Tuesday, 16 November 2010

What I'm using right now

It's been a long time since I've done a post like this but I thought it might be interesting to tell you about some of the things I'm using at the moment.

Louise Galvin Pure Shine Shampoo and Conditioner for Normal Hair
I picked these up when I visited a Waitrose a while ago. I was getting to the end of my Naked Shampoo and needed an alternative SLS free shampoo. I believe they were on offer when I bought them but they are usually priced £7.95, so more expensive than the Naked products. However, I didn't really get on with the Naked Shampoo as it often left my hair feeling like it hadn't been washed properly.

I'm really pleased with the Louise Galvin products. The shampoo has a pleasant citrusy smell and the foaming isn't bad for an SLS free formula. It always leaves my hair feeling clean and doesn't make it particularly tangled. The conditioner is nice and I like the pump dispenser on the bottle. The combination leave my hair feeling soft without being weighed down. Definitely a thumbs up!

Original Source Lime Shower Gel
This has replaced a beautiful SLS free Jasmine scented shower gel I was using. I had wanted to post about it then I discovered the company had ceased treading. This is actually one my husband picked up for me. I was a bit unsure about the Lime scent and expected it to be quite sharp. It does have a lovely scent though, zingy but I get quite a sweet smell. It's a nice scent to wake me up in the morning.

Origins Starting Over Cream
The first time I opened this and sniffed, I was disappointed. I'm not sure I've actively registered whether I like the smell of Mimosa before, it turns out I don't! I've had the cream for while now and whilst I don't enjoy the smell, I have got used to it. It's certainly helped my dried out skin feel a bit more comfortable. It's not love but I do like it.

No.7 Gentle Foaming Cleanser
This is the sort of product that rarely gets a mention as it's not all that exciting. This is actually my second bottle though so I feel it's worth writing about. I like the pump dispenser (I use one and a bit for luck) and I like the feel of the foam. It's nice and light and cleans the face gently. I tend to use this morning only.

Rose Lanolips
This sits nicely somewhere between a lip balm and a lip gloss. It adds a little colour, provides a nice glossy finish to the lips whilst giving excellent moisturisation. I have it my pocket most days.

Hourglass Film Noir mascara
I'm sure I've mentioned how much I like this before but it merits repeating! I received this as part of my items to review from Zuneta. I was a little sceptical at first, I've always been dubious about more expensive mascaras. However, this mascara never smudges or flakes when pretty much everything else I've ever used does one or the both on me. I have some other mascaras that I am using at the moment (Maybelline Lash Stiletto, MAC Zoomlash and a Suqqu mini), I'll use them for one day and then go back to this. It's possibly not the most dramatic, it's hard to tell as I'm not really blessed in the lash department but it is a nice dark black colour and provides good definition. I have a feeling this has spoiled me forever now in terms of mascara!

Le Metier de Beaute dualistic eye pencil in Champagne
I love this colour and have been wearing it often as a lid colour rather than a liner. It doesn't have great staying power on it's own but it's very handy for my "quick, get something on my face" days.

This is more of a general mention. I've been relying on my concealers a lot for a few weeks now. I've had a breakout recently which is very unusual for me. I haven't been able to put my finger on exactly what caused it. So, I've really pared down what I've been using on my skin to let it recover. This includes foundation. Whenever possible I've just worn concealer with no other base. I use the RMK or MAC Mositurecover on my dark circles and the MAC Studio Finish concealer on my blemishes. I still very much want to try the RMS "Un"cover-up and one of the Laura Mercier concealers.

I feel a bit strange using bronzer at this time of the year but my face has needed a bit of perking up. I alternate between NARS Laguna and the Le Metier Blonzer. I find these never look muddy or orange on my skin. I've particularly enjoyed using them with a brighter pink blusher like my Illamasqua Unrequited, Edward Bess Island Rose and recently the NARS Desire which I showed in my latest FOTD.

Pen liners
I seem to be developing a little collection of these. I have the RBR Lacquer liner, a Le Metier de Beaute liner and a couple of e.l.f. liners which I won in jv's giveaway. I find the applicators make it easier to line right between my lashes. I particularly like to do this as it makes my puny lashes look a little thicker! I did some swatches for you and was surprised to see such a big difference in colour between the RBR and Le Metier. The Le Metier is at the top and the RBR Lacquer liner is at the bottom. As you can see the Lacquer liner is much darker and richer in colour. This may be useful to consider if you're looking to buy one of these.

So, as you can see I'm preferring simplicity at the moment. I'm sorry this has turned in to such an epic post! Congratulations if you've made it all of the way through. What are you using at the moment? Has the change in weather been affecting your skin?


  1. I'm so glad you like the Louise Galvin :)
    I stocked up recently - my local tesco had the range for £2.30 a bottle! I cannot understand why because they have never stocked the range before? These were just placed on a reduced shelf so I cleared the lot! xx

  2. Oooh, I love these posts, must be the peeping Tom in me :-)
    Simplicity seems to be the order of the day for me as well: Peau Vierge, L. Mercier or Shiseido concealer (hardcore stuff btw), NARS multiple tint, Diorshow Iconic and Guerlain powder khol are pretty much all I can deal with on most days. Add to that the Glossimer du jour and I'm done!
    Oh well, Xmas is around the corner and I'll make sure it gets all the glitter it deserves lol...
    Nina x

  3. @WelshBeautyBlog: You know I had a look in a Tesco's a while back. I was sure I'd heard someone say you could buy it in there. £2.30 is such a bargain, I'm not surprised you stocked up! I really like it. Thank you for recommending it :)

    @Nina: Oooh, what a lovely selection of items you're using. The PV concealer is lovely. I wish I could find a way to justify it to myself. Of course, we're just getting our faces match fit for Christmas glitter aren't we ;)

    Jane x

  4. I've got that Origins cream. I bought it last week (and broke my no spend, I know, I know, I've not admitted that before), but it's working really well for my skin. It 'could be' my HG winter cream!


