Saturday, 20 November 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Unassailable Loveliness

Rouge Bunny Rouge have released some new products as part of the Unassailable Loveliness look. A Mattifying Primer - METAMORPHOSES, a dual ended eye brightening pencil - EYES WIDE OPEN and a melting makeup cleanser - DELIQUESE. It also includes the Naked Disguise pencil concealer that was released at Zuneta earlier this year.

The mattifying primer promises to give the skin a velvet matte suede glow, it removes shine and evens skin tone. I rather like the idea of the pore tightening effect. I confess, I never really use primer but I can see the benefit of using something like this before foundation to get improved application. This costs £44 from Zuneta.

The white end of the liner duo is a sheer, pearlecent shade which can be used to highlight the brow bone, as well as the inner or outer corners of the eyes. The rose toned shade is designed to be applied to the waterline to brighten the eyes without being as stark as white. The pencils are formulated with natural oils and waxes to make them soft and light to apply. The duo liner costs £22.

The aromatic Deliquesce cleanser sounds similar to other melting cleansers like Even Lom and Emma Hardie. It melts with the warmth of your hands and then emulsifies with water to make up even waterproof products. It even promises to remove waterproof make up. I haven't tried any of Rouge Bunny Rouge's skincare but this does sound very tempting. As it's such a luxurious brand in my imagination this would smell and feel beautiful. It does have a very luxurious price of course, and costs £47 for 50ml.

All of the products are available from Zuneta who ship Worldwide.


  1. Oh my goodness I want that primer... I'm a bit of a primer fiend and wear one pretty much every day. Really don't think I can justify £44 though :-( x

  2. The promo image really doesn't do much for me, and as bad as that is it kind of turns me off these products. If I am going to shell out £44 for a primer I want the image to give me false promises of extreme beauty.
    Having said that the cleanser sounds lovely.

  3. I agree with Kelsey on the promo image. I'm not impressed, as much as I like RBR.

    In my opinion, I'm pretty sure this is an old promo pic that they've used for a previous collection and all they've done now is use photoshop to change the contrast to appear lighter, add some nail colour, lip colour, a dodgy hand drawn flower in her hair and what would appear to be a hand drawn top too. Not to mention the question mark that is her one blue and one green eye. (Her natural eye colour looks to be green on closer inspection. Unless she's blessed with one of each, I quite like that.)

    Come on, if you want me to fork that kind of money, get some proper promo images or show me a collection of the products. Anything but the hot mess that that picture is. EUGH.

    I want to want those products, not feel like they care enough to make a half hearted effort to promote themselves. What does that say about the brand?

  4. @Eyelining: It sounds lovely but I agree, the price is steep. I know that’s why I got so excited about the half price Secret Sale deal. It allowed me to get the tinted moisturiser that was similarly priced, I’d only been able to admire before. I do wish the RBR products weren’t as expensive as with a single exception I love all the products I have.

    @Hannah: I’m glad you like it.

    @Kelsey: You know, I did notice the top looked photo-shopped when I added the image, I didn’t spot the flower in the hair though. It is a shame to re-use images, it maybe isn’t the best way to entice sales of a new product. I agree, the cleanser sounds lovely. I tried to find the volumes of the Emma Hardie and Eve Lom to make a price/ml comparison, unfortunately I couldn’t find them. I suspect that it the RBR is more expensive though.

    @Miss Merx: It is a shame to re-use an image for a new collection. As I say, I did think the shoulder strap looked odd but didn’t spot the flower in the hair or the nails. Hopefully there will be more images of the products in use. It’s always helpful when you don’t have direct access. It’s why I really appreciate the videos they do on Zuneta. I’m sorry that the collection is a disappoint.

    Thanks for the comments, especially those with more eagle eyes than me today!
    Jane x

  5. As I've never tried anything by RBR before. I thought I'd just give my opinion on the promo image and the comments about it!

    I actually don't mind the image...and don't think I've ever seen this same promo image before.
    As for the illustrations with the drawn on flower and the vecro image top - all they promo images in the past seem to follow the same thing.

    What is abit odd though is the different coloured eyes and also can't say I love the 'Unassailable Loveliness' font, it's just abit cheap something you could find off the internet for free.

    So I think for the prices of the products they could up there images some what!
    But I do find it overall quite pretty :)

    Fee x

    PS. - You have made me want the mattifying primer now!

  6. @Fee: Thank you for you thoughts, I really appreciate your input. I don't mind the image either. It's not as directional maybe as say the the Raven Blaze look but it's still pretty. I agree with you about the font. I also want to try the primer, nothing will alter my interest in that! ;)

    I had a lovely email from Nadin at Rouge Bunny Rouge. She read the comments with interest as they're keen to know what people think of the products and advertising. The image hasn't been used for a promotion before but the model is one of their City Angels and we will have seen her before. The look is very neutral to support the new skin perfecting products.

    Thank you for all of your comments. It's been really interesting to have a little discussion about your thoughts on the campaign and hear some different opinions. Much appreciated as always,
    Jane x


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