Thursday, 21 April 2011

Ellis Faas Milky Lips in L203 and L207

I bought these lipsticks a while ago as part of a bundle from Ebay. Both of the lipsticks are the Milky Lips formula which is described as being a more fluid and translucent finish. The colours I have are L203, a deep reddy brown and L207, a caramel nude. Having looked at the swatches on the Ellis Faas website, I would say that the swatches aren't entirely colour accurate. I was surprised by this as the swatches for my Creamy Eyes eyeshadow are true to the real colour. I think I actually prefer the online representation of these lipstick colours.

I included this to show how the product dispenses.

If you haven't come across Ellis Faas products before, they're all presented in this stylish silver bullet shaped pen. Depending on which product you have, the pens are tipped with a brush or sponge applicator. The colour is loaded by twisting the pen at the base. This system does have it's downsides, it can be tricky to load some of the cream formulas if they are not used regularly. The product has a tendency to dry up and form a plug inside the applicator making it very hard to prime the pen.

I haven't suffered this problem with either of the Milky Lips (I do have this issue with my eyeshadow). However I do find that I usually 'over-prime' the brush as they are slow to load and there will be a blob sitting at the tip when I go to re-apply. Fortunately it doesn't dry up because of the consistency of the lipstick and I think the lipsticks probably benefit from the fact that you will apply several times in a day unlike an eyeshadow.

The lipsticks have a lovely feel on the lips and they're pleasant to apply. The formula, although described as fluid, isn't runny. I do find when I look at the swatch pictures that my application looks a little sloppy. I'm not sure if that's because I'm not used to applying with a brush or whether it's because of the formula. In person, I'm sure no one would spot the fact that my lines weren't crisp.

I have included two sets of swatches to show how the colour looks with a heavy application as well as a more sheer application.

I wanted to show you how both colours looked in the context of a full face shot*. I think both lean a bit too brown for me to feel entirely comfortable, although I think the darker L203 is the more flattering of the two.

Overall thoughts: I really like the texture of these lipsticks. These particularly colours aren't perfect for me so I would like to visit the counter in Liberty sometime to pick up a better shade. I'm also very pleased to report that these don't have the same applicator issues as my Creamy Eyes pen.

*My apologies for the slightly pixelated look of these pictures, if you click to enlarge they don't look like that at all. Picasa seems to be doing this to my images a lot lately. I will do my best to sort it out!


  1. I really like L203, generally and on you. I have a Milky Lips in a vivid corally shade (I need to dig this out) and I appreciate the way the colour seems to change depending on how much you sheer it out.
    I agree that the packaging has overall fewer problems that the eye pens although I can't help feeling that they're a bit of hard work...wish they would repackage like they did with the foundations.
    Have a lovely time over Easter hon :-)
    Nina x

  2. Beautiful colours, I like them both -the L203 really makes your eyes stand out! I have the Ellis Red in the milky lips and I do love the way the texture kind of morphs into the lips. Space NK have now started stocking Ellis Faas (Yay points!)

  3. Hi Jane, I love the range! Yes it can get annoying with the shadows when it dries I agree but hopefully they will look into that and rectify it. I love the texture of the lipsticks, it's so comfortable for the wearer and like you mentioned, quite tricky when you first use it. I'm a huge fan and also an ambassador! Thanks for a great post as always! xx

  4. @Nina: I agree, the L203 is definitely my favourite of the two. I like the sound of the vivid coral with this finish. I believe from Dempeaux that they’re likely to change the packaging, it’s good that they’re listening to feedback. Have you tried any of the blushers? I’ve been very tempted to get on. Have a lovely Easter, I’m glad you enjoyed my homage to your look :D x

    @Meeta: The texture is lovely isn’t it? I like how comfortable it feels on the lips. I’d forgotten about SpaceNK stocking EF. Good point about the N.dulge points!

    @KennethSoh: Hi Kenneth, I never realised you were an ambassador! I do love the texture and I think the colours in the EF range are very flattering and feminine. I got a little sample of the foundation for colour matching and was very impressed by how nice it looked in photographs. The Milky Lips are such a comfortable texture on the lips they’re a pleasure to wear, I definitely want to find one of these in a signature MB shade!

    Thanks for your comments,
    Jane x

  5. I really love that red colour on you Jane. Both have an amazing texture though - I can tell even from the photographs! I need to check these out :)

  6. I really like L207 on you!

  7. L207 looks really gorgeous on you I think... :)

  8. Both colors look well on you. On me the L207 has a bit of pink to it.

  9. @dempss: I think you would really enjoy the texture of these. I can’t think of anything else that’s quite like it but they have quite a luxurious slippy feel.

    @Jo: Thank you, I think that’s the one I’m most unsure of and I hoped it would be a little more pink.

    @Charlie: Thank you, I’m nude nervous so I wasn’t sure about this one. I love their texture though.

    @Ammie: That’s really interesting that 207 is more pink on you. I wonder if the online swatches aren’t wrong it’s just the effect of my natural lip colour? I think I would feel more comfortable if it was a touch pinker.

    Jane x


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