  5. Oh no, I've cracked a few times. You shouldn't feel too bad though as face cream is an important staple.

    I got the cream from my local CCO in the Summer. I didn't really suit me then but I agree it is a lovely winter face cream. I'm pleased I got used to the smell.

    Well done on 2lbs off :)
    Jane x

  6. Like a muppet, I realised I had written Turnaround cream when what I actually meant was Origins Starting Over. I've amended the mistake now.

  7. Original Source lime wakes me up everyday! x

  8. I really like the look of the RBR liner pen thingy. I cannot believe the difference in color w the LmdB one!
    I have a jar of that Origins cream in my drawer and while I like it- it doesn't send me either.
    I am enjoying the new Clinique laser serum though- nice stuff.
    Thanks for this post- I enjoy these so
    x jeanie

  9. I never got on with any of that stuff from the naked range, I too had those Louise Galvin products, I found the shampoo a little bit drying though, liked the conditioner although not quite hard core enough for my hair.
    I have to say that I found MAC Studio Finish concealer one of the worse things to use on spots, made it so much more worse, but thats probably just my badly behaved skin!
    Thanks for the liner swatches,helpful to see them together.
    I've just started to use that LM holiday palette you had your eyes on so I'll try and get a review up for you soon x

  10. @Hannah: I really like it. You can't really bit something zingy in the morning.

    @jv: I know, I has really shocked when I swatched them. I hadn't really noticed any difference on my eye. I found it interesting when I washed it off though, that it was the LMdB that was the hardest to remove. I probably ought to do a direct comparison on my eyes. The Clinique laser serum sounds very interesting. The Origins cream is nice but it can't beat the Nuxe moisturiser which is my absolute favourite.

    @Replica: The Louise Galvin seems to be working ok, compared to the Naked which left me knotty and greasy at the same time, it's much better. Is it a Shu one you use? Do you find that much better?

    I can see why that concealer might cause a breakout. It's fairly thick and I would imagine it could block pores. I found that the Studio Tech foundation caused me to breakout in little pimples. Probably in a similar way.

    I'm looking forward to your LM palette review, I'm hoping to see it when I go to Reading either this weekend or next. Not that I can really buy anything after my SpaceNK spree today.....

  11. I do think the Shu is a lot better tbh, but I'm trying to find something that compares to it but is less spendy.
    now I want to know what you bought from spaceNK, did you get any kjaer weis in the end? You lasted well I must say ;P although I may have got something from it of the Chantecaille variety...x

  12. Yes, the KJ got me in the end. I've ordered the Earthy Calm and Wisdom eyeshadows (both as refills), I initially ordered NARS Kalahari but then called and changed it to Rajasthan. I know, I know....I couldn't help myself. You will soon be able to tell me I told you so, I'm sure ;). I've also got an Emma Hardie set coming which includes the cleaner. I ordered a few Christmas presents as a way to get the free postage. I dabbled with getting something from Chantecaille. I probably should have searched for some of the lip chic swatches. I really wanted NARS Amour too but it's wasn't in stock.

  13. I love Original Source shower gels...when ever I spot a new one I haven't tried I have to buy it even if I've already got a cupboard full of shower gel at home! lol

  14. You and those cupboards ;). I really like their shower gels and for years I've alternated between Original Source and Palmolive for years.

  15. Hi Jane,
    The darker shade in Rajasthan may work better for you that it did for me, I'll be interested to see how it applies on you (if you decided to do an EOTD, I'm not demanding one). Glad you got the KW, I think your refill idea is a good one, I'd really like to get some more as I wonder if it will disappear as I've not seen any other reviews for the brand as yet. There are 4 lip chics I have had on my list of horror for a while now, I got the holiday palette in the end x

  16. Hey Replica, of course I will definitely be obliging with a FOTD. After trying the Melusine it's turned my head a bit and I fancy trying a few of the NARS duos.

    I won a UNII palette from R8Beauty and with the 20% I felt it was a sign that I had to purchase the refills ;). Of course, now I've cracked a few times, I want more. Baby was keeping me up last night until 1-ish and I found myself browsing Burberry on Harrods.com. It's a very good job my purse wasn't handy!! xx

  17. Hi Jane,
    I'm still umming (thats probably not a word) over the Melusine, wonder if the purple will turn bad on me! I go through NARS phases too, a lot of the so called neutral duos have turned out rather warm and unwearable on me though.
    Hope you managed to get some sleep in the end, I feel its only a matter of time before you end up with some Burberry, I have faith in your makeup dedication ;) x

  18. It might not be a word but I spend a lot of time doing that myself! I wore it again today and I really like it. Do you have problems with purples going bruise-y? The Rajasthan arrived today (along with the KJ) so I'll be interested to see how I fare with it.

    The Burberry will definitely happen sooner or later. I'm slow but I usually get there in the end! ;)
    Jane x


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