Friday, 20 May 2011

The Curator of WHB is a Dirty Birdy!

Every now and again I get a nasty surprise when reading these confessions. This was definitely one of those occasions. The solitary keeper of Worships at the House of Blues is a lovely, refined, classy lady with an eye for the finer things in life. Sadly it seems, this attention to detail does not extend to her barnet....

Rapunzel I am Not.

I wince each time I get a compliment on my blog about my hair. My unintentional deception has gone too far and now it is time to come clean!

This is the testament of one Curator:

Until Tuesday last week, I had not visited a hairdresser in well over 2 years. Okay, more like approaching 3 years.  My negligence boils down to laziness of a curious kind, for I “can’t be bothered” to sit still long enough for a hairdresser to fix my barnet!

I am disgusting. I know! I let my split ends breed until they each have their own split ends. I put my hair up so I can forget about it. I brush my hair about once a week. I do wash it every other day but brushing it is hard work so I run my fingers through it…and up it goes again.

Without the regularly application of a brush, you too could look like HBC

For some ladies, hair is a crowning glory. For me….it’s a source of troublesome bothersome pain in the bumness.

Slightly in my defence is the fact that I have exhaustingly thick hair. So thick and so frizzy is it that I often refer to it as a blanket. Stylists always remark on how much hair I have and it results in me feeling sorry for them.  Then there is my fidgety “cant sit still nature” to contend with. It takes great amounts of effort to force myself from not springing up from the chair with a half done crop and say…..”THANKS, I AM OFF NOW, I HAVE STUFF TO DO!”.

By now I am expecting astonished gasps to be replaced with eye rolling and so there ought to be no surprise when I admit to not owning a proper hair brush. I am still using a plastic hotel freebie that I stole from a hotel in Japan last year.

What d’ya have you say about that confession?!

Well, I think that says it all really. Aunty Brown is officially speechless. Three years??! Did you actually admit that to the hairdresser or could they tell? Before Aunty Brown went for a lay down she put an order in for a Tangle Teezer for you.


If you're a filth bucket like Worships at the House of Blues you have something you need to get off your chest and want to take a turn in the Friday Confessional you can email me at It's open to everyone: if you have something to confess, I'm happy to hear it!

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  1. This confessional had me busting up to the point that my hubby was asking what it is that I'm reading. Again, your pictures that go along with the posts are the icing on the cake.

  2. Hair people always say that to me, too. It doesn't LOOK that thick but it is. The time I got it cut chin-length (from waist-length), the woman kept sighing and saying "Every time I think I'm done [drying], there's more ..."

    I never went back to that person.

  3. Yes I DID tell the poor hairdresser about the 3 year gap between chops. She looked scared! Bless her though. She is a demure Japanese lady who just went along with it.

  4. That's hilarious! I'd give anything for a little of that hair, as I was cursed with baby fine stuffs. The only thing a hairdresser ever says to me is that I am tall when I sit down, so I guess my greatest claim to haircutting fame is I am long waisted. Yippee.

  5. This was pretty much my modus operandi too and it's fine while you are young. Once you are over 40 and the grey hair starts to show then suddenly you (and by you I mean I) start to look like a mad old biddy. I'm so stuck in my ways though that I'm not sure I'm capable of looking groomed ever again. And no, I don't dye it - what on earth made you think that?

  6. looooooooooool
    Aunty Brown I wholeheartedly commend you for your tireless and unwavering commitment to the exposure of shameless individuals (such as this Curator) who undermine the efforts of civilised society for orderly, tamed and sightly barnets...

    Shame and outrage simply do not permit that I go on, but please allow me to share the bill for that Tangle Teezer. I shall look upon that investment as a duty to the greater good!

    Nina (no kiss, I am too aghast for such niceties)

  7. Oh bloody hell. I am WorshipBlues' hair twin. Wash it every other day, comb it when wet, and (literally) tie it in a knot instead of brushing it.

    Is this bad?

  8. I'm still chuckling over this one. I saw a Tangle Teezer in Boots earlier and instantly thought of this confession. I'm dismayed that there so many non-brushers out there!


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