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The Ones That Got Away

After reading Grace London interesting post this week about the sometimes complex shopping habits of a beauty fanatic, it prompted me to think about the other side of the coin. I know it probably doesn't look like it sometimes but I have be careful about the things I buy as my budget is limited. I lust after lots of things but I try and make sure that only the best things make it home. I do get it wrong sometimes though: I buy things I wished I hadn't and, more depressingly, sometimes I'll decide not to buy something and then bitterly regret it. Some of these misses really haunt me. I thought I'd share some of the ones that really niggle at me!

Paula Dorf Brushes

I could probably be more specific as it was actually a dome shaped brush that I can't seem to find on the Paula Dorf website. These came up on a sale on a website like BrandAlley or Secret Sales. The prices were great but I'd not come across them before and I was also put off by the postage costs. No sooner had the sale finished than Lisa Eldridge posted this video about her favourite brushes. I've never seen Paula Dorf come up on a sale since and I regret my decision not to take a punt. Especially whenever I sit drooling over brush porn admire The Non-Blonde's amazing brush collection.

Sonia Kashuk Brushes

More brushes! When the Sonia Kashuk brushes first appeared in SpaceNK, I was shocked by the premium price tag. As much as I wanted to try them, I couldn't bring myself to pay such a big mark up. When they all appeared on sale at the end of 2009, I filled my basket then had a moments hesitation. Again, largely because of the high postage costs. For me it doesn't feel like a saving if I get stung paying more for the postage than the cost of an item! I should have taken my chance whilst I had it as I believe these are no longer available in the UK.

Chantecaille Tigers in the Wild Palette

This mention probably won't surprise you. I went on about how much I wanted to get this but I just couldn't get over the price. At over £70 these are certainly not cheap items. Having managed to buy the Sea Turtles palette in a blog sale, I realised how much I would have enjoyed the colours in the Tigers palette. I will keep my eyes open in the vain hope that someone will want to part with theirs but I can't see me being lucky twice over. Ah well, at least I have plenty of other beautiful palettes to play with.

Le Metier de Beaute Echo Blush 

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

By now I'm sure you've heard that Le Metier de Beaute have 'left the building'. I've heard many great things about this blusher from bloggers that I really trust. You can find swatches of it on The Non-Blonde and on Dempeaux's blog both of whom very kindly let me borrow these photos.

When Selfridges had their online sale earlier in the year, I got very excited only to discover that Le Metier had disappeared from the website. Sadly, I didn't make it to the counter before they left the store last month. I really do wish I had picked it up back when I'd had the chance. I'm keeping everything crossed that Le Metier will make a comeback in the UK. When they do, this will be at the top of my list of things to buy! 

My current nagging is over the Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour lipsticks. I looked, I swatched, I loved but decided I had too many similar lipsticks (because of course this normally makes a difference how?). Fortunately, I don't think these will be disappearing anytime soon so a purchase is necessary to make sure this doesn't join my list of regrets.

I can't imagine I'm alone in doing this, which things have you let slip through the net and regretted? What's always on your blog sale watch list?


  1. I realise that I'm extremely lucky in that I'm single with no major expenses or commitments and so I've got a reasonable amount of play money each month.

    That said, I didn't get the NARS Rajasthan eyeshadow duo and I bitterly regret it as its so beautiful.

    Now, I've become extra vigilant and make sure I do proper research when any limited edition collections come out so I don't miss out again!

    Maybe you'll be able to get a few of these bits and bobs on ebay or in blog sales in the future? *crosses fingers for you*


  2. Aww that post kind of made me sad. I will keep my eyes open for you Jane and if I see any of the above mentioned products, I'll contact you asap!! The Tiger palette is lovely though... x

  3. Re Sonia Kashuk - I'll be in the US in September for several weeks so I can have a look to see if I can find them over there. I'll remind you again closer to the time! x

  4. One product that always sticks in my mind is the Gauches de Chanel which were a limited edition years back. These really appealed to me as they looked like proper artist tubes (and I was an art student). They looked so beautiful on the skin too. At that time I had only started working and could never imagine myself spending that much on makeup. I did not have any idea about limited editions so when was ready to buy them a few years later they of course where not available.

