Monday, 1 November 2010

Le Métier de Beauté Makeover

As I was in London on Friday, I couldn't miss the opportunity to go and meet the Le Métier de Beauté team and have a makeover. This is actually a really big deal for me as I've previously admitted on here that I get THE FEAR at counters. The Le Métier team are so lovely though I felt in very safe hands.

They started by applying Peau Vierge anti-age complexe (light to medium) all over the face. I was really excited about this. You know me, I'm a complete geek and the technology behind this product really fascinates me.

*Lab coat moment* Peau Vierge uses the inovative Syntoc Actif delivery system. The delivery system acts as a capsule for the Retinol allowing it penetrate the epidermis and travel to the dermis where it has greatest benefit. The issue with many topical treatments is that the actives sit on the skin and very little passes through the Stratum corneum. In the case of Retinols this can cause problems as it can irritate and sensitise the skin. The encapsulation of Retinol in the delivery system reduces the exposure at the skin surface meaning less dryness, irritation and peeling. A reduced concentration of Retinol for the same benefit is also made possible because of the improved penetration. Apparently Syntoc Actif ensures localised delivery so that the Retinol does not pass in to the blood stream. The bottom line is, you get more impact with significantly less side effects.

On the skin this felt lovely, it's moisturising and for me the tint provided enough coverage so that I didn't need foundation. Just a bit of the Peau Vierge concealer and Loose Translucent powder was enough for a natural base. It can be mixed with foundation though if you prefer more coverage.

On my cheeks the make up artist used Blushing Bronzed Duet in Romeo & Juliet. As a base, Dualistic eye pencil in Champagne was applied and smudged on the mobile lid. For the eyeshadows, I opted for a lesson in how to use the Le Cirque Kalidescope which I recently purchased. The Couches de Couleur system for applying these eyeshadows is different to most eyeshadow application. So that I don't ramble on for too long, I shall talk about this in another post! For this look, the eyeshadows were applied from bottom to top (i.e. darkest colour first) but it is also possible to apply top to bottom for a softer look.

I was shown how to use their precision liquid liner to tight line. I need more practice to perfect this technique but I'm determined to crack it as it really adds definition. For my lashes she chose Aubergine rather than black. The colour isn't at all obvious but it does a lovely job of bringing out the colour of my eyes. I really like the fact that you can see how much is left too as the tube is clear.

Last of all, the make up artist used the Lip Kaleidoscope. The colours can be used alone of layered like the eyeshadows. She applied bottom to top, the colours are all quite different but the effect with each one layered is beautiful. It felt so moisturising too (I was smacking my lips all the way home). At this point Mikey Castillo came over for a chat. Mikey is Director of Make Up for Le Métier and also designer of the lip palette. He explained to me that they were careful to choose just the right ingredients for the lip products as so much is ingested. This attention to detail really shows across all of their products. What also shows is how much these people care about the brand they're representing which is so refreshing.

So, this is the end result. I wished I'd taken pictures before I left Selfridges as these were taken in bad lighting after traveling home on a packed and sweaty train! Although they don't do the make up justice I think you can still get an idea for the effect.

I have to confess that I cracked and bought the Champagne pencil despite my spending ban. I couldn't resist, it's a gorgeous taupe colour which looks good smudged on it's own. I'd bought Le Cirque already so I will be posting swatches and looks with both of these very soon. I'm also making a special plea to Santa for some Peau Vierge this Christmas (along with my request for a Tom Ford lipstick of course). This stuff is not cheap at £90 but it felt so nice and I actually believe the science behind it.

The team are still there today and tomorrow (see my post here for details), if you're near to Selfridges I'd encourage you to pop along for a look. Please say hello from me if you do!

*I feel so terrible as I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the lady that did my make up. She was a very beautiful lady, originally from Texas and if anyone knows her name please let me know! I do remember Mel of course, one of the UK team. She's another girl from the area formally known as North Humberside. You know what it's like when two Yorkshire lasses get together.....


  1. Hi Jane,
    So glad you enjoyed it, I think I must have been there before you as I was looking out for anyone I recognised. The champagne pencil was the first thing I had to buy then and there, it sounds dull but really is the most beautiful shade, I loved the hint of mauve in it, unusual for a taupe. Jennifer X

  2. Such a pretty, PRETTY look!
    Can't wait to see swatches of the pencil and your own looks :-)
    Nina x

  3. Hi Jennifer! Did you go along on Friday? I couldn't make the event on Thursday so I was really pleased I was able to go along and see them on the Friday. They're all so lovely. I shall have to go back and visit Mel on the counter sometime. I agree Champagne is gorgeous, there was no way I was leaving without it! I love the mauve undertone, they're my ultimate taupe weakness!! If that makes me dull, I'll readily accept the charge. ;) x

    Hey Nina, I was so pleased with the make up. I have the list with everything they used. I can see Le Metier becoming another weakness! I like the make up and the fact that they're keen to try new technology. I also love the fact they're all such friendly people and that goes right the way to the top.

