Saturday, 7 May 2011

My Becca 'Base Face' with Laura Mercier Sable Eyeshadow

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Laura Mercier Eyeshadow in Sable over the mobile lid
Purple from NARS Brousse duo in the outer corner and crease
BECCA Automatic Eye Pencil in Majorca (this is out this week to buy and I will post swatches soon)
Hourglass Film Noir mascara

BECCA Luminous Skin Colour in Sand
BECCA Boudoir Powder in Desire
Blusher - I wished I'd written this down as I honestly can't remember what I used. I'm guessing Hourglass Aura Cheek Tint in Rouge.
Shu Uemura H9 Seal Brown eyebrow pencil

Edward Bess Secret Desire
Hourglass lipgloss in Ignite


  1. I wish you'd wrote the blush down's lovely!!! Great look. Very natural!

  2. Love the look Jane! Nicely defined and, at the same time, natural and fresh. Very pretty... :)
    Nina x

  3. I'm a huge Becca fan and your photos comfirm that there face products are glorious. You have a wonderful glow. I've been using my Becca with LM's topaz. I love it.

    Looking forward to learning your blush...

  4. I love that natural yet polished look. Becca has some great products.

  5. flawless, just gorgeous.
    i want you to do my day makeup, everyday.
    see you tomorrow at mine, at 8.15.
    oh, can you bring some milk as well? ta xx

  6. Beautiful look Jane, I had to order one of the Becca liners as you rated them, I went for the brown one x

  7. @Perilously Pale: Me too! I always think I’ll remember but I need to start writing things down in a notebook. Curse my baby addled brain!

    @Nina: Thank you! I was really pleased with how this turned out x

    @DRTVrMoi: I wish I could remember what I’d put on. I shall be more diligent about noting things down in future! Which are your favourite Becca colour items?

    @Ammie: Thank you! I really like Becca products as they seem to really fit with the look I want to achieve.

    @liloo: Thank you lovely! I’ll admit I’m not great it the mornings and I often don’t transform into my more polished self until mid-morning. Shameful stuff!

    @Replica: Oh lovely, I hope you’ll like it. I’ve used both the black and brown quite a lot. The staying power is impressive. I ordered another on and some of the polishes. Planning a little giveaway. It seems only right and proper after raving on to give someone else the chance to try them out ;)

    Thanks for your lovely comments,
    Jane x

  8. @Replica: PS. Thank you so much again for passing on the eyeshadow. I LOVE it! xxx


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