Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Snowberry Bright Defence Day Cream No.2

I've been using the Snowberry Bright Defence Day Cream No.2 daily for just over a month, so I thought it was time to update you on how I've been getting on with it. The Bright Defence skincare range contains anti-ageing, brightening and hydrating ingredients. The Snowberry line is expensive but they're dedicated to sourcing the best natural and sustainable ingredients and refuse to include any known or potential irritants, yet they still produce skincare that can compete in the efficacy stakes. I think this goes a long way in justifying the price tag. The packaging has been well thought out too from the clean lines, to the pump dispenser not to mention the cheery artwork by Rob Ryan.



Having taken an updated picture of my pigmentation spot, I'm not sure it has decreased in size or colour over the last month but I find that overall my skin looks brighter and more even in tone. I certainly find that the pigmentation just below my eyebrow looks more prominent in comparison to areas that I am able to 'treat'. My only disappointment is that I wish that I had chosen the No.3 formulation for dry skin as I find that no.2 doesn't offer me enough hydration. I think my skin sits somewhere between combination and dry and after the Shiseido cream, which felt a bit too rich for daytime, I obviously erred on the side of caution and ended up making the wrong choice.





The Bright Defence Day Cream is quite a light fluid, it spreads easily but takes a little while to sink in. It feels very soothing and fresh on the skin which makes it really pleasing to apply in the morning. It has quite a surprising colour, it's almost flesh coloured and I think is probably a result of the fermented black tea. The cream has a slight scent to it which I find hard to describe. Although perfume is listed in the ingredients, I think most of the scent comes from the essential oils.



I've enjoyed using this cream even though it wasn't quite the right formula for me. I do like the Snowberry ethos very much. Although I won't replace like for like once this has finished, I am likely to buy either the Bright Defence Day Cream in no.3 or the Night Cream in future. Visionary Beauty recently posted a tempting review of the Night Cream which you can read here.

Snowberry products are available from and Whole Foods Kensington.

Disclosure: Sample received without cost for consideration for review.


  1. I have just ordered this very cream and I am all the more excited about it's arrival after reading your super review. My skin is somewhere between dry and oily so I am hoping that this will do the trick. I shall have to let you know.

    I am curious about their massage oil now too x

  2. this looks lovely - especially all the care that they have taken to exclude all the irritants and nasties that you wouldn't willingly put onto your skin.

    Ali x

  3. What a pity this didn't suit you completely! I love the brand and the ingredients. Hope you find your perfect match next time!!
    Love, Sam xx

  4. Snowberry is such an impressive skincare range, I do think its worth you trying the No.3 and the night cream if you can x

  5. I'm really curious about this whole line. It's very expensive, but I like the ethos and performance behind it :)

  6. @Old Cow: I hope you like it too, I look forward to hearing how you get on with it. I’m quite interested in their SPF cream and cleanser.

    @Ali: I’ve talked to them a little bit and love that they’re not willing to compromise by adding anything even vaguely dubious. I love their ethos, it’s great skincare with a conscience!

    @Sam: Thanks Sam, it was my error not going for the dry skin formula and I kicked myself for it. I think their products are great and so much care has gone into making products that work minus the nasties. I ‘m not surprised you like the brand so much x

    @Replica: I’m such a wally for getting the wrong one. I should have realised from your review of No.3 that was the one that I needed! I’m interested to try more of their products definitely.

    @dempss: Yes, it’s expensive but I can kind of understand why because of all the care that’s gone into getting the formulas and ingredients right. I think you would enjoy their products.

    Jane x

  7. Hi Jane, if you have dry ier skin, you may want to try Snowberry soothing facial oil, simply divine.

  8. Thanks LPB, it sounds lovely. I'm really enjoying facial oils at the moment.


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