Monday, 23 May 2011

Simple Eye Look with Laura Mercier Sable

This post is actually for a reader, Erin, who got in touch to ask for recommendations to recreate the eye makeup I was wearing here.

I guessed at Kjaer Weis Wisdom or colours from the BECCA Enigma palette but these are not easily accessible for Erin and she asked if could recommend anything similar. I enlisted the help of Twitter friends to get suggestions for similar mauvey-taupe colours with minimal shimmer that are available in the US. I had loads of great suggestion, many thanks to those of you that helped me!

Erin is looking for a colour to create a sophisticated but soft smoky eye. She particularly wanted to avoid anything too dark or warm as she struggles with colours looking bruise-y. She has Laura Mercier Vanilla Nuts eyeshadow already as a base colour and I wondered if either LM Topaz or Sable would work. I only have Sable out of these two but thought I'd use it in a look to see how it would look in a less intense application. In these photos I have paired it with MAC Brule eyeshadow.

Laura Mercier+Sable1

Laura Mercier+Sable3

Laura Mercier+Sable4

Laura Mercier+Sable6

Laura Mercier+Sable5


When I swatched Sable it was clear that it's an eyeshadow that can be used for a soft or more dramatic look. It's not very pigmented but buildable which gives it this flexibility. The light swatch is a couple of swipes and the heavy swatch was at least five passes with a clean finger. Normally I use a flat, lay-down brush to apply this colour all over the lid but in this eye look I used a fluffy brush in the crease.

I hope this post will be useful for others as well as Erin. Please feel free to add any alternative colour suggestions in the comments too. They would be most welcome I'm sure!


  1. Very pretty and lovely look! What blush are you sporting? It's gorgeous! xx

  2. I love your blusher, what is it can I ask?

    Ms Red

  3. Thank you both! The blusher is Max Factor's Miracle Touch (cream) blusher in Soft Copper. I will be posting about this very soon. I'm really impressed with it!
    Jane x

  4. I love the blusher too, I have another from this range (too lazy to go upstairs to check the shade!), may have to give this one a go too!

  5. Nice effortless and flattering look Jane :)
    Do you know, I've been trying to think of shimmer-less taupes and can't come up with anything worth mentioning. My personal favourite would probably be T. McEvoy Raisin. Not over the top shimmer, but not shimmer-free either.
    Nina x

  6. I do think that you rock the I-maybe-wearing-eyeshadow-maybe-not-but-my-eyes-are-worth-a-second-glance look, polished, sexy, perfect. Thanks Jane. Jan x

  7. That effortless look is stunning on you, Jane.

    I love love love Laura Mercier Sable. Topaz would be equally gorgeous as a choice. Where Sable is more of a grey than mauve taupe, Topaz has undertones of pinkish bronze. It's my favorite taupe next to Chantecaille Granite, which is also really complex with brown, grey, gold, pink and silver. It really looks like a slab of granite, which is mined in my neighborhood. LM and Chante shadows are low to medium pigment, which makes them easy to layer. Apparently LBdB Mulberry is also a mauve taupe (check out Visionary Beauty's recent post), but my compact is mislabeled because I have a golden brown. NOT Mulberry. I'm not sure the Becca Enigma is mauve-taupe. I see more of a putty/mushroom/cement undertone in the colors. Phew! that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

  8. @Charlotte: I have a pinky one too but I can’t think of the name. I think they wear really well.

    @Nina: I agree, there aren’t many that are shimmer free. Subtle shimmer is probably fine but I think frosty is out. You’ve interested me in Raisin of course now. You’ll have to point that out on our shopping trip ;).

    @Jan: Hey Jan! Lovely to ‘see’ you. Thank you for the compliment too. I do love a subtle eye look!

    @Zuzu’s Petals: Thank you. I really, really want Granite and some of the other Chante colours you posted swatches of. I actually sent Erin a link to you Favourites post before I wrote this post. I think many of the colours you have are exactly the thing she need. You’re right about Enigma too, it’s not really mauve taupe but I think these mid-tone type colours that are not quite brown are the sort of shade necessary to create the subtle smoky look she’s looking for. Thank you so much for your input as it’s much appreciated.

    Jane x

  9. OooO, I am loving this color! Especially for a smokey eye, looks great on your skintone too! ♥

  10. Beautiful fotd alltogether!!!
    The eyeshadow and blush look amazing!
    Love what u did for the eyes too, adding that thin black line! Classic! ;)



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