Wednesday, 13 April 2011

MAC Pink Cult

I have annoyed myself slightly with my delay in this post. I took these pictures a little over a week ago and they've sat patiently waiting for me to write something. Pink Cult blusher came out with MAC's Jeanius collection in March this year. We're not even in the middle of April and the Jeanius collection has already disappeared from the MAC website. Such is the speed that MAC collections come and go. I'm not sure whether this is still available in store, I hope so as having taken and edited the photos already I feel compelled to share!

This blusher was very kind gift from a friend who thought this might work better on my colouring. I'd describe the colour as a medium, dusty pink and I find it has a slight purple hue. It has a matte finish and is actually quite pigmented, which was particularly obvious when I compared to my other two pink MAC blushers, Well Dressed and Dame.

Clockwise from top left: Strada, Pink Cult, Well Dressed, Dame
Top to Bottom: Dame, Pink Cult, Well Dressed
Top to Bottom: Dame, Pink Cult, Well Dressed

I had anticipated Pink Cult would be similar to Dame, putting them side by side it was obvious this wasn't the case. Although Dame is probably a similar depth of colour (Well Dressed is lighter), Dame is more of a girly pink. Both Dame and Well Dressed have a sheen which Pink Cult lacks as a matte formula. This can make it a little harder to wear. Having said that, I do like this blusher very much and it makes a nice change from my more usual choice of neutral beige pinks.

If you were after this blusher and it isn't available at MAC counters anymore, I am told it is likely to be on soon. As an aside, I went for a little browse on their website last night and was delighted to see Beaute cosmetics, Yaby and Japonesque brushes. I also spotted the vegan Cozzette brushes which I've heard talk of recently on Twitter. Not that I need more brush obsessions of course as I'm already pondering a purchase of a brush from The London Brush Company after Sheenie's review on Just Nice Things.

Back to the MAC collections, may I ask what you think of such a fast turnover? Do you think it keeps things fresh and new or do you find it a bit relentless?


  1. Hi Jane

    It's obvious why Mac has such a fast turnover to keep people interested but it's really irritating when you see something you like but can only visit the store a week after release and then find it's sold out!

    Going to check out the Cozzette Brushes!


  2. I think the 'shelf time' of MAC collections are usually relative to how well they're selling. There wasn't much buzz about Jeanius because, let's face it, it was boring!

    I'm with you on buying more brushes, too. I only have a few which serve me well but always feel like I might be missing out on something!

  3. hahaha we must share two halves of the same brain! I did the exact same thing with my Pink Cult pictures and asked the same questions when I wrote my post. I reallyreally wish MAC would slow down and put more thought into their collections... quality over quantity.

    That said, I am also loving Pink Cult and I'm glad I managed to get my hands on it. Such a gorgeous color! We should coordinate our blush wearing :)

  4. To be honest, I don't even follow MAC collections anymore and find the releases quite boring and well... unexciting. There was nothing from Jeanius that caught my eye, nothing from Quite Cute - is it just me, or have we all seen it before? x

  5. Jane, this is partly why I lost interest in MAC to begin with. I also came to realize that there are nicer brands out there IMHO.

  6. Hello,
    I do like there being new collections each month in some ways as I just like seeing new things but what they are putting out gets repetitive, there's always something thats very similar from one of their past collections. I think it gets too much when they put out more than 1 collection a month, money wise I'd like to be able to ignore MAC's new collections but I get caught up with things, as you know! x

  7. What a pretty set of MAC blushers. I don't have too many MAC blushes in my drawer... I guess I need to recify that! Sorry haven't been around lately was out of town dealing with family business. Missed my bloggy gals though.
    Updated my Gellish mani with a post today, actually. Take good care dear x jeanie

  8. I am with you on MAC 's turnover on collections. There's so much buzz months before a collection is released that the die hard MAC addicts scoop up as soon as they're available. I try to check the MAC uk website on the Monday, or Tuesday of the release week and order then. I'll then go into my local MAC counter on release day and swatch what I've bought(if that makes sense)so that I can return anything I don't like. It has it's penalties as you need to pay return postage at that point. Debenhams have recently started stocking MAC, and I've found that things sell out less quickly on their website than MACs. They still have some of the kissable lipcolours in stock, but sadly Pink Cult is sold out. I bought it when released and I love it too for it's mattness. Your swatches come up very true to life on my computer monitor as I also have Dame to compare.

  9. @Claire: I don’t get to a MAC counter very often so I definitely understand that frustration. It’s nice to keep new colours coming up but I think is probably the fastest turnover I’ve seen. I wonder it just wasn’t that popular. I hope you find the Cozzette brushes interesting. I know a couple of makeup artists have got on really well with them.

    @BBH: That’s interesting about the shelf time and popularity. I know that Wonder Woman is still up there and that had general release at the same time so it makes sense. I’ve definitely got a brush fascination. The Cozzette brushes have some really interesting artist brushes in the collection. I bet you could put them to good use.

    @MLBB: I was entertained reading your post. Two halves of the same brain for sure! It is a lovely blush and it’s such a shame it’s stay has been so brief. Maybe there was just too much released in March to keep it all out with the new collections this month.

    @Rocaille: I definitely don’t keep up with the collection on Specktra like I used to. Quite Cute is certainly not catching my eye and I thought what KarlaSugar said about reminding her of SugarSweet was really interesting. Maybe we have seen it all in one version or another?

    @Jenn: There are lots of other brands out there to tempt, I totally agree. I have certainly changed my makeup shopping habit a lot over the past 12 months. Now and again something will catch my eye but I don’t feel compelled to keep up with the collections anymore.

    @online parenting class: Thank you for your comment.

    @Jeanie: Thank you. It feels a little shameful having a half full palette but I do like the ones I have. I hope all is well with your family, you were missed. I really enjoyed your gellish update, it was very interesting to see how you got on x

    @liz: I’m glad you think the colour come up true. I work really hard on that. It’s useful to know that Debenhams don’t tend to sell out as quickly. I used to stalk the MAC website for the releases but I’ve really got out of the habit these days. I just feel a bit sorry for the special eyeshadows, poor things hardly got a look in!

    Thanks for your comments, lots of interesting thoughts.
    Jane x


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