Thursday, 12 May 2011

Handmade Brush Roll from Etsy

In need of a brush roll to store my growing brush collection, I thought Etsy would be a good place to look for something individual. I found asoftblackstar's store and was really taken with the lovely fabrics. They're eyecatching but not too busy and still look elegant in my opinion. I opted for a large brush roll in the strawberry and chocolate brown damask print.

Empty Roll


It arrived today (after a small tussle with the post office) and to say I'm thrilled with it would be an understatement! The pattern is as pretty as I had hoped and the stitching is so neat and professionally done. There was a lovely note from Lotus included which I thought was a nice touch.


'Full' Roll

I wasted no time in filling the roll with my brushes. There are multiple sized slots as you would expect. There are 16 slots in total but you could probably get two slender handled brushes in the middle section to allow you to store more. I obviously can't comment yet on how durable it is but the stitching feels very strong and nothing is flimsy.

The large roll cost me $20.99 plus $3.75 for shipping. There are various different packages, sizes and patterns available on asoftblackstar's Etsy site. For those in the UK, if you fancy a large brush roll and matching makeup bag now stock these sets in seven different patterns.


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  2. I need more brush storage. That looks so organized!!! Love the pretty pattern. Now you need to label all the brushes in there LOL Just kidding ;-)

  3. How pretty is this. I shove my make up brushes into a make up bag, should invest in one of these, so much nicer and better for the brushes! xx

  4. I store my brushes in Pyrex containers, just like MAC does, but this is a much prettier solution.

  5. I like the print, it livens the roll up nicely!

  6. Etsy is an amazing place to find beautiful things like's such a pretty pattern! I wonder if there is a wallpaper with that pattern on it as well! :) x

  7. Wow, so pretty! Great find x


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