Thursday, 25 November 2010

Montagne Jeunesse Tottles

When I heard about the Montagne Jeunesse masks in "Tottles" form I was really keen to give them a try. I've been picking up their masks in Boots and Superdrug for a long time. If I remember rightly I even added some to the Christmas Beauty boxes I gave to family members last year. I think they're a nice and affordable way to have a little pamper of an evening. It can be a little messy getting the masks out of the sachet so the squeezy tube/bottle idea is a good one.

I received four of the masks to try: Sensuous Spice, Tropical Peel Off, Dark Chocolate and Damask Rose. I know you've probably read lots of reviews already but I wanted to try them all out before writing a review and with my skin having a little freak out I needed to space them out.

I tried Damask Rose first of all and I really like it. I picked this one first as it was at the peak of my bad skin and as it's supposed to be an ultra deep cleansing mask I thought it would be a good choice. It really helped dry up the outbreak on my chin. It was very relaxing and I rather like the smell. It reminds me of the old Immac scent before it became Veet. In a good way of course! It's a clay mask so it goes on wet and dries on the skin. It contains kaolin, natural clay and Mediterranean clay for a full on purifying experience.
Next up was the Tropical Peel Off mask. This smells really nice and goes on easily. I was too stingy with my application though and couldn't peel it off in one go (I was very disappointed, peeling is so satisfying). My recommendation is that you apply liberally to ensure you get good peel action.

I tried the Sensuous Spice mask a few days later. This is a self warming mask and although the colour is a little strange, I loved the warming sensation. It has a very nice, almost Christmassy spiced scent to it. The heat is really relaxing too.

I saved the Dark Chocolate till last. This mask has such an amazing chocolate orange scent which filled my bathroom and set off a few cravings. This was another clay mask and whilst it was relaxing, I was pleased to know it was working on my blemishes. This is one best used when you're not going to be disturbed though. I was caught out whilst wearing this by both baby and husband. Baby cried and husband laughed! Take care when washing it off too as the dark colour means it's quite prone to staining.

I would happily recommend all of these. At £4.99 I think they're an affordable treat. I like the new Tottles packaging too. These are available in Superdrug and also from

Disclosure: PR sample.

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