Monday, 2 May 2011

FOTD with RBR Wishing for Wings

I wore this look a couple of days ago using the RBR Wishing for Wings loose pigment that I showed here. I applied over a base of the Becca Belize pencil to really bring out the mauve colour of the pigment. As loose pigments go I find this one really easy to apply because of the 'wand' applicator.

Wishing for Wings Pigment

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Mauve end of BECCA Belize pencil blended on the mobile lid
RBR Wishing with Wings pigment on the inner 2/3 of the mobile lid
Darker side of NARS Brousse duo on outer 1/3 of the lid and into crease
Violet Black end of the BECCA Belize pencil to line
RBR Eyes Wide Open Highlighter pencil to highlight brow and inner corner
Hourglass Film Noir mascara
Healthspan Nurture Illuminating touch concealer on undereyes




RBR tinted moisturiser
BECCA concealer in Praline on blemishes
RBR Delicata blusher
NARS Sin blusher

RBR Irreverence


  1. Gorgeous! A very pretty look x

  2. This looks so lovely Jane. I have been pondering getting this pigment for ages, being a lover of all things mauve, but wasn't entirely sure what to do with it. Having read your post, I think `i will go add it to my Zuneta basket x

  3. Oh my dear god that is stunning. Trust you to find awesome taupes!

  4. Beautiful, I love how this looks on you.x

  5. That looks so beautiful on you. What IS that color? Is it taupe or bronze or ... dammit why didn't I order that last week in my RBR haul (yet to be delivered). The applicator is quite unique. Do your eyes and then stir your martini.

  6. So pretty and your skin looks beautiful! I have a Too Faced Shadow Insurance coming my way, I hope it'll work for my oily eyelids. x Klara

  7. ahh, i love this look on you! thanks to your review, wish for wings is already on its way to me!

  8. oops, meant wishing with wings... ;)

  9. What a super pretty look! And you look so fresh! I get super annoyed with loose pigments though so I refuse to be tempted LOL

  10. @Leanne: Thank you!

    @Jennifer: I think you will like it. It can be quite silvery on it’s own but the base definitely helped pull the mauve. I do love the pretty packaging!

    @Jen W: Thank you, I pretty obsessed it has to be said ;)

    @Debbie: Thank you! I like the packaging on this one. Less likelihood of me dropping it all over my face!

    @Zuzu’s Petals: The applicator is really cute isn’t it?! The colour is a silvery mauve. The Belize pencil I used under it is a similar colour and it really helps to pull it more mauve than silver on me. I think what you pair it with helps too. I bet you can’t wait for your Zuneta order to arrive!

    @Klara: I really like TFSI, my eyelids are definitely oily and it sorts it out a treat. I hope you get on well with it too.

    @ketoglutarat: No, you were right and thanks to you I’ve corrected my error in the title now. Thank you! It’s a very pretty (and easy to use) pigment. It can appear more mauve or silver depending on what you apply it with. I look forward to hearing how you get on with it.

    Jane x

  11. This pigment loooks like it was made for you Jane! Amazing colour!

  12. Thats such a rich eye look you have come up with, I tend to be lazy with my RBR loose pigments and just use them with a bit of liner of late, but I need to be more creative like you as I really like that look you have done x

  13. Thank you dempss and Replica! x


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