Monday, 16 May 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Atlas Swallowtail

Rouge Bunny Rouge Atlas Swallowtail is a cream eyeshadow and is described as a nude taupe with pewter reflections. The colour, both when swatched on my hand and applied on my eyelid, seems to change according to the light. In direct sunlight is appears metallic, and almost like a light bronze. Sometimes it looks warm yet in subdued light it has a more cool appearance.



It has a doe-foot applicator which I use to apply colour directly to the eyelid. I tend to apply a layer close to the lashes and then sheer it out with my finger tips and apply more as necessary. It goes on smoothly and I find it very easy to get an even application. I've worn this on it's own and as a base for other colours. It layers well and adds a slight sheen to any eyeshadow colours that I apply over it.



L-R: blended swatch, unblended swatch

L-R: blended swatch, unblended swatch

I was surprised by how much I like the packaging. I've come to expect cream eyeshadows in pots and was unsure about a lipgloss style tube. It's actually very easy to use though and it shuts with a satisfying click which makes me less concerned about it drying out.

The Silk Aether cream eyeshadows come in five different colours. You can see swatches of Brocade Skipper (champagne) and Velvet Fritillary (greyish khaki) on Visionary Beauty, Batiste Grayling (cool, medium grey) on Makeup Picnic and Chiffon Ringlet (chocolate) on Mookie on the Bench. London Makeup girl also has an excellent comparison of Atlas Swallowtail to similar cream eyeshadows here.

Rouge Bunny Rouge is available from who ship worldwide.

Disclosure: PR Sample


  1. I love this as a base for shadows, as well as for a very basic and simple eye look on its own. I find it wears really well too.

  2. In one word.... STUNNING! Love that!

    I bet it looks beautiful on you.

  3. This looks kind of looks like pretty sand! I would like to see RBR do some cool duo/non-neutral shades in these too.

  4. Oooh you are making me want this! I don't own any cream shadows but that looks lovely. I can't wait to try RBR.

  5. Ooh, you are making me want this. I'm excited to try RBR.

  6. An every day staple for me. As Grace said, either as a base, or as a quick (but polished) look, this is something that I know I will keep repurchasing.
    Nina x

  7. I love this one; alone or under other e/s.

  8. Beautiful, I like how it looks almost golden in one photo. I still use the Chiffon Ringlet very often and it's a great base but I just use it on its own if I don't have a lot of time in the mornings. I think Atlas Swallowtail might be my next purchase. x

  9. You know I think I have almost used my one up of this, think I need to take the stopper out to see if there is any lurking, shows how much I like it! ;) x

  10. I love this colour, but I'm always very weary of cream shadows for fear they'll crease on me :)

  11. @Grace London: I’m wearing it again on it’s own today. It’s so good for a quick bit of colour.

    @Jeanie: It’s a great staple, I’m wearing it again today and think I’d be lost without it now.

    @Meeta: I think the formula is great and it would be lovely if they expanded the range of colours.

    @HdtM: I’m really hoping your package arrives shortly. RBR produce some great cosmetic formulas.

    @Nina: It’s definitely reached staple status for me too. I’m wearing it today as I didn’t have time to do a full eye look and it stops me feeling totally bare if you see what I mean?

    @Ammie: I’m glad to see it has so many fans. It’s well deserved.

    @Strawberry Blonde: Thank you!

    @Klara: I bet Chiffon Ringlet looks beautiful on it’s own. I think this formula is perfect for speedy looks in the morning. It feels so pleasant going on tired eyes.

    @Replica: Wow! I’m not surprised though as it’s such a great base colour. I loved ogling your other colours too. With such a nice formula it’s tempting to try other shades.

    @dempss: I find it does crease sometimes if I forget primer but it does ‘set’ so it doesn’t move around once applied. I bet you’d really get on with Chiffon Ringlet.

    Jane x

  12. Gorgeous shade, the golden sheen makes it so unique!!!
    RBR did an excellent job with these and I should probably pick another shade soon!!!



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