Friday, 29 April 2011

My Cream Blush Collection

I've mentioned before my love of cream blushers. I find them (on the whole) very easy to wear and they can give more of a natural look than powder. I have to admit that not all formulas are equal. I had a MAC Blushcreme which I didn't get on with and a terrible Aunt Sally moment with a Ruby + Millie cream stick. The ones I'm showing here a lovely in terms of both texture and colour.

From left to right: Illamasqua Rude, BECCA Turkish Rose, Stila Orchid, Hourglass Cheek Stain in Rouge, Edward Bess Island Rose and After Sunset.

Indirect sunlight

Direct sunlight


I've included links to previous posts so you can see the colours applied wherever possible. Illamasqua Rude looks like a scary colour both in the pan and swatch but this is a lovely blusher and is especially nice for warmer weather. BECCA Turkish Rose and Edward Bess After Sunset are both great for a natural blush effect and probably the cream version of the pinky-brown colours I talked about in my recent Douceur comparison post. Both the BECCA and Edward Bess formulas are particularly enjoyable and easy to use.

Stila Orchid and EB Island Rose are both a little harder for me to wear. Orchid in particular is quite dark so I need to use a light hand. It is a lovely colour though and great for the cooler months. I've said before that Island Rose is quite similar to the colour I flush naturally, so this is one I can't wear without foundation. It's really easy to blend though which makes it nice to work with.

Hourglass Aura Cheek Stain in Rouge isn't strictly a cream blusher but as a non-powder cheek colour, I thought it deserved a mention. It was interesting for me to see the colour compared too. It's a pretty rose shade and similar to Turkish Rose in depth of colour but without the brown undertone. As a stain it produces a lovely sheer colour too.

Are you a fan of cream or do you prefer powder? Do you have a favourite formula or colour?


  1. Beautiful! Thank you! I'm just starting to explore cream blushes more after falling in LOVE with Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tint in Poppy. It is HG material!! I tried Bobbi Brown in the past and didnt care for it. I have one Becca one as well that I love. Maybe time to try Edward Bess Compact Rouge next?

  2. I have both the EB ones but always forget about them! I have used the Stila ones for nearly a decade, really love them. I had a gorgeous palette with 3 convertible colours in and 3 lipsticks that I finished every colour in, such a rare thing. Got me through my Uni days. I've just started using the Nars Multiple in Orgasm over the Nars Multiple Bronzer in Tuomota and really like the natural, sunkissed look it gives. Lovely collection x

  3. I'm a big cream blush fan too. I have a long wish list starting with Nars penny lane and then one of the illamasqua ones. Great post xx

  4. I love cream blushes as well, I especially like using them in the spring/summer. I haven't tried cream blushes by many different brands but I really like the Stila Convertible Colours (especially the colour Gerbera) and Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges. I've been really impressed with some Becca products so I think I should get some of their cream blushes next :) Klara

  5. Great post!! I love cream blushers!!

  6. Great post, Jane
    I also have BECCA, Hourglass and Illamasqua (also Rude) and love all of them. I have a thing for cream/gel/liquid blushes and it seems that I will never get enough :) x

  7. I second Periously Pale on the LMdB ones. They have beautiful colors without being sticky. I also like Edward Bess' 'Love Affair'.

  8. Those colours are beautiful! I'm a fan of cream blushes too, I find them so much easier to use.

  9. Great post Jane! Cream blushers have a special place in my heart. I love both the E. Bess creams, Hourglass' bronzer+blush combo, my Stila and Becca, and Topshop (very good) ones and, of course, my B. Brown pots. I only regret not getting the LMDB Creme Fraiche tints whilst they were still available...
    Nina x

  10. This is such a useful post. I love cream blushes too. I would find the Stila and EB hard to wear too :)

  11. I am obsessed with creme blush. My all time faves are the Stila Convertible Colours. I have them all in my kit!

  12. @PerilouslyPale: You have reminded me that I had wanted one from LmdB, that will have to go back on this list. The Edward Bess Compact Rouge are lovely and one of my favourite things from EB. Be warned that they’re scented with fig which I know isn’t for everyone.

    @Jennifer: I’ve never had a NARS multiple which feels a bit shameful as they’ve been popular for years. I’d like to try more of the Stila ones and was positively drooling over Jeanie’s recent post.

    @nicoletta: Thank you. I have been eyeing up Loukoum from NARS for a long time. I do really love creams, I’m sure there will be more to come!

    @Klara: Gerbera looks lovely and I’ll be adding that to my list of things to look out for! I’ve never tried the BB ones though I have heard good things. I’m sure you’d like the Becca crème blushers, I waited way to long to invest in one of those. I love their packaging!

    @Kat: I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    @Marina: Thank you, I’m not alone in loving these things then! They non-powder formulas really are my favourite to use.

    @HDTM: I definitely want to try an LMdB cream blusher. I had Tenne on my list but Poppy looks very pretty too.

    @GlossQueen: I agree that they’re easier to use. So portable too as you don’t need to tote a brush around with you.

    @Nina: I really wish I’d bought an LMdB too. You’ve reminded me that I still want to try one of the Topshop creams. It seems like quite a few of us are fans of cream formula blushers!

    @dempss: I have to go really steady with both of them. With Island Rose I find it works best when I wear bronzer and only apply to the apples of my cheeks. I need to get involved with the Topshop ones too.

    @Rebecca: I’d like to try more of the Stila colours. Recently Jeanie/makeup merriment posted photos of her collection and I was in awe. I really like the look of Gerbera.

    Jane x

  13. I love, love, love cream blushes as well - don't know why I keep buying powder blushes though! I only have two Mac ones, although I used to have a Body Shop one that I loved. I really want to try Topshop and Illamasqua ones - they're on my wishlist! The Becca and Edward Bess ones also look lovely xx

  14. They all look lovely, the textures must be a pleasure to work with!
    Sadly my experience with cream blushers stops at the "drugstore" price range, but now I think that some Becca or Edward Bess should be a future purchase...! ;)


  15. Wow Stila Orchid is so intense!! If you like the formula, try Peony. It's a beautiful neutral pink that looks so natural! ;) x


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