Monday, 29 November 2010

ELF Christmas Collection

ELF have some really lovely gift sets out for Christmas. I've just spotted the Glittery Studio Brush Collection and I'm very tempted! There are Christmas Get the Look sets, new nail varnishes as well as the great value eyeshadow sets and beauty encyclopedias.

I was sent a Natural Eyeshadow palette and the 32 piece eyeshadow to try. I was really struck by the selection of colours in the 32 piece set. Even if you're not very adventurous with colour (like me) there are a lot of great neutral colours. The darker greens and blue would be a nice way to tip your toe in to some colour too.

LE Natural Eyeshadow Palette

I used the Natural palette today and have been very pleased with the result. I tried to find the palette online but I'm not sure if it has sold out already*. I wouldn't be at all surprised as this is similar to one of the MAC eyeshadow sets but obviously at fraction of the cost. The darker colours have good pigmentation and the formulation is very soft in a similar way to Sleek eyeshadows. The colours I have labelled as #1 and #2 are very sparkly and not quite as smooth to apply.

*Update: the palettes are temporarily out of stock after the anniversary event but once the orders have dispatched the website will be updated with current availability.

On my eyes I applied shadow #4 all over the lid. It's very similar to my skin colour and provided a nice base. I applied #3 on the outer corner and in to the crease. I applied #6 on the outermost corner and in to the crease to add more definition. I applied #5 on the inner corner and added a little of #1 as a brow highlight. I lined my lid and lower waterline with MAC Teddy Eye Kohl and finished off with Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara.

The Christmas sets are available from The 32 piece Eyeshadow Palette costs £9.00 and the Natural Palette cost £3.50. As the Natural Palette is temporarily out of stock, I've been told the Beauty Encyclopedia in Everyday Eyes which costs £6.00 is a good alternative.

Disclosure: The items were sent to me without charge.


  1. They had the natural palette as their avatar on Sunday. I searched everywhere for it and gave up! Had spent too much elsewhere already so nevermind! x

  2. I have not been on for a few days as cannot spend more money now (lol) so I don't know if it is out of stock, but it was under the Christmas eyes section if that helps at all x

  3. @Sparklz and Shine: It's mentioned in the details section of Christmas Eyes but it did say there were limited numbers. I do wonder if it sold out with the free delivery code over the weekend.

    @Jennifer: Thank you for the help. It's mentioned in the Christmas eyes section but it isn't listed to buy so I suspect it has sold out. I will email ELF and ask.

    Jane x

  4. That neutral palette looks fab ! will look out for it ever they restock ! , I have the 100 eyeshadow christmas palette that I shall put the review up for this week x

  5. The neutral palette was given away on Sunday when you spent £10+

    You would either receive this palette, or a palette with purple/blue colours in it- totally random. I placed 2 separate orders for £11 each, hoping to get both palettes. I can only hope :) x

  6. Very nice your blog, these paddles also I have them myself and I love them.
    I let my blog if you want to spend

  7. nice swatches and great prices, I am yet to try anything from Elf but really want to :) x

  8. @Zoe: I shall look out for your 100 eyeshadow palette review. I’m really looking forward to playing with the 32 piece palette. The ELF is such great value.

    @Sophie: Ah, that makes sense. I totally missed that offer. I put an order in for some brushes using the free delivery code. Fingers crossed you got one of each.

    @Bel: Thanks for you comment and link :)

    @Sherrie: Thank you. I was late to try ELF, I don’t mind admitting that I’m a bit of a make up snob. There are some great bits though and there are lots of reviews out there so it’s worth doing a bit of research before placing an order. I have just placed an order for some brushes as I’ve heard lots of good things.

    Jane x


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