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Rebecca Morrice Williams tells me what's new at BECCA

As promised, here's more about about the time I spent with Founder of BECCA Cosmetics, Rebecca Morrice Williams. Rebecca had flown in from Australia a couple of days before our meeting and looked absolutely stunning and fresh with not the least hint of jet-lag. She really is an amazing advert for her cosmetics line! Sat on the luxurious sofas in the BECCA Boutique, next to a glass table laden with gorgeous cosmetics from the brand, Rebecca talked me through the new Halcyon Days collection and let me probe her on some of her favourite things.

Which Products are in Rebecca's Handbag?
Rebecca explained that she’s currently favouring the BECCA Lip Balm (out later this year) paired with the lovely Lip Plumping Moisture Gloss. They’re both packed with nourishing goodies like Jojoba, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter and she told me that these were great at keeping her lips hydrated during the flight over. She also confessed that the lovely vanilla and cinnamon scent is enough to curb sweet cravings which sounds good to me!

Rebecca's Must Haves

She’s been pairing the sophisticated glossy lip with Guava Beach Tint on the cheeks and the Automatic Liner Pencil in Majorca pushed into the lashes for definition. The eyeliners that will be released with the new collection are fabulous. There are two colours, Goa – a chocolate brown with bronze flecks and Majorca – a richly pigmented black. They’re a twist up type pencils that come with a smudger and a little sharpener on the end. They’re waterproof and just don’t budge at all once they’ve set. A real must have for liner fans!


Rebecca told me about how she’ll often be inspired by an idea for a collection and then discover that quite by accident she’s chosen colours that are really on trend for that season. This is no mean feat when the seasons are in reverse in her native Australia. The gorgeous coral colours in the Halcyon Days collection are a great example of Rebecca's feel for what's now. I especially like the pairing of neutrals with the bright coral cheek and gloss colours in the palette which I makes it approachable for people like me who are nervous of bright colour.

Halcyon Days Palette
Bronzer/Illuminator duo, Mineral Blushers and Palette from the Halcyon Days collection

New BECCA Nail Colour
Rebecca was really excited about the new nail polishes that are coming out with the Halcyon Days collection and quite rightly so. I commented on how I thought the beautiful shades would be perfect for a summer pedicure. Her tip, never have a matching manicure and pedicure. There are three colours released with the collection: Tangerine Dream -a bright sunset coral, Dancing Barefoot - an apricot nude and Summerdaze - a retro pastel pink.

I especially wanted to mention Dancing Barefoot. It's such a pretty colour and I'd describe it as a grown-up pastel shade. If you're looking for a pastel nail colour but find most of them look 'wrong' or tippex-y, I'd recommend giving this a try.  These polishes are 3-free and also free from Camphor. They have a wide, pro-style brush and a slightly rubberised neck which make application really easy. I had a manicure done with one of the polishes on the day and it lasted so well. I didn't take it off for four days (unheard of for me) and even managed to keep the colour on a pinky nail for a full week. All in the name of research you understand.

Rebecca’s Desert Island pick
Rebecca and I share something in common, our love of concealer. Her desert island choice would be their concealer. She told me it’s one of the products that really started the brand. Before anything else, primers, colours etc., this is the one to get right. With 34 shades there should be one out there for everyone and Rebecca says if they haven’t got your match, they need to make a new one!

Favourite colour products?
I asked Rebecca about her favourite BECCA colour products and her personal favourites are their crème blusher and beach tint. I have both of these and I can understand her choice, they’re both so easy to use. If you're a fan of cream formula blushers I'd really recommend giving them a try.

The New Primers
I don't use primers very often but I've been very interested in the new BECCA primers and took the opportunity to ask Rebecca about them. They come in three different formulas and I was fascinated to hear that she herself will mix and match her primers, applying them to different areas of the face depending on her needs. I had often wondered if this would be possible. So it’s great to get the advice from an expert.

BECCA Halcyon Days Video from ZunetaBeauty

The Halycon Days collection is released this week. As well as the palette, eyeliners, beach tint in Guave and nail polishes, there is also a Bronzer & Illuminator duo and two mineral blushers. My thanks to Rebecca and all of BECCA Cosmetics team for giving up their time to talk to me.

