Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Edward Bess Dusk Eyeshadow

I have been meaning to buy an Edward Bess eyeshadow for such a long time. Up until now I've only had the lipsticks and Compact Rouge blushers but I was sure I would cave eventually. I went for Dusk as I thought it would be a change from my usual taupe.



The packaging is lovely. Like the Compact Rouge, the eyeshadow comes in it's own special velvet pouch. The compact itself is sleek black with a mirror on the inside of the lid and contains a small sponge applicator. I believe the packaging for the new shades, Mirage and Storm is slightly different as it does not include an applicator (no biggie) and the eyeshadows come in a circular pan.


Slightly blurry picture to show the beautiful iridescence


Swatch on the back of my wrist where my skin is much lighter

Dusk is a difficult colour to explain. On the Zuneta website it's described as gun metal grey but I don't really see this as a grey. I see it more as a dirty khaki and the finely milled shimmer adds a lot of depth to the colour

The texture is silky smooth and is very easy to apply. I've worn this as both a lid colour and a crease colour. Yesterday I wore it in the crease with a champagne colour on the lid and finished it off with pen liner. I was so pleased with the end result, it looked simple yet elegant. This sort of colour will work well with the other neutrals in my collection and I can see that I will get a lot of use from it. This eyeshadow has lived up to my expectation and then some. I have a feeling I will be placing an order for Intimate very soon!

Have you tried any of the Edward Bess eyeshadows? Do you like these kind of murky and difficult to describe shades?


  1. I think khaki is a more accurate description of this color, either way it is very pretty. Edward Bess' shadows are on my wish list, I like how high quality his products are.

  2. Really pretty colour. I hope this doesnt sound strange but i love how swatches look against your skin tone. Its like they show the true colour. My yellow tones make swatches look rubbish xx

  3. Strange as I would definitely say this was Khaki, doesn't look grey at all! I tried to buy a few of his shadows this week but they are out of stock. Might cave and get eh eye brush or one of the trios instead. Once I have funds in my Paypal account Zuneta always gets the better of me! x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. I believe yours are the best on the web! Very interesting how skin tone affects color. Dusk is *definitely* grey on me with a whisper of moss. Intimate is the khaki one on my skin. Great review.

  5. This is a gorgeous neutral. So effortlessly chic

    I want to try Edward Bess products one of these days, will wait for a combined order from Zuneta.

  6. I'm sure this will be your first of many ;) I really like these types of shades. Have you tried his new mascara? the Hourglass Film Noir one we like has been out of stock on Zuneta for a while so I wondered about trying the new EB one? x

  7. that is tdf! I don't have anything edward bess yet...gasp, I know! I need to try something. I'm leaning towards a lipstick.

  8. Love the colour! I've read mixed reviews about the EB palettes, but universally glowing reviews for the singles :)

  9. @HDtM: I love the colour, even though it’s difficult to describe it is beautiful! I’m tempted to get other shades now of course :D

    @nicoletta: It’s really interesting how skin tone changes how the colour appears, isn’t it? I’ve seen it first hand when out shopping and swatching with friends. The same colour on different skin can look so different.

    @Jennifer: Oh yes, I know that feeling! I made another Zuneta order the other day. I don’t think I’ll ever get the better of my wishlist though!

    @Zuzu’s Petals: Thank you. It is really interesting about skin colour ‘pulling’ colours one way or another. Intimate is also on my list of things to buy!

    @Jen W: I think Edward Bess does gorgeous sophisticated neutrals. I’m glad I finally got an eyeshadow, it’s made me want more though. I’d be really interested to see which colour you’d go for.

    @Replica: I’m sure you’re right. I just got another Zuneta order and dabbled with the idea of getting Intimate or Storm. I haven’t tried the mascara. I wondered about the one that was on offer but was told it was one I could skip. I’m alternating between the LMdB Aubergine, my Film Noir mini and Max Factor Xperience at the moment.

    @luv2smilexo: The lipsticks are lovely, I have 3 altogether and would heartily recommend getting involved!

    @dempss: Yes, I’ve seen some bad reviews of the trios too but I don’t know anyone that hasn’t loved his singles. It’s such a great collection of neutral shades.

    Jane x

  10. That's a seriously beautiful khaki shade!!!
    I can see you getting a lot of wear out of it, for sure!
    Hmm, I'm afraid to look into Edward Bess eyeshadows... RBR and Hourglass already did some damage, dunno if my wallet can take it atm! Lol!


  11. I know that feeling! I want more of the eyeshadows but they have to wait their turn in a long line of things on my list!!
    Jane x


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