Monday, 8 November 2010

New Glasses and Other Ramblings

I thought I'd share a picture of my new glasses with you. As predicted, I don't love them! I said to the sales assistant that helped me (the one that wanted me to look like Penfold in the teenage specs) that I felt the shaping on the top had a touch of the Dame Edna's. I still think that's the case, I prefer the top of my frames to be a straight rather than curved. However, they are narrower than my other pair and I do like the colour.

In other news, I need to do something with my hair. I coloured it the other day (post to come) and I'm really happy with the colour but I need to make a decision as to whether I'm growing it or whether it needs cutting shorter again. The Keratin treatment is definitely fading now so it looks increasingly messy and needs sharpening up. The post baby re-growth is very untidy around my hairline. I'm very indecisive when it comes to my hair though so don't expect a rapid decision!

Whilst I'm rambling on I thought I would mention some shopping news. Illamasqua now accepts Paypal. Brilliant news in my opinion. I love it when online shops accept Paypal as it means I don't have to use the Credit Card I share with my husband. I'm sure you understand what I'm getting at here! Also, Chanel and MAC launched on on Friday. I believe they will stock all of MAC's permanent line as well as the collections. This will be really handy if you fancy shopping for a few different brands in the one order.

If you're a fan of Rouge Bunny Rouge products you might like to enter the contest on Zuneta's facebook page. Guess which eleven RBR products were used in the Celestial face chart to be in with a chance to win RBR Mattifying primer and Raven Glaze Lacquer Liner. 

I hope you're all having a good Monday and didn't get too wet on the way in to work.

Jane x


  1. I need some new glasses...I plan to get some early next year as I need a few months to prepare myself mentally for the trauma!! :)

    Good news about Illamasqua accepting Paypal! Hoorah!! Are you trying to say that you try and sneakily buy things without your other half knowing!? I would never *coughs loudly* do that! ;) I tell my OH that I've 'won a competition' when a parcel arrives at the door! Haha

  2. Totally with you re paypal. Its absolutely essential for me!

  3. I agree about the paypal!!Hubby doesnt need to ... everything!!hahaha!!
    And love your new glasses!!Elegant!!;)

  4. Ha-ha re: hubbies not knowing purchases ;)

    Luckily mine would never know, UNLESS he is home when the parcel comes *ahem*, and then there are always competitions that I've won, or companies who've sent me stuff etc etc..

    Glasses look nice though, not Dame Edna like!

    And hurrah for paypal, off for a looksie ;)

  5. I like those glasses on you, the colour is unusual and really suits your colouring.

    I totally relate to secret purchases and spending splurges though - what the men in our lives don't know, can't hurt them! xx

  6. I think the glasses look fab! Love the colour. I hate shopping for glasses.I always go in thinking this time I'll get something different but the fact is only one shape suits me. If thin, rectangular glasses ever go out of style I'm screwed. Also I have a really narrow face so the 'helpful' sales assistant always suggests trying the kiddies glasses x

  7. I think you look fab! I always go for a plain silver frame. Wish I could get away with frameless but my lenses are too thick, even with light visus (or whatever the thinning process is called). I've had my current glasses for hmm nearly 3 years now, I bought them in Rome and have no intention of changing them any time soon - it takes me so long to feel comfy in a new pair. Most days I wear contacts but some day, I hope I'll be brave enough (and can afford) surgery.

  8. Glasses - nightmare. I find them a complete pain and contact lenses are just as bad. If I could have 1 wish, it really would be for perfect sight. Have never thought of a no frames at the bottom of the lense, but think that this is very flattering on you. Whooping about paypal but unfortunately anything I buy comes up on the shared bankstatement :-( Jan x

  9. I really like the glasses Jane. The colour is gorgeous on you. I know what you mean about hunting for glasses though. Are we ever satisfied?!!? x

  10. Oooh, nice choice! Love the colour because everyone just goes for black or silver so it's great to see something a wee bit brighter!

    I was the same when it came to my hair - I'd let it grow halfway down my back then spent ages deciding whether or not to get it cut short. Finally went for it and now I totally regret it! (got it cut above my shoulders) so I think you're wise taking your time to think it over :)

  11. I think your new glasses suit you very well Jane! I particularly like the pop of colour, not so much as to be a statement, but some gentle definition...
    Now for the hair....oh I feel your problem totally. I am at that same awkward stage where I'm not sure whether to go back long (my hair grows REALLY fast) or go radically short. To make the whole decision-making an even more miserable process, I only trust my own beloved hairdresser/friend in Athens so there's not much I can do until Christmas but feel miserable every time I look myself in the mirror. Joy!

  12. Glasses look nice - you suit them! Huzzah for the paypal option - always a help when you are making an impulse buy, I find!

    Ali x

  13. @Ms. Wedgie: Shopping for glasses is indeed traumatic! I’m relieved to know it isn’t just me that is indulging in some “slight of hand” with the parcels. I’m normally good but just occasionally it’s better if he doesn’t know ;)

    @Charlie: I’m always very excited when I see a shop accepts paypal!

    @Blushingloves: Thank you lovely and you’re right, an element of mystery is essential. Hee hee!

    @Cheeky Beauty: Glad you don’t think the glasses you too Edna. I’m always funny about glasses. I think the ones I already have make me look like Frida Kahlo because of shadow they case. Every single pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned make me look like Nana Mouskouri too! Re: Hubbies, hurrah for paypal indeed :)

    @WelshBeautyBlog: It’s good to have some secrets ;). I’m pleased you think the glasses look ok. I really like the colour even though I’m unsure on the shape. It’s unusual without being too out there I think.

    @Eyelining: I’m pleased you like them. You’ve had the small glasses comment too then? I’d much prefer to pick out a narrower adult style if that’s all the same to you sales people, thanks!

    @PeachBellini: I’ve never got on with contacts unfortunately. I’ve tried a couple of times with no success. My husband has to have the special thinning to reduce the thickness of his frames. I think he’s been tempted by the surgery too. I know I would never be brave enough. The idea of an operation on my eye freaks me out!

    @lipstickmama: I always seem to go for a half frame. When I’m trying on these are always the style that suit me best. I’m still longing for some bold full frames though. Ah, yes, shared bank statements. We only have one joint account which is in my married name for the purpose of cheques that people insist on writing for a name I don’t use. Separate accounts for the real stuff though (although everything is shared).

    @Leanne: Glad you like the colour, that is definitely my favourite thing about them. In terms of being satisfied? Maybe one day it will actually happen!

    @All Made Up: Thank you, I really like the colour too. Poor you about the hair, it’s awful when you don’t like it and have to spend ages growing it out. I like it shorter but I find myself looking at pictures of it longer and wishing it was back to that length. I’m just too contrary!

    @Nina: Thank you! Glad you approve of the colour too. I agree that it’s something a little different without being over the top. That is a nuisance about your hair. I can totally understand you wanting to wait to see you’re favourite hairdresser though. It’s great to find someone whom you trust completely when it comes to hair.

    @Ali: Thank you. I love paypal, I can’t tell you how excited I was when I discovered Boots accepted it. It is the definitely the way forward!

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments. I’m pleased to see I’m not the only one that sees the benefits of paypal ;)
    Jane x

  14. The new glasses suit you very well and the color is gorgeous! I hope you grow to love them as you get used to the change in shape, they look great.


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