Friday, 13 May 2011

MAC BAFTA Runway to Red Carpet

As Blogger was having a little episode earlier, I thought it was the ideal time to make a video. I forget that is takes far longer to make videos than write a blog post so it has taken me all the free time I've had in the day!

It's largely me rambling on about the MAC red carpet tips I gleaned from the event last week. If you want to just skip to the pictures (and I will forgive you) go to 8 minutes 30.

This was a fascinating evening and not all the tips on makeup application were strictly red carpet only. My favourite tip was using the anti-histamine tablets to combat a nervous flush. I received some products as part of the event and I hope to give them a go to produce my very own red carpet look to share with you. That will be blog pictures only I am sure. None of you need to see fumbling about trying to work out right from left on video, I can assure you!



Model One MAC

Model Two MAC

Final Look 008


  1. awwwwwwwwww how sweet are you on this video. :) :) i actually (after all that) enjoyed your post, you made it different, you added pictures i hadn't seen and and and and a video of you. win xx

  2. You look gorgeous in the video!
    And I love the makeup they did, going to try and attempt that eye tomorrow :)

  3. Those are so really good tips, I'm going to do my own wedding makeup but I'm definitely going to practice several times beforehand, take photos and time myself otherwise I will get stressed.

  4. A brilliant video review Jane!
    Thank you for providing such rich info and excellent tips, I'm sure they will come handy. And let me tell you, the camera loves you :)
    More please...
    Nina x

  5. brillant post and video, i have been looking every where how to do the brown smokey eye! x

  6. I loved this post and video! Thanks, Chica! x

  7. I loved your video and post! The tips are really good and useful when doing makeup for an evening out. You're so pretty Jane! xx


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