Promotional images of the Halcyon Days collection courtesy of www.makeup4all.com


  1. BECCA is a range I've heard of but never tried. I can tell that you are a real fan of the brand. Next time I go to London I am going to have a look at the products and I was wondering if you could recommend what I should buy as my first purchase. Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. Was it the three Becca related posts in a week that gave me away? ;) The first thing I tried was a beach tint followed by a creme blusher. I think I'd probably recommend the creme blusher as a starting point, I definitely wished I'd tried them sooner. I really like these new liners too. They won't necessarily give the finest line but the staying power is incredible. My eyes have a tendency to water in bright light and wind so these are a God send!

    The Shimmering Skin Perfectors come highly recommended. I've not tried them personally but I know a lot of people really like them. I even spotted them in Caroline Barnes' kit so I guess that's a pretty sound recommendation!!
    Jane x

  3. Thanks for sharing, Jane! I really loved this post
    PS. I would choose SSP, Beach Tint and the Minarel Primer x

  4. Right that's sorted then, a creme blusher, eye liner ( I too get watery eye syndrome)and a shimmering skin perfector will be mine. Thanks for your help and yes the 3 Becca posts in a week were a real indicator of your passion for this brand. Jude xx

  5. I'm excited to try her polishes! How very cool that you got to meet "Becca" ! A thrill for any beauty junkie, I'm sure.

  6. i am so late on the becca waggon thanks @jude for asking what i was going to ask! xxx

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  8. I just watched that excellent video. The model is gorgeous, but I really loved her no-makeup look best. I would dearly love to know what that nail polish color is on that lovely makeup artist's fingers. Any idea? Meanwhile, I have a shopping basket full at Zuneta, and I need only pull the trigger.

  9. Now I want to try the eye liner. I wonder if it will hold up on my waterline?

    I love everything BECCA, the colours are so fresh and flattering.

  10. @Marina: Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I loved reading your picks too! I really want to get a SSP as they’re so well thought of.

    @Jude: You’ll have to let me know how you get on!

    @HDTM: Yes, it was an absolute thrill for sure! Since starting blogging I have had some amazing opportunities to meet people I have great respect for. I feel very lucky!

    @Miss Jones: It’s taken me years to try Becca having read about their products in magazines for years. I certainly think it’s worthy of the hype. I’m glad my answer to Jude was useful for you too :D

    @Zuzu: I loved watching that video. The MUA in the video is the one that did my makeup at the Boutique. She’s such a genuinely lovely lady! I’m pretty certain she has Tangerine Dream on her nails. If you have a look at the application video here you can see them all applied.

    Jane x

  11. Jane, thanks! I had seen the nail video but Tangerine Dream looks so much nicer when you can see it on all fingers on hands in motion. I am definitely getting that one and Summer Daze.

    Will you get the Halcyon Days face palette given how cool your coloring is? I am tempted, very tempted, but I am afraid I can't pull off such warm colors. I am also not a huge fan of powders and creams mixed into one palette. In the Bobbi Brown Denim & Roses one, they put the lip gloss right beneath the deepest eyeliner shade, and I ruined the lip color almost immediately from powder fallout.

    How lucky you were to get done up in Becca. I've got nowhere to go but online for those products, and I have been a fan now for a couple years. That MUA really has something about her that makes her very captivating.

  12. Thanks for the great post Jane. I haven't tried Becca yet but am definitely going to give it a try xx

  13. Great interview! I have just one Becca product, a loose shimmer powder, but definitely look forward to trying more in the near future :) The Halcyon Days palette looks lovely! xx

  14. Great post. Living in Australia I love that Aussie brand Becca is such an innovative global brand and born from a frustration for finding a HG foundation!! The products are amazing, the more I use the more I love. Have my sights on the skin perfector, the mascara and the cheek creme. I'm also going to get the 3step skin perfecting system put on me in a Dept store to see how it wears for a day. Love!

  15. Thanks for sharing this. I think I may have a bit of a Becca moment this year ;) I got some of the new stuff from that collection, not tried it yet but I really think the damselfly blusher is going to be a winner xx

  16. I am Becca die-hard fan since I've tried their Luminous Skin Colour tinted moisturizer. It's so light yet giving my face a very sheer and even tone complexion. Their Radiance Primer is a must if you want more 'radiance' to your complexion match with their Luminous Skin Colour and to have 'that dewy look' you can put a little dab of their Shimmering Skin Perfector on your high point of face. I love Becca :)


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