  5. Try eBay for the Chantecaille palette, I have bought several of mine from there and usually you can find them for about £45-£50 instead of £70+. I'll give you a shout if I see one!

  6. @GlossGalore: I’ve just entered a few things as saved searches on ebay. You never know, it might happen! I will keep my eyes peeled for a Rajasthan for you too.

    @LeanneOCD: Don’t be sad for me, I do have lots of lovely things so I could totally manage without more. I do kick myself with these as I was obviously over-thinking it all. It’s a very bad habit of mine!

    @Skin Scrubs: Thank you so much! I would love you forever ;)

    @Meeta: I looked them up and well, wow! I can see why you wanted that set. That must have been so disappointing going back to discover they were long gone :(.

    @Anita: Thank you for the tip. I’ve set the Chantecaille Tigers as a saved search now so I’ll keep my fingers crossed! I think Chantecaille is one of the brands I feel ok about getting on ebay as there’s not the same worry about fakes.

    Thanks for your comments,
    Jane x

  7. I was trying to remember which products I wish I'd got when they were available and then I see GlossGalore's comment and I agree with her 100% - NARS Rajasthan! Although based on some online swatches, the Hourglass duo in Dune might be similar.

    I got the Sonia Kashuk brushes in that SpaceNK sale and I love them (especially that Flat Top Brush) and I wish I got more of them when I had the chance.
    I love the Le Metier kaleidoscopes and mascara so I really hope that perhaps some Europe based website would start stocking them.

    x Klara

  8. I seldom have regrets (sadly, buyer's remorse is much more frequent with me) but I do wish I had picked up Echo as well. And their Dubai lipgloss...At least I know they are not discontinued, so I can always get them on the next US trip.
    Funnily enough, I actually did own the Gouaches that Meeta was talking about. Unfortunately, at that time my application techniques were primitive and my patience scant, so I ended up gifting them to a friend.
    Nina x

  9. In terms of missing out on something I tend to only have regret when I miss a good sale, there seems to be so much new stuff being released that I tend to get easily distracted!
    Unfortunatuly I have a lot of regret over things I buy, if I don't love it, I don't want to wear it.
    Can I just ask if you know whats happened to beautydiarist?

  10. I brought my Sonia Kashuk brushes in that Space NK sale but I regret not buying more. They are my HG and I love them. I also missed out buying Le Metier products after I won their Facebook competition due to the price tag I was so excited! However I never received my prize despite a email saying its in the post. Then I read BBB saying they were discontinuing! I am still grieving this loss >< lol. KK x

  11. Oh no! Le Metier de Beauté is out of the UK?! Now I regret not having bought Peau Vierge while I was in NY... Should we start a petition, asking Zuneta to start stocking the Le Metier de Beaute range?

  12. @Nina: I got a tweet from the very top of LMdB to say they will be back and there should be announcement quite soon. Woohoo! Of course you’re making me wonder if I need the gloss too ;). Are you all finished now? I seem to think today was D-day x

    @Replica: I do like a good sale! I do think it’s hard to feel like wearing something you don’t love. I always kick myself when that happens. There is such a lot of stuff coming out all the time, I think that’s why I miss out on things. By the time I change my mind it’s gone!

    By the way, I went for Bonheur in the end. I’m hoping to get one of the Dior Addicts over the weekend too. Obviously no need for me to explain where Jan went as she’s back. Yay!

    @Miss Kei Kei: That’s such a shame your prize never arrived. I remember you winning. I think I would be tempted to email them. The Sonia Kashuk brushes sound very good, so many people really rate them. I really I can get some in future,

    @Daniela: Yes at the moment there’s no Le Metier in the UK. I emailed Zuneta as soon as I heard to put in a plea! I have heard from the very top that they’ll be back very soon.

    @Astrid: I think the MAC ones are some of the hardest. Do you think there will ever be a re-promote?

    Jane x

  13. I actually have a LMDB product too that fell under my radar at the time it shouldn't have: the Hypnotique Kaleidoscope!!! Probably the most expensive thing I've ever wanted makeup-wise, but still it would be nice to have the option to get it if I saved a bit... *sigh*!!!


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