Wednesday, 10 November 2010

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour

I first heard about Precision Foam on Twitter. I usually dye my hair successfully at home, obviously with the exception of the Morticia incident. Having read more about it I was really keen to give it a try.

They say

The John Frieda® haircare professionals announce another haircare first; John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour, a new permanent foam hair colour designed to deliver salon-precise results at home.

This revolutionary non-drip foam spreads easily into roots and hard to reach places, and gives 100% grey coverage, leaving you with nothing but shiny, natural-looking results. With 20 gorgeous shades to choose from, achieving a fabulous salon-quality result at home has never been easier.

My thoughts

I was drawn in by the promise of a non-drip forumla with 100% grey coverage. I don't so much have a problem with drips when dying my hair, it's more the little splatters during application that cause me problems. I've taken to covering my bathroom in navy towels but that is a pain I could live without. My grey hairs are of the super stubborn variety and take some covering. I'm always looking for something that will cover them for longer than a couple of washes.

I was sent a sample for review, the colour I received was Dark Chocolate Brown. Here is how my hair looked before. Do excuse the wonky parting, my Mum gave me an excellent straight parting but those pictures didn't show up the grey roots and brassy colour quite so well (I sound gorgeous!).

As, I mentioned I had my Mum assisting me on this occasion but I can tell that it would be easy to apply myself. The instructions were easy to follow and the foam, once mixed, was easy to dispense.  I threw caution to the wind and didn't put any towels down and I'm thrilled to report no splatters. I also wanted to mention how nice it smells. This may be an odd thing to say, but if you're a regular to home dying you will know that the fumes can be rather unpleasant. It was a really pleasant surprise that it had a nice perfume with only the barest hint of dye. I also loved the black latex gloves that came with the box. So much nicer than cream and a far cry from the enormous dodgy plastic things that used to be glued on the back of instructions!

I completely forgot to take any photos of the bottles in use. Of course, I got my priorities right and this is me relaxing during the processing time...


I left the dye on for 30 minutes, which is recommended for coverage of stubborn greys. I washed the foam out, applied the conditioner and then once the rinsing was finished prepared myself for the result. This is how my roots looked on the night of application.

This is how it looked the following day in natural light.

I am really pleased with how it turned out. The colour is nice and it looks healthy and shiny. I was concerned that it might be too red based but the Biochemist says it looks very natural. High praise indeed! The only bad thing was that my Mum did an excellent job of dying my forehead. Thanks Mum!

My hair was coloured on Saturday night and I have purposefully left it a few days to write this post. Quite often dye washes out of my grey hairs within a couple of shampoos. I have washed my hair a few times now and I'm pleased to report that the little beasts are still covered.

Precision Foam Colour is available in the shops now. The colours are grouped in to Red, Brunette and Blonde shades. At an RRP of £9.99 it is quite expensive but I am impressed with the end result and the extra touches. It's worth looking out for the offers too. Superdrug are currently offering the dye for £6.66 plus a free travel kit. The price will return to £9.99 tomorrow but the travel kit offer will run until 23rd November. Boots also have the Precision Foam on offer for £6.66. I will be snapping up a couple whilst it's still a third off.

Disclosure: This product was sent to me without cost for review.


  1. Ahh I'm intrigued, it sounds very fuss free and the colour/coverage looks great :)

  2. Looking good lady. Nice to see you chilling out for a moment with a glass of vino. Colour is very rich and glossy too. Gorgeous x

  3. Looks lovely, shame it doesn't come in black I really wanted to try it =( x

    1. it does come in black a natural black and a supppperrrr dark blue black. I tried the super dark one, it's amazing!!!

  4. Thanks for this review!! I'll have to try it out (if I can find it on my side of the pond, that is.) I love John Frieda's shampoos and conditioners, and if they make a good hair dye that lasts well and is a bit less messy and smelly than what I normally use...then yay.

    You mentioned that you took these pics a fews days (and washes) after the initial dye. I'd be interested to know if there was any fading after two and three weeks, and if you feel like your hair feels healthier after using this stuff. (I'm also going to take a giant leap and guess that their shampoos will not help remove this from one's hair any faster than any other shampoo.)

  5. This looks such a good natural colour - am currently all hennaed up so won't be able to attempt for at least 100yrs (!) but it is good to know that there is an option that is workable both in the execution and the result. Thanks for this. Jan x

  6. Jadegrrrl: I was pleased with the coverage and colour. The black gloves, non-drip formula and nice smell were a real bonus too.

    @Leanne OCD: I’m really pleased with how it turned out. The glass of vino was nice too ;)

    @Karleigh: Until you mentioned that, I hadn’t registered there was no black. I suppose if your hair is truly black, dark brown is just not going to cut it! Hopefully they will expand the colour range.

    @LiAnn: It’s definitely a big yay. Would you like me to enquire about release in the States? I took the second lot of pictures the next day but waited a few days to do the review. I am interested in the lasting power too so I will definitely report back. The problems that I encounter with dying my hair is firstly the colour leaching from the grey hairs and secondly the fading/going brassy after several weeks. I am happy to do an update. :)

    @lipstickmama: Thanks Jan, glad you enjoyed the review. I’m really happy with how it turned out. I haven’t used henna in years, is it still the case that you cant mix with other chemicals?

    Thanks for comments,
    Jane x

  7. That looks like a rich colour and makes your hair look really sleek, I like it! Love your processing time pic :) Do you remeber what lipstick you have on in your second from bottom photo ? x

  8. Yes, I felt I had to share a picture me looking silly! I do actually remember the lipstick I was wearing as it was from the LMDB face of the day, it's the Guerlain Kiss Kiss beige nude one. It looks pinker in this photo though.

    Jane x

  9. well I am obviously homing in on every pic that you have wearing that lipstick! The question is will I be able to go to the counter and just buy one thing.. x

  10. If you could ask about stateside release dates, that would be great! Their US-facing site doesn't seem to mention their hair dye, only their various shampoos.

  11. @Replica: Hmm.....let me think.....probably not! The only think I would recommend is checking if it has not been discontinued. I have a feeling when I've looked before that I haven't seen it. My Mum picked it up on sale and I wondered if it had been discontinued. It's such a nice colour, it's bound to be the case!

    @LiAnn: Absolutely, I shall send an email now and let you know the reply. Hopefully it will be rolled out everywhere soon.

    Jane x

  12