographs with flash as it shows up the pretty iridescence in these eyeshadows.

The colours used in the eye look. From the top of the Kaleidoscope down: Flamboyantes, Spectacle and Dynamique

Thank you for posing the question Kenneth, I'm not sure I would have tried this combination otherwise and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. If you're not already following Kenneth's blog Musings of A MakeUp Artist I urge you to go and have a read. He has such great insider knowledge and his posts are very well written. His work on models is spectacular to look at too.


  1. Wasnt sure at all about the pencil on its own but you are right about it as a base, looks fab! The 3 eye shadows are gorgeous colours, love the purple with the taupe and oyster its sort of unexpected which I like! Have you tried the taupe/oyster on mobile lid and purple into the crease and used on lower lash line too? Just wondering how that would look! x

  2. Purple is really your colour. Love how it all turned out!

  3. THis really looks amazing on you!

  4. Love love love love!
    Will shamelessly copy and recreate as soon as I can locate a Funky Violet pencil...
    Nina x

  5. Hi Debbie. The liner on it's own is very messy but it definitely provides a good base for the purple. I'm trying to think of the combinations I have done with this palette. I think I have posted a couple of looks with it (if you click on the Le Cirque you'll see a few). The colours are made to be layered and when you do that and add the purple in the crease it's more subtle than the colour appears here. It's nice to bring out the vibrancy. I never take anything on my lower lashes as a rule as I find it looks wrong on my eyes somehow. Replica might have done something like you have described. Have a look here.

    Hi Dempeaux, thank you. I do love purple and I'm so pleased I could bring out the true potential this eyeshadow. I'll definitely be doing it again.

    Hey Charlie, thank you. I'm glad you like it.

    Hi Nina, I can heartily recommend combining the pencil with Le Cirque. I love how it brought out the purple. This was definitely a worthwhile experiment!

    Jane x

  6. Hi Jane, it looks fab!! Purple's my favourite colour anyway but the look you've done is gorgeous! Once the Metier shadows went on, it looked lush and rich in colour. I seriously doubt I could have done any better. Honest! I might need to get one and have a play then. Thank you also for the shout out about the blog, you're very kind and generous with your compliments! Thanks! XX

  7. You rock at wearsble looks, love this so much xx

  8. I am insanely jealous that you manage to make a purple look purpley and not bruised and rotten, a bit rock chic a bit bright, but totally wearable without being too safe or too out there. Love it. Jan x

  9. @Kenneth: Thank you and you’re very welcome. I loved how rich the pencil base made the eyeshadows look. I know you’ve talked to me about this technique before but it was great putting it into practice. I’d love to know how you find Le Metier from a MUA point of view. They’re on a hiatus fro the UK at the moment but we’ll have to sort you out when they return!

    @liloo: Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. It’s bolder for me than normal but it didn’t feel in the least bit OTT.

    @Jan: Thank you Jan! The pencil made the purple look so ‘true’ it was a bit of a revelation. I’m glad you thought it wasn’t too much or too safe as that really sums up how I felt about it. An excellent days experimenting, even if I do say so myself!

    Jane x

  10. Love this look on you Jane, not used to you wearing this intense purples, but judging by this result, I'd say you need to do so more often!!!
    The two products layered make a great purple eye look, can't say much about the application obviously, but I think that the slight "messiness" (although unnoticeable through the photos) looks intended and fits well!!! ;) xxx


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