Friday, 27 May 2011

Giveaway - CLOSED

I bought a few bits recently with a view to putting them together as a prize. There's no particularly event to celebrate, this is more of a just-for-the-hell-of-it kind of thing! Anyway, here are the JFTHOI prizes.




There's a BECCA Automatic Eye pencil in Majorca (black) released with the Halcyon Days collection. a BECCA Professional Brush Soap, an Avoir La Pêche collection palette from Sleek and an All For Eve Body Scrub. I've included a close up picture of the Sleek palette and you can see it is a little dusty but it is brand new and unused.

To enter you need this giveaway you need to do the following.

1. Leave me a comment to this post telling me which are your favourite kinds of posts on Modesty Brown (have I mentioned before that I am nosy?).

2. You need to be a follower of this blog via Google Friends Connect or email. Please let me know which way you follow in your comment.

3. Please leave me your email address to contact you if your comment does not link to your blog or profile.

This is an international giveaway so it is open to everyone. I know this a bit dull but as this a giveaway for followers, I reserve the right to remove any entries that I suspect are not from genuine blog readers.

The giveaway will remain open for entries until 10th June 2011, 21:00 BST. 

Best of luck! x


  1. I'm a follower via gfc and my email id is myfacebutbetter at gmail dot com :)

    My favourite kind of post is the Friday Confessional - it is so much fun to read! :D

    (P.S. you mean it is open till the 10th of June, not May?)

  2. YAY!!! I'm would love to enter this contest. I've been lemming that Becca Brush Soap since I saw it on Karen's blog! I've never tried these illustrious Sleek palettes either.

    My favourite posts will always be ones showing swatches and pictures of products. Being an exclusively online shopper I rely on them (and appreciate them) so much!

    Thanks for the great giveaway! We'll just say it's to celebrate your awesomeness!!

  3. Oooh ya lovely little Marmot you... go on, give us an entry! I follow by email ( and sometimes say hi on twitter (@georgiegirl1985) I'm the other moonface!!

  4. Thank you Ki! Yes, I definitely mean June not May. I've amended that now. Thanks for spotting it x

    Georgie, your marmot comment really made me smile. Have a lovely Friday Moonface :D x

  5. Honestly, I think I like your Friday Confessionals and reviews the best, you're such an enabler!

    I follow via GFC as Rocaille :) Thank you for that awesome giveaway!

  6. My favorite posts are about hair, particularly dyeing hair and hair cuts. I am not really good with hair, and as we have similar hair color and length, I appreciate all the advice I can get!

    I follow you via GFC and can be reached at

    P.S. I also really like the beauty shots you have on your sidebar. I'd be interested to see you do some inspiration posts in the future. You have an eye for intriguing makeup looks.

  7. Hello! Nice giveaway, haven't tried a Sleek palette yet and initially was a bit afraid of all the colour in this one but I think the peach with the greys could be very workable! I really like your eye shadow reviews, you generally have lots of photos and for me thats vital! x

  8. I follow with email!
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

    I love your Over/Loving/Getting Into/Lusting After/Photo - fun stuff like that are my favourite types of posts... and getting introduced to new things


  9. Hiya!

    GFC follower: Jinz


    And my fave types of posts are the reviews! Helps a lot when considering certain products and of course seeing swatches of things I'm thinking of buying never hurts lol

  10. I love your taupe eyeshadow reviews - my favourite colour too!

    I follow via GFC

  11. How nice to have a giveaway JFTHOI!

    My favourite ever post of yours was your taupes comparison one, and in general I like posts comparing the same colours, or types of products from the same brands, e.g. a post about Nars blushers.

    All for Eve body scrub is calling my name so if it's not through here I get it, I shall be purchasing v soon!

  12. I love your reviews, mainly because you buy brands I wont be able to afford for a LONG time. Is that just torturing myself? Probably!

    I follow through GFC as Beauty's Bad Habit.


  13. Hey doll! Happy follower for awhile now :] Via Google- Soulfulsuga. My favorite posts from you are hands down the reviews- you are very honest and you always provide the right information, along with great photos!