    I wore champagne today on it's own and it's great. As Jennifer says, it's got a such a nice hint of mauve. I can't remember if you have this colour or not?

    Jane x

  4. No, I bought Tamarack, which is a gorgeous bronze/brown colour, but did not have much luck with its staying power. Although I used it over a primer (actually I tried it with two different primers: UDPP and Kanebo Sensai) it wore off in about a couple of hours when worn on its own. It lasted a bit better on the waterline, but still...

    I still use it with the Kaleidoscope as a smudged base, but have given up on it as an option for a quick definition look on simpler makeup days. Oh, and I agree that when the Kaleidoscope colours are used lighter to deeper, the overall effect is softer (and, actually, my preferred way of wearing it).

    Nina x

  5. The pencil sounds interesting. They did a fantastic job with your makeover! After far too many times having the wrong shade of foundation slapped all over me then some hideous unflattering blush poked on my cheeks, I too have The Fear.
    Glad you had such a fantastic time!
    Chrissy xx

  6. HI Jane,
    I think I skimmed over the bit where you said Friday! (I was in Thursay evening). Is funny because I was almost going to email you to see if you were going on the Thursday as I thought ii sounded like your kind of thing (was v nervous and would have been nice to kind of know someone going).

    To me the pencil isn't dull at all, it is probably my favourite purchase, along with the Le Cirque kit, but some people (mainly the rest of my family) look at me with an 'odd expression' when I extoll the virtues of taupes. The Peau Vierge primer did sound great and felt nice on but I couldn't justify the price to myself, but ended up spending the same & more on other Le Metier products,there's twisted logic for you! Your makeup looks lovely, even after a hot train journey, Jennifer X

  7. You look really pretty and have just reinforced my need to get the lip kit, I think LMDB offer something a bit special, I have a feeling they will become my next big obsession x

  8. @Nina: Tamarack sounds lovely, what a shame about the staying power. I confess I haven’t checked on the staying power of Champagne today. It’s been one of those days that I’ve not been near a mirror since I applied this morning. I used the Le Cirque yesterday lighter to deeper and I was very pleased with the result. I love the colours in this palette.

    @ChrissyDee: I often get jumpy at counters, I’m getting better though! It was well worth fighting the fear in this case. They were so friendly though my nerves disappeared quickly. This is probably bad news for my bank account ;)

    @Jennifer: It would have been lovely to meet you. I was so disappointed I couldn’t make it on Thursday night so I’m really pleased I made up for it on Friday. We’ll have to meet up another time. I know all about twisted logic, I think it’s a peril of beauty blogging actually!

    @Replica: Thank you. I think you’re right, it’s very special. I keep looking at my cheeks in the photos and admiring. It’s another brand that seem to get it just right when it comes to picking out flattering shades and textures. The make up artists’ enthusiasm is infectious too.

    Jane x

  9. You look gorge but to be honest I prefer your own FOTD looks when you've done it, I would have expected a MUA to do something seriously fancy pants but I think it looks better when you do your eyeshadow (personally) xx

  10. Well, I'll take that as a compliment :). I used it myself the other day and then omitted to take a photo. I really like the palette, I'm pretty taken with using the pen liners to tightline now too!

  11. Hi! I LOVE your blog and check in daily, tho this is the first time I've commented. I actually have a question: do you find the Peau Vierge too dark for your coloring? It didn't look so in the photos. However, from what you've mentioned about the foundation colors you use, it seemed to me that you and I have somewhat similar coloring, and Peau Vierge gives me a noticeably darker look, which I don't love. (I do own it, an impulse buy--I loved the feel and finish of it, just didn't realize in-store that the color was off for me.) I'm wondering how you find the color on your skin?
    Thanks for your thoughts--and your wonderful blog!

  12. Hi Sam! Thank you for such a lovely comment. I'm really pleased you enjoy reading.

    I didn't find the Peau Vierge too dark, it actually seemed like a good colour match for me. Obviously it was only a single application but it looked nice on it's own. You haven't ended up with the medium-dark version have you? What a shame if it doesn't match well.

    Do come back and say hi, won't you?
    Jane x

  13. Thanks so much for your thoughts on Peau Vierge. I do have the Light/Med version--it just dampens my skin color. I don't consider myself super fair AT ALL, but this just goes a funny direction on me. Ah, well. In summer it acts as a sort-of all-over bronzer (not my favorite look, but I'll use it up). On the other hand, the feel/texture/finish is wonderful.

    PV aside, I look forward to continuing to discover wonderful things on your blog and to enjoying your musings.
    Thanks again!

  14. Jane, you look so lovely! We are hopeless for taupe though, aren't we?

  15. What a shame, I wonder if you could mix it with another foundation to moderate the colour but still get the benefit of the treatment? I'm wondering if there's something in it that's causing a reaction or oxidisation? It must be disappointing though, especially as it ticks so many others boxes. I'm so pleased you enjoy my prattle. Feel free to email me anytime :)

    @MLBB: Yes, absolutely hopeless! You can't beat a bit of taupe though!!

    Jane x


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