Tuesday, 2 November 2010

My Visit to Filthy Gorgeous

You may remember that I posted about Filthy Gorgeous opening in Debenhams, Oxford Street a couple of weeks ago. I paid a visit on Friday with a few other beauty bloggers and I have to tell you, it's even better than I had imagined. You may like to take a look at The 6 Inch Stilettos and London Beauty Queen's posts for more pictures.

Filthy Gorgeous is positioned at the back of the beauty hall. There's even a separate door that you can use to access it to save you walking through. Filthy Gorgeous itself is a lovely mix of treatment bays, comfy seating and products beautifully displayed for you to browse. The bays are pretty dressing tables with seats upholstered with special chosen prints, there's no sterile boring seating here. The atmosphere is really friendly and inviting, the aim was to design something that's just like getting ready at home with the girls and I think they've nailed it (pardon my terrible pun).

I mentioned the treatment menu in my previous post. You can definitely dip your toe in or go the whole hog, there are lots of quite different things to try. Something I was particularly interested in was the Airbrush hair which gives you the opportunity to try out those highlights you've always wanted without a permanent commitment (£5 per shade). Or you can get a temporary airbrush tattoo, one of the girls had one whilst we were there and it looked great. Another exciting treatment is the Minx nails, you can choose from a full manicure or pedicure or just go for an accent nail.

Click to see more of the menu

I was treated to a brow shape on the day, I always love having someone else tidy them up for me. The young lady that looked after me was lovely and she made sure we agreed on exactly what we were doing before she started. I was really pleased with the result. Another great touch was having the redness covered afterwards with a spot application of airbrush foundation. I was really lucky to have it done by a member of staff that also works as a make up artist for Dancing on Ice. I have to say the airbrush is a really relaxing way to have your foundation applied. It's also gentle enough to do immediately after waxing. It saves you walking around afterwards with the tell tale signs of what you've been up to!

As well as the treatments, there are a a variety of handpicked beauty products and accessories available to buy. Including gorgeous scented candles, jewellery and hair accessories as well as the very hard to find OCC lip tars (I got very excited when I saw these!). I also discovered that you can purchase the Airbase kit for less than it retails on Airbase's own website. Now I realise this isn't an everyday sort of purchase but for a makeup artist this is useful to know. For £195 you can get the Airbase Kit including Compressor, Airbrush, Foundation, Primer and Thinner/Cleaner.

My Cheryl Cole impression with a Vicki Ullah hair piece

Filthy Gorgeous is definitely somewhere I'll be heading back to, with their well priced selection of treatments and products you could lose yourself for a relaxing and fun couple of hours. I guarantee you'll pop along for one treatment and not want to leave!

Lip Tar photo courtesy of filthygorgeouslondon.com. A big Thank you to Melissa, Adam, Clair and Noelle for letting me gate-crash! It was lovely to meet you all.


  1. Ooooh Cheryl...I LOVE the pic :-)))))
    I didn't realise they stock the Lip Tars! That's very interesting, as I would not dare to buy any of these without actually testing in person. The whole concept of the place sounds like a lot of fun, definitely need to try it.
    Nina x

  2. Gorgeous pic - you look like you had a great time! The hair suits you but I reckon having it that long would be a complete nightmare, can you imagine how long it would take to wash and style?!

    I love the thought of getting ready with a group of friends but having the option to pick up a few goodies, have our eyebrows done etc all at the same time. Very handy

    I've read at least 3 or 4 posts over the last few days about those Lip Tars so I feel it's definitely a sign and I must order a couple asap :)

  3. Aw, you look lovely! SO different with long 'Cheryl Cole' hair extensions though haha. It sounds like a great place, and so well priced, too!

  4. Hello! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, it means a lot to mean =D. Fast Play is beautiful and extremely wearable!

    The lip tars are very cool, I like how you can mix them together to get different colors! Love, love your blog by the way!

  5. Aww what a lovely piccie of you. Filthy Gorgeous sounds like a great idea. Shame I don't live in London any more... x

  6. What fun, this reminds me of the Pout emporium in Covent Garden - I was so sad when Pout stopped trading. These look like great products and an interesting range. Thanks for this. Jan x

  7. Hi Jane
    that hair looks fab on you, is it all once piece? It sounds like you had a fantastic time- good for you. x jeanie

  8. @Nina: Hee hee! It felt funny having long hair for a change. I love the concept too, you have to pop along and take a look at the Lip Tars. It was really nice to see them in the flesh!

    @All Made Up: Thank you. My hair just doesn’t grow beyond my collarbone so it was really interesting to see how it looked with the hair piece. I agree though, I can see hair as long as that would be high maintenance! I believe there’s a real technique to applying the Lip Tars. I’d love to see what you think if you go ahead and order some.

    @Beauty’s Bad Habit: It was really funny wearing the hair piece. I love the fact that it was a fun place and that I didn’t feel remotely silly trying a big hair piece on. I agree with you on price, really great value for money especially considering the location.

    @Juujubez: You’re really welcome. I’m really tempted by Fast Play after seeing your swatches. The Lip Tars look great, as usual I was eyeing up some purples!

    @Leanne OCD: There’s another Filthy Gorgeous in Debenhams in Glasgow and the long term plan is to open up as stand alone salons in different locations I believe. Fingers crossed there’s a Filthy Gorgeous coming near you soon!!

    @Jan: You know, I don’t think I realised that Pout had ceased trading? It was a really nice place to visit. I’m definitely going to visit again when I’m in London. I love that you can just pop along without an appointment too. There are other bars popping up in that Debenhams too. It seems like they’re keen to embrace the demand for more salon type services.

    @jv: Thanks Jeannie. It was a single hair piece, it was all attached to a circle a bit bigger than a skull cap. It just pinned in place with Kirby grips. It felt a little heavy but I think it would be fun to wear for an occasion. I wouldn’t mind playing Rapunzel for a day!

    Thanks for all of your comments,
    Jane x


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