    Thank you for the fabulous opportunity, Peach is my favorite shade and I only own one shadow of this shade! The palette looks amazinggggg! Ive never heard of/tried the others but they look lovely! Thanks again beautiful, good luck to everyone! ♥

  14. Hi :)
    My favourite posts of yours are the reviews, I've got a wish list longer than my arm after going through your blog but at least I know that if I'm going to splurge it's not a load of rubbish!
    Amazing give away!
    GOOGLE: Summer Loren

  15. Hi! I follow on GFC (*Zoe*) and my favourite posts of yours are your Friday Confessions posts - they're so funny (and I can normally relate to them in some way!!)
    Great giveaway.
    Zoe xx

  16. I really like the reviews and the Confessions. I follow as GFC: Katherine and my email is kchorn at gmail (dot) com.

  17. Wow! Another super generous are truly spoiling your readers Ms Brown :)
    I don't think I should enter seeing as I won (and have been thoroughly enjoying) the last one. I will, however, say that I very much enjoy your reviews, not only because they are very well thought out and exhaustive, but also for the excellent photography (swatches and actual use). I find these photographs of great help when I'm contemplating future purchases and will confess to keeping them on file for reference.
    Nina x

  18. This looks great! Sometimes just for the hell of it's the way to go. :-) I follow on email ( and I love swatch and FOTD posts best- there is just something about seeing the swatched product in action that makes a world of difference. I am also enjoying Mini Modesty Brown- fab idea.
    Thanks for the chance!

  19. such a fab giveaway! :)
    enter me please!
    GFC - Hannah.
    Email -

    My favorite posts to read are your reviews, I find them so useful xxx

  20. Lovely giveaway, please enter me.
    I'm following via Google Friend Connect as Glamorous Barbie.
    My favourite posts on Modesty Brown are your Chanel posts! I love hearing about your thoughts because I usually think the same sort of thing!
    Should I win, please contact me on
    Thank you!xoxo

  21. Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway!

    I follow by email - oceancrush at gmail dot com.

    I absolutely LOVE your reviews - keep doing them please!

  22. Hi Jane, I would love to enter this contest just for the hell of it!

    My favorite posts are the Friday Confessionals as I always get a good chuckle out of the images you find (you are quite crafty with photoshop to, my preciousssss!).

    I follow you on GFC.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. I'm on GFC

    As a Yank I love finding out what you're doing the UK. I love all of your swatches and product comparisons. Thanks for all of the time you spend on the blog and thanks for the giveaways!
    Warm regards

  25. I love your Friday Confessions posts to the max! Keep them coming! :)

    GFC: Bec

  26. All of this stuff looks so awesome!!! I've never tried any of them. :)

    Anyways, I follow you through e-mail and I love any type of review that deals with make-up. I'm quite the make-up whore actually.

    My e-mail address is: :P

  27. Hi
    i love Friday Confessionals :)
    I follow via e-mail

  28. I really do like your blog overall, but I enjoy reading Friday Confessions the most! This is an awesome idea and it's quite reassuring when you realize you are not the only guilty person in the world of makeup and beauty crime.
    Your makeup looks posts are also great.
    I wish you lots of lovely readers and thank you for this generous giveaway!

    I follow your blog via GFC - justabeautyblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. i would love to enter :) my email is:
    lottiepotty at hotmail dot co dot uk
    i love your confessional posts :)

  31. Enter me please!
    I like your swatches

  32. I love when you share your favorite products, like the desert island post. I also think your comparisons (taupes, concealers, etc.) are fabulous.

    I subscribe through GFC and you know how to get in touch with me by email :)

  33. What a lovely give away! Just for the hell of it is a perfect reason, I think. It's usually my mantra after I've bought too many nail polishes.

    I really like your comparison posts, and when you show a whole look put together. It's nice to see make up on a normal face, and not a re-touched model!

    I follow via gfc and via email. My address is amycwhitehead at hotmail dot com

  34. i like post about YSL Long Lasting Waterproof Liner
    Blog follower via GFC

    anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

  35. 2. You need to be a follower of this blog via Google Friends Connect or email. Please let me know which way you follow in your comment.

    3. Please leave me your email address to contact you if your comment does not link to your blog or profile.

    Awesome giveaway! And so nice of you to make it available to international readers. (:

    I love the reviews the best. Such a good way to find new products to add to my wish list (or take off from it if the product isn't what I thought it would be). I really liked your recent ish review on a few Becca Cosmetics since it was a brand i had been interested in but wasn't too sure what to try out.

    I am a follower via google friend connect (& google reader!). & my email is


  36. What a Fabulous comp, not tried these products before, this is not Dull
    I love your Friday Confessionals as great to read them and yoour reviews are very helpful too
    i follow you via email address is
    also via google friends name is yasminec9
    would love to win these goodies
    please include me in the draw
    thank you

  37. I love your swatches posts! They're fantastic!
    I'm already a follower via GFC, my nick is fisiwoman.
    Fingers crossed!

    Ana Belén R.M

  38. GFC - tinker_bell1990
    I love your eyeshadow posts!


  39. I'm a new follower here on GFC, but I love your blog! I love your reviews and the brands you discuss!

  40. I love product review posts personally :) ooo and collection posts.

    Just in case: cmarielembrt (at) aol (dot) com

  41. There's nothing better than a Friday Confessional. I love to read what others are willing to share. I also love your makeup reviews when you go beyond swatching and apply the makeup. It's always better to see it on a lovely face.

    I subscribe via email

    amcella at yahoo dot com

  42. Hello,
    I hv follow u thru GFC as jessnghc.
    My fave post is about the Natio Art of Make Up collection....
    Love this brand so much~~

  43. Oh gosh I love that whole Becca Halcyon days collection. I really enjoyed your Caroline Barnes posts, I love getting insider MUA tips and trick so was hanging on every word in those posts! GFC comments are disabled for me at the moment but I do follow- its Me, my best and I . Thanks :)

  44. Hello!I follow via GFC as Ria and I love your reviews and the Friday Confessions :D
    My email is freeeedz at yahoo dot com
    Thanks for doing this :D

  45. Yay! My favorite types of posts on Modesty Brown are your reviews (sorry to be so general!) because you tend to review a lot of brands that I'm intrigued by but haven't tried either due to accessibility or price point (i.e. Le Metier de Beaute and BECCA). I follow through GFC, by the way :)

    Tiffany x

  46. Whoops -nearly missed this because I left it to 'think about it' lol! My favourite posts are the ones about how to do a quick look in the mornings with children to get ready too - and also anything about taupe - I really didn't appreciate taupe at all until I tried it after your posts - I have the BobbiBrown Denim palette, and hadn't used the Gray Denim - now I LOVE it - so thanks for finding me a really flattering new shade :) Follow via GFC - too_busy_to_stitch

  47. I'm already a follower of your blog :)

    My fav. posts are those that have unique photographs of the item. I love
    skincare and cosmetics so I always click on those that have them.
    The blogger community has deff made my wishlist larger :)

    Ive placed your giveaway in my sidebar

    Thankyou for the opportunity I dont own any of these items so this is very exciting!
    I would cherish this prize no matter what it was!

    Have a lovely Sunday :)

  48. Hi Miss Brown

    I love each and every post- your reviews and swatches are so helpful! Many a lemming I blame on you! *smooches*

    You know I'm a longtime follower via my blogroll and GFC.


  49. PS lovely giveaway and thanks for offering it!

  50. I follow, via my (completely random) foodie blog Penelope's Pantry, and also Google. Email is penelopespantry (at) googlemail (dot) com

    I like your eye makeup posts best, as you do beautiful things with the sort of colours I like.

    Thank you

  51. I'm a new follower, but my favourite posts is anything to do with swatches. If the swatch is amazing, I tend to purchase the product.

    I follow your blog with GFC. - StealMyHeartLove


    Thank you! x

  52. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I have been following a long time :) My favorite posts are the reviews as I trust your opinion.

    GFC: Charlene
    Mail: acosmeticaffair[at]gmail[dot]com

  53. Follow you via gfc : noniek
    My email :
    I love to see your review and swatch especially from inglot e/s :)

  54. What a great just-for-the-hell-of-it giveaway Jane! Your reveiws and FOTD posts are probably my favourites although I just generally love your style of writing.

    x Klara (I follow via GFC:)

  55. Hi! I follow you via gfv: silvia valero. My email is:
    Thank you!


  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. My favourite posts are your Friday Confessionals, they are so hilarious and I can always relate to something in them, I also love your FOTD posts and reviews always love to see products in action!

    I also love the fact this is a JFTHOI giveaway (Sad confessional here because its friday ;) I actually sat here for about 5 minutes trying to pronounce it until I realised it was an abbreviation haha!)

    I follow you via GFC as Charli! and my email is


  58. Thank you for the giveaway! I read your log almost everyday. I love all the FOTD posts. It gives me ideas and what kind of makeup I can ware to work.



  59. My favourite posts are the Friday confessionals. I follow via GFC as Kalli Melia and my e-mail is kmelia13 at gmail dot com.

  60. I totally love your reviews!
    I follow you via GFC as maddailade.
    madda_ilade at yahoo dot com

  61. Great giveaway. My favourite post of yours is your reviews. I follow you via GFC. x

  62. ooo thanks for the giveaway!!

    gfc: stephanie cummins

    My fav kind of posts are always product reviews.

    Fingers crossed!!

    Thankyou xox

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. I follow you by GFC (I think, it's down at the mo so I can't double check), but by Bloglovin' too :)

    My favourite posts are actually those in which you swatch products. Even if I'm not particularly interested in the product, it's fascinating to see how in depth your review/features are, and how good quality the swatches and photos makes a big difference :)




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