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Le Métier de Beauté Nail Varnish in Dionysus

As a child I was pretty fascinated by Greek Mythology so I rather like the idea of a collection of nail varnishes named after Gods and Goddesses. The four nail varnishes from the Le Métier de Beauté summer collection are all beautiful but the one that demanded my attention first was Dionysus, a stunning deep, turquoise blue shimmering with fine glitter. No one needs to comment on the fact that Dionysus is the God of winemaking......

Le Metier+Dionysus6

I'm a Pisces and really do feel drawn to all things to all things water related. I studied in Marseille for a year and would often take a walk down to the craggy beaches of the Calanques nearby to my University accommodation. Dionysus reminds me of how the sea looked as the bright sunlight bounced off the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean. I honestly don't think my 21 year old self really appreciated how lucky I was!

Le Metier+Dionysus2

Le Metier+Dionysus5

Le Metier+Dionysus4

Le Metier+Dionysus3

The LMdB nail varnishes are 3-free and are fortified with strengthening proteins and hydrators. The bottles are very small and the brush is quite narrow. It doesn't splay like the pro-brushes that I'm used to but I experienced no difficulties in applying. The polish goes on nicely and only requires two coats. It seemed to level up the uneven surface of my nail a little to give a nice looking manicure even with my scrappy nails. It lasted well but I think some of this may be down to 'capping' the tips which I've only just learned. I did find my nails stained a little, even with Nail Envy as a base coat.

The colour and sparkle of Dionysus is spectacular. I kept admiring my nails the whole time I was wearing it and I don't think my pictures (or nails) do it sufficient justice. In terms of a dupe, the closest I have to this is Barry M Racing Green but Dionysus is definitely more 'peacock-y' in comparison.

Les Calanques de Marseille

Le Metier is currently only available in the US and the nail polishes are priced $10. 

Disclosure: PR Sample


  1. Pretty colour and like you, having spent 4 years studying Classics I am tempted to buy the whole collection just because of the names! (Penelope is on its way to me). Do you have any idea when Le metier might be coming back to the UK? I have one polish from the autumn collection 2010 and although the colour is pretty, I was amazed at the size. Similarly, I got one of the Marchesa lip duos and the product is fabulous, but the size is a joke, especially compared to the ordinary lip glosses. It looks like something out of a cracker! x

  2. That color is GORGEOUS! I actually really like the bottle too...it's so small and cute :)

  3. Really pretty. It looks so much better than RBL Teal looks on my nails this week. I think my hands are scaring the software engineers.

  4. That's a gorgeous color, and I've also always loved Greek mythology.

  5. That colour SINGS - love it! I am a bit of the same - anything referencing mythology/ancient times and I am all over it.

  6. Bless you, that post was geeky and romantic in turns! The colour is divine and your nails are looking fab, are you trying a new nail treatment or are they just behaving on their own?

  7. Oh how I wish I could get my hands on these!! Stupid hazardous materials shipping restrictions!

  8. I am so happy that they lowered the price of these, seriously how wonderful is that? I look forward to checking out this collection firsthand.

  9. @Jennifer: They are super small. Smaller than it comes across in the pictures I think. I don’t mind small generally as I’ve never, ever finished a bottle of polish but I price has to be right. I know they’ve brought the price down from $15 – 10 which I think is a good idea. I don’t know a return date yet but I seem to think June has been mentioned. I really hope it’s soon otherwise there’ll be beauty bloggers combusting all over the place!

    @Tiffany: The bottle size and shape is very cute. They’ve reduced the price of the polishes too which is great news.

    @Zuzu’s Petals: LOL! I’ve never tried any of the RBL polishes. I must give them a try sometime. Maybe not the Teal though if as it might set the students on edge!

    @Esther: It’s great to hear I’m not on my own with the love of Mythology.

    @Meeta: It is a gorgeous colour and I knew I’d love it as soon as I saw the bottle. It’s so pretty and mermaid like. I rather like the fact that Dionysus is the God of wine too….

    @Debbie: My nails are as shabby as ever sadly. The peeling is getting further up my nails too, boo! Thankfully this levelled out the unevenness but the OPI that I’ll post pictures of soon didn’t disguise it quite so well. It sounds like a I let the geek out of the box on this one ;)

    @Perilously Pale: On no, that must so annoying! I know that nail varnish can be a shipping problem.

    @HDTM: The price decrease is great news! I’ll be interested to see if you go any of these colour.

    Jane x


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