Friday, 20 May 2011

Modesty's Desert Island Picks

After Rebecca Morrice Williams' mention of desert island products, it got me wondering what I would want with me if I found myself stranded without Selfridges or the internet! Because I'm a total cheat and couldn't commit to absolute favourites, I've gone for the generic colours and products. I will try and pick out a few that I tend to favour. Please do not expect any surprises here as unveil my desert island kit!


As I said, no surprises here I'm sure. I think I could manage without foundation (maybe not sunblock if I was stuck on a desert island) but not concealer. I'd probably go for one of my all-rounders like MAC Select Moisturecover or RMK Super Basic Liquid concealer because they're suitable for undereye, discoloration and blemishes coverage. I know the RMK is supposed to be a highlighter pen and therefore be a no, no on blemishes but this works well on me.


I don't think I know anyone that would choose to go without mascara. Even my friends that don't really 'do' makeup always wear mascara. I feel naked without it and the combination of eyeliner and mascara are probably the two things that make the biggest difference to my appearance. Possibly because I'm a glasses wearer. I have a few mascaras that I like but my current favourite comes down to a battle between Hourglass Film Noir and Lancome Hypnose. The Le Metier Anamorphic mascara in Aubergine (pictured above) is quickly gaining favour too.


I think this is one of my lesser known obsessions but I really am a fan of eyeliner. Pencil, liquid, pen and even eyeshadow; I don't have a favourite formula but I find dark colour along my lashline stops my eyes disappearing completely behind my glasses. I do think I'm a little strange though as I'm strictly top lashline only. It's very rare for me to put any colour along the bottom lashes. You never know though, maybe if I was stranded on my own I might get experimental! If I had to pick just one liner, I think I'd probably go for a chocolate brown pencil in a waterproof formula. For swimming reasons of course!


Taupe eyeshadow
Ah, taupe. I wouldn't want to be stranded without a taupe eyeshadow. Don't ask me to pick a favourite, I'm not sure I could! I'd prefer a nice satin finish, not too dark but with a little somethin', somethin' to wow the natives. If I could just smuggle in a palette full of taupes, I'd be made up!*



MLBB lipstick
This is probably a bit boring as I could go wild and pick a shocking pink or red to cheer up this desert island. I think I'd miss my lovely Fresco though. Something nice and moisturising like a Rouge Bunny Rouge would be a good choice as I seem to have forgotten entirely about lipbalm.


Cream blusher
Another obvious choice for me. Cream blusher is definitely my friend and I doubt I'd be taking a set of brushes with me to this desert island. I can't pick between Becca Turkish Rose and Edward Bess After Sunset, I might be tempted to go for the Edward Bess just for the pretty scent.

So, what about you? What would you hope you'd packed in your makeup for your 'Lost' moment?

*Yes, pun totally intended.


  1. What a fun post! Think I would opt for some Bare Minerals to keep my skin evened out, an Une Sheer Lip Balm for some natural lip colour and some Philip Kingsley Elastisizer Extreme to save my frazzled locks! I'm with you on the taupe! But my eye combo would be Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner and Mally Volumising Mascara. Really loved this post. xXx

  2. Ohh lovely products.. I really want to say *I would bring this and this*, but if I am really honest, I don't think I would bring make up, I HATE wearing make up in the heat...

    Blusher on a sweaty face- nooo!! Antigua showed me that..

    Oh!- You mean this was just a imaginary scenario?

    Laughed so much at you wanting to WOW the local with your dazzling eyeshadow :-D Ohh hee-hee!

  3. I think it's funny that so many people where mascara even if they're not makeup people. My mother and sister aren't makeup people, but they can't live without lipstick. I use a little makeup, and I couldn't live without lipstick either, but I absolutely never wear mascara! Nothing against it, I just find it makes very little difference to my appearance. xx

  4. Nice! I see several of my favorites in your island stash. What's the LM eyeshadow color? Is that Sable or Topaz?

  5. I agree! Mascara, eyeliner, taupe eyeshadow, concealer and a MLBB are my daily staples, couldn't have put it better myself. Just need to add the highest SPF I can find, unlimited fresh water and a man Friday and I'd be set ;-)

  6. Which RBR eyeshadow is that. I'm becoming such a taupe ho that I need every single one!!
    I'm not going to my desert island without a tweezers, that's a necessity!

  7. Great post! I'd go for concealer, eyeliner, mascara, and blush too, but I'd need foundation on top of that sunblock ;)

  8. Fun post! I'm loving the look of that Becca eyeshadow palette. Great photos too.
    Thanks for this xx
    ps I'd go for sunscreen, waterproof mascara & blow the rest on Pimms!

  9. What a great post idea Jane :)
    All I can say is that if we were ever stranded on a desert island together, we could either happily share the same makeup bag, or fight over it to the end (and greatly amuse the natives in the process).
    Nina x

  10. I think I'd find it impossible to pick just a few things, so let's hope I never do get stranded.....

    My top 3 would have to be concealer, mascara and blusher though as I just don't look human without them.

  11. I think I might be that rare woman who feels no need to bring mascara to a desert island. I hardly ever wear it anyway!

    P.S. I may steal this post idea, I hope that's okay :)

  12. @Skinny Minnie: Glad you enjoyed it! I loved reading your choices too :D

    @Beautiful You: Thank you! I had fun writing it. I like to be a bit silly every now and then!

    @Stina: Hee hee! You’re probably right about the sweaty face. I forgot to add industrial strength deodorant to the list! I think those girls on Lost definitely packed a lot of makeup ;)

    @Esther: You’re so lucky that you can go without. My eyelashes definitely need help!

    @Zuzu’s Petals: It’s Sable. I think I’d be ok if I got stranded with you. You might need to keep a tight grip on your eyeshadows though. Just saying ;)

    @liz: Oooh, man Friday. I hope he comes with a large fan to keep me cool!

    @Marcia: The RBR is Solstice Halcyon. It’s so well loved that you might spot that the lid has become detached. I might need to do some repairs before this stranding. Tweezers! How could I forget them?!

    @dempss: Thank you! You’d need to give me lessons on looking groomed in the heat :D

    @Strawberry Blonde: Gosh, it would be a bit dull without a bar, wouldn’t it? Maybe I’d be forced to make hooch from the coconuts?!

    @Nina: Oh yes, a fight to the death over taupe eyeshadows. I love it!

    @missy ellie: I think the looking human would be the most important thing . Mind you, I haven’t considered how my barnet would fare with all that sea water and sand.

    @MLBB: You’re so lucky if you can dispense with mascara. I can’t wait ti read your desert island choices :D

    Thank you for all of your lovely comments. I ‘m glad you indulged my silliness!
    Jane x

  13. I loved reading this!!! It's nice to see what your "go-to" products would be even in an imaginary scenario like this!!!

    As for me... hmm, bronzer, definitely! A blush like NARS Orgasm or Coralista or sth similar...mascara bien sur.. a creamy golden brown eyeshadow...and a...brownish peach lipgloss? Yep, sth like that!

    Ok, now that I've got my makeup bag all ready to go, who will take me to said desert island??? :)))

  14. Oh I love your choices Tina! I want to take off to a desert island right now after all the rain today :D x


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