Thursday, 28 April 2011

Zuneta RBR Promotion

I'm just breaking off from some torturous maths (that I volunteered for like the doofus I am), to let you know that Zuneta are currently running a Rouge Bunny Rouge promotion. They're offering a free Decadant Duo worth £28 when you buy two or more RBR items. I thought you might like to know, just in case you fancy treating yourself this bank holiday.

I hope to be back up and posting very soon. Back to some wrestling with Spreadsheets for now!


  1. Oh Jane, I was trying to resist the urge of a Zuneta order and then you go and tempt me with this, I really should be revising! x

  2. Ooops, I couldn't have you miss out though ;). I hope the revision is going ok? x

  3. I just placed my order! Its a shame you can't pick your duo. Fingers crossed I get a shade I like or better still back up of Samba Enredo. Love RBR, your reviews do torture me! x

  4. Thanks! I am about to place an order with my friends Ammie and Marcia, and I can't wait to try this line that we don't get over here. I feel your math pain. I am doing regular expressions/SQL pattern matching at work. Ugh-oh-rama. Carry on!

  5. Hi Miss Kei Kei, fingers crossed it's one you like. I think all the colour-ways sound nice. I'm extremely tempted to place a order myself. I always have a long list of RBR on my want list ;). I see there's some new Edward Bess at Zuneta too.

    Hi Zuzu, what a great idea that you're clubbing together to get an order. That makes a lot of sense with the international postage. If you guys ever need help with orders in future, let me know, I'm very happy to be a UK enabler!

    The maths got bumped for a home emergency yesterday. A radiator fell of the wall, not your everyday occurrence but at least it gave me a break from the other torture! Best of luck with your regular expression/SQL pattern matching.

    Jane x

  6. Its a really good offer, I am sure you will be surprised to hear I had to place an order ;) x

  7. I'm so shocked, I may fall off my chair ;P. I need to put an order in myself. When I say need...ah, well, you know what I mean! x


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