Sunday, 15 May 2011

Over/Loving/Getting Into/Lusting After/Photo

I shamelessly stole this idea from the gorgeous Too Much Blush. It's just a bit of fun for a Sunday afternoon.

Over -

Royal Mail. I've had a week of odd goings on with my post. From the strange parcel appearing in the downstairs toilet (stop laughing at the back) to my first brush with the Customs fees not to mention all the parcels that have failed to arrive. It doesn't seem to have been my week really. The postie better keep a safe distance tomorrow!

It's exam season so I'm going to be working a lot over the next couple of weeks. I know I'm going to be tired and grumpy, I suppose it may limit my blogging time too. I don't like how nervous I get every time I have to work. Hopefully that will get better the more I do it.

I'm totally over Blogger/Picasa messing up my pictures too. Hopefully I can get to the bottom of it once the exam season is over.

Loving -

All for Eve/Alpha-H Age Delay Facial Oil. I received this at the Alpha-H event a little while ago. My skin has been showing how tired I am recently and I slap this on under my moisturiser whenever I feel like an extra boost. Apparently it's the beta-carotene which helps give skin a naturally healthy look. I find it really good at instantly pepping up my skin.

Getting into -

Bronzer. I go through phases with bronzer it seems and my current favourite is MAC Golden. This is something else that seems good at disguising my tired skin. I also admit that I like the soothing feel of a big fluffy brush on my face as part of my morning makeup routine. Yes, I am a big softie!

Lusting after -

NARS Dogon. I literally can't wait to get my hands on this, it looks so beautiful and the colours sound perfect for me. Taupe with mysterious undertones? Let me at it now! I'm also lusting after the beautiful bronzers that I've seen on Cafe Makeup. Both the Bronze Rose and Dior look gorgeous. My non-colour lust is a BECCA Primer, I'm not quite sure which one to go for and it's currently a decision between Rejuvenating and Resurfacing.

Photo -

I was undecided whether to choose this picture or the snap I took of the wall after the radiator fell off. In the end Mrs Potato Head won as it's tickles me ever time I see it. Obviously Mrs PH hasn't heard of threading yet!

If you're in the mood, tell me what your answers would be!


  1. Do you work as a teacher? What are you doing with exams? They're a nightmare!

  2. Hi! No, I'm not a teacher, I do exam invigilation as teachers are no longer allowed to it. I only started doing it at the beginning of the year and it's occasional work, hence the nerves!

  3. Haha, I love the mustachioed Mrs Potato head! IShe may not pluck, but it appears she has a fine bronzed glow =P

    I just got Dogon and I'm loving it! Hope you get your hands on one soon!

  4. I agree! I cannot rant enough about Royal Mail nowadays. They are literally taking months to get their bank holiday backlog sorted and I have a tonne of parcels missing.

    On a happier note, I really want that Eyeshadow duo from Nars as well.


  5. over-finals
    loving-bulgari radiance exfoliator
    getting into- le metier de beaute (ok so i may already be way into it)
    lusting after- LMdB summerland gloss

  6. "Obviously Mrs PH hasn't heard of threading yet!" lol. Good luck with the nasty work increase. I am coming up on a deadline myself, as the next 4 weeks will be grueling.

  7. I go through phases with bronzer too. It's great for a healthy look and definition, but I love a cheek with a bit of cream blush too!

  8. @Dovey: Dogon has just arrived and I’m really looking forward to a play. Mrs P definitely looks like she likes the fake tan, doesn’t she? ;)

    @Get Gawjus: I hope you manage to track down some of your missing items. It’s so frustrating!

    @luv2smilexo: Lovely choices there! Are the finals over yet?

    @Zuzu’s Petals: I hope work is going ok and you’re winning? I’ve got one more day tomorrow before the schools break up for a week. I’m looking forward to the rest!

    @dempss: Agreed, you know I love a bit of cream blush too!

    Jane x


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