Thursday, 11 November 2010

Les Tentations de Chanel Collection

"Let us succumb to the temptation before it disappears" Epicurus

I have been looking forward to Chanel's Christmas collection. For me, the must have of the collection is the Ombre d'Eau in Splash. It's a beautiful bronzey taupe and having previously seen the finish of these liquid eye colours, I know it will be very special. The collection came out last Friday but I haven't had opportunity to have a look in person yet.

I love the image for the collection but I freely admit I'm not bold enough to rock a bronze eye and fuschia lip together. Individually though I think you could make some great looks. The Fuschia Tweed blusher looks really interesting as does Pulsion, the vibrant nail varnish. I like the colours in the eye quad but I fear these could be too warm on me.

Here's a complete list of the collection with prices:

Beige Lumineux, Rose Frais, Brun Cuivré and Rouge Noir Cuivré.

ROUGE COCO  £21.50
Patchouli, a light copper, both delicate and warm.
Magnolia, a soft and simple feminine pink.

LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES (Glossimer for lips)  £19.00
Pleasing, a voluptuous bronze.
Charming, a seemingly innocent pale pink.
Pink Pulsion, the sophisticated fantasy of fuschia.

OMBRE D’EAU (Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow)   £21.50
Splash, A deep luminous frosted bronze.

LES TISSAGES DE CHANEL (Blush Duo Tweed Effect)  £31.00
Tweed Fuschia

LE VERNIS (Nail Colour)  £16.50

Collection of 6 Essential Mini Brushes


  1. When I first heard about the range I thought I could do with just the nail polish and maybe Splash, but having seen the beautiful promo image, I want it all (especially if it helps/makes me vaguely resemble the girl in the picture)!

  2. I purchased a few items from this collection and my favorites are Pink Pulsion Glossimer and the Tweed Fuchsia (a must have in my opinion!). I hope you are able to purchase what you want =D.

  3. I am getting a quad eyeshadow and their black/red nail varnish for christmas, eeeeeeeeek! :)

  4. @LipstickLuvvie: Oh, if only I could look like that. Today I looked more like a drowned rat! I’m really interested to see the mini brush set too. There’s quite a few tentations there, that’s for sure. Let’s see if I can stick to just Splash!

    @Juujubez: Thank you. Is it an overspray on the Tweed Fuschia? Do you find it very wearable? I’d love to know :)

    @Hannah: Yay, that will be such a lovely Christmas present. Lucky you x

    Jane x

  5. I had a good look at it today...and Pleasing Glossimer came home with Mama :-)! Splash is lovely, perhaps a bit darker than I would have expected; it has depth and impact and would work very well for a multitude of looks. It shall be mine when I next got to Boots where i have £78 credit in points hehehehe...
    The blusher is to die for, but sadly not for my colouring (too cool). It would suit you beautifully methinks (sorry!). Of the other two lipglosses, the light pink is nicely shimmery, but there is hardly any pigment there at all, whilst Pink Pulsion is beautiful (bright pink with pink glittery particles) but too similar to Pink Teaser that I already own.
    The eyeshadow quad, I have mixed feelings about. It's pretty but nothing unique, or even new. It just did not excite me enough and, you're right, it is quite warm.
    The Pulsion nail polish is (to me) simply to die for, so if it's still available next week I shall gladly have some of points going its way!
    Phew...that was an essay...sorry, I'm getting bad habits as of late :-)))


  6. Fabulous review there, thank you so much for reporting back. I am very taken with the nail polish. I'm more of a lipstick than a lipgloss girl, though I do keep meaning to try one of the Levres Scintillantes. I'm definitely going to pass on the quad. It looks nice enough but there are other things that grab me more. I'm actually rather interested in the Tweed blusher. I think it requires a little 'at counter' investigation.

    I am impressed by your Advantage points. That is quite an achievement!

    Jane x

  7. lol...claim to fame and all that... x

  8. I got the blush, eyeshadow quad, Pleasing and Charming glossimers today and got £24 worth of Advantage Points! That's nearly 20% off! Woohoo! (I'd already got Pink Pulsion glossimer from eBay a week or so ago.) Such a lovely collection, I don't normally go for so many things from Chanel collections, but this one is really pretty. :)

  9. @Nina: Absolutely!

    @Anitascka: I know what you mean, I don't have lots of Chanel things myself but certain item really appeal. A bit like their nail colours. Well done on the Advantage points too! I'm intending to use my points to get something. It's my way round getting something whilst on a spending ban ;)

    Jane x

  10. Not sure if I 'll end up picking up anything from this collection (although the quad looks tempting enough), but the promo picture looks beautiful!!!


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