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Shiro Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches

If you've not come across Shiro Cosmetics before, they produce handmade, vegan, mineral cosmetics with geek factor. The geekiness is apparent in the names and colours of these eyeshadows. If you fancy a Pokemon or Zeleda themed eyeshadow, this is the place to go. 

I bought a set of the loose mineral eyeshadows in sample bags a little while ago. The colours are beautiful but I can admit that loose eyeshadows make me a nervous so they've sat neglected for too long. I really ought to have bought pots rather than bags and I intend to decant these into pots for ease of use.

L-R: Ganondorf and Mewto

The first eyeshadows that I tried out were Mewto and Ganondorf pictured above. My rookie error was to forget to use a primer before applying the colours. For the swatches I applied over a base of Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI) and got a nice finish. They didn't look as impressive on my eyes without a base and I think they definitely need a little something to stick to. In the interest of showing you what I mean by this I have included a picture of my messy eye look mostly to demonstrate how not to do it!

As you can see, without a base, the colour is sheer and the shimmer has not adhered.

From the Legends collection I have Master Sword, Epona, Deku and Ganondorf. From the Super Effective Collection I have S.S. Anne, Poliwrath, Gengar, Mewto, Golem and Sudowoodo. I swatched all of the colours over a base of TFSI and these were applied using my fingers rather than a brush. You can click on all of the photos to enlarge.

Direct Sunlight Swatches. L-R: Ganondorf, Master Sword, SS Anne, Epona, Deku, Sudowoodo, Golum, Gengar, Poliwrath

L-R: Ganondorf, Master Sword, SS Anne, Epona, Deku, Sudowoodo, Golum, Gengar, Poliwrath

Ganondorf - Black with red reflects.
Master Sword - Shimmery champagne.
S.S. Anne - Bronzey Peach with refined shimmer.
Epona - Beautiful frosted light golden brown with barely any shimmer.
Deku - Copper/Orange with almost duochrome green reflects. This one is super sparkly.
Sudowoodo - Duochromey brown-green. The brown is more apparent than it appears in photos.
Golem - Dark taupe with mauvey undertone.
Gengar - Dark purple with a red shimmer.
Poliwrath - Vibrant blue with fine shimmer.

I think my favourites from these colours are Epona, Golum and Gandondorf. I'm looking forward to trying Poliwrath in an eye look too.

You can buy these eyeshadows from the Shiro Cosmetics Etsy Store, at the moment the website is being updated. I haven't tried any of the Intertube lip colours yet but I'm tempted to get Sad Keanu just for the name! Have you tried any of the Shiro eyeshadows? Do you have any tips for using loose eyeshadows?


  1. Oh you've just reminded me to dig out my little bag of Golem now that the weather is cooling down. I LOVE that colour. Epona is such a flattering, rich colour too. I've been thinking about Ganandorf, but black can look a bit harsh on my eye, so I'm still unsure. Great swatches :)

  2. I love shiro's eyeshadows :) my tip would be a sticky base. I love Fyrinnae's pixie epoxy :)

  3. I love S.S. Anne, I've been using it daily since I bought it, with a pale cream to highlight and smokey black eyeliner. For loose eyeshadows, I use a sticky base like Fyrinnae 'Pixie Expoxy' or Hi Fi 'High Impact Shadow Fix'

  4. These look gorgeous. Im a bit wary of loose powders so dont use them much but i do have quite a few xx

  5. @dempss: I really like Golum and Epona. I will attempt a better effort with Ganandorf on my eyes in order to help you decide. I love the red shimmer in it!

    @Ki: Thanks for the tip! I’ve heard good things about the pixie epoxy and really ought to get it. I’ve had trouble trying order from the Fyrinnae site before unfortunately.

    @BBH: They’re gorgeous colours, aren’t they? I really do need to get a good base to do them justice on my eyes. Thanks for the recommendations, I’ve not heard of the High Impact Shadow I shall look that up!

    @nicoletta: I find I reach for other things for speed but these colours are really lovely. I’ll be interested to try one of the bases that people have suggested. It seems like that’s the way forward.

    Thanks for all of your comments,
    Jane x

  6. It is really a pain when you want to order and the site is down/checkout doesn't work or one of the many problems associated with the Fyrinnae webpage. But if you can wait it out, PE is worth every minute and every penny you pay for it :)

  7. Beautiful colors, thanks for swatching. The color you chose for your EOTD really suits you, as your eyes are nearly shooting green sparks from beneath the fringe of your lashes. Did I read correctly that carnuba wax is the second ingredient? Alas, I am a loose powder dunce, so I have no tips other than to press the brush into the powder, tap it off, and press the brush onto my lids. anything else leads to Horrifying Face Glitter.

  8. @Ki: Thank you, that's really helpful to know that it's worth persisting. I've heard it mentioned so often I really ought to try it.

    @Zuzu's Petals: Thank you, I'm pleased you enjoyed the post. Yes, Carnuba Wax is listed as the second ingredient. You made me laugh about the Horrifying Face Glitter, I've been there!

    Jane x


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