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Natio Art of Makeup Collection

Natio is a beauty brand from Australia. The products below are from their Art of Make-up collection, the shades in this collection are designed to highlight and define the face. The pieces I have here are the Mineral Eyeshadow duo in Open and Enhance, Mineral Cheek Bone Enhancer in Radiant and Mineral Lip Pout in Shine.

Open and Enhance Mineral Eyeshadow Duo


The Open and Enhance eyeshadow duo contains a frosty beige with golden shimmer and a medium brown. In the picture above the brown looks like it has shimmer but when swatched it has a satin finish. The lighter colour is the more pigmented of the pair and also has a more creamy texture. The brown is a little more 'dusty' but it is an excellent colour for adding definition as it doesn't contain too much red.

Lip Pout in Shine

I don't think we can escape the fact that Shine looks very scary in the bullet! I apologise in advance as I haven't done any lip swatches. Shine is described as a creamy nude but it is an almost transparent iridescent pearl. As you can see from the picture below it swatches more like a highlighter and I find I can't carry it off with my pigmented lips. The formula feels nice and moisturising.

Cheek Bone Enhancer in Radiant

Radiant is a very pretty and quite subtle highlighter. It's a soft peachy pink with golden iridescence. I find it easy to use and really like the fact that it's almost impossible to overdo. It's a little drier in texture than other cream highlighters that I have used and I think this is why I like it so much. Radiant is definitely my favourite item of the three.

L-R: Radiant highlight, Lipstick in Shine, Chocolate brown and Golden Beige of Open and Enhance duo

This is a brand that I can't quite decide on. I did a bit of reading up and Natio is a plant based beauty range, they started out producing skincare before moving into colour products. All of the Art of Makeup products are labelled as mineral formulations with some listing ingredients such as vitamin C & E and Jojoba to nourish. Others, like the lipstick, are described as being free from parabens, dyes and preservatives. I am not sure if this explains their price point (£10-11) or whether it is simply because makeup is very expensive in Australia compared to the UK. 

In my opinion Natio has the feel of a premium drugstore brand. The formulations are nice, the eyeshadows have a pleasant texture, but the packaging is very basic. The lipstick and eyeshadow duo are both priced £11 which I think is bit expensive when I compare it to brands like Revlon and GOSH which I would put in a similar bracket.


In the pictures above I have applied the eyeshadow duo in Open and Enhance and the Mineral Cheekbone enhancer in Radiant to cheekbone and brow bone. I lined with Sue Devitt Intensifier Pencil in Bangalore. The lighter colour in the eyeshadow duo is warmer than I would normally wear. I wish I had applied the eyeshadows as a smoky eye as I don't feel entirely comfortable with the golden beige being so dominant. I will try and make the brown the focus next time I use these eyeshadows.

Natio products are available from Debenhams in the UK. I spotted that Debenhams still have 10% off all beauty products online and in store. I feel the reduced price for these items puts them into a more appropriate price bracket.

Disclosure: These items were sent to me without cost for review purposes.


  1. You're right on the money when you say it feels like a premium drugstore brand, because that's exactly what it is. Natio is very popular in New Zealand (where I'm from) and you can find it in pharmacies just about anywhere there. I've always found their skincare and cosmetics to be reliable but not amazing. I don't think the price points are any different here than they are in Aus/NZ, but as you say, cosmetics are so vastly overpriced in Australasia compared to what they are here (the going rate back home for a NARS blush is 32 pounds!) that I am sure that's why it feels a bit overpriced here. The eyeshadow duo looks lovely though, in the photo it doesn't seem to warm at all, just a nice natural colour :)

  2. Yay for Australian brands :-)

  3. Wow didn't realise they were sold in Uk now. I do love the Natio stuff. The skincare is probably better than the make up - in saying that I like the bronzer and eye liner.

  4. @star_violet: Hi! Long time no chat! I’m realised pleased to hear that I judged it correctly. I almost fainted at the NARS Blusher price! I know that’s why so many people just order from the States. I quite like the sound of the Natio skincare so may have to investigate that some more.

    @Bini: Yay! My Mum was Australian born so I’m a proud supporter :D

    @Me, my best and I: I do like the sound of the skincare as it’s plant based. I shall have to give it a try.

    Thanks for your comments ladies x

  5. Ive been using the Natio skincare since March and I love it, in fact I put it as one of my May favourites after giving it a good old try out.
    Debenhams is brilliant for stocking it imo.

    Ms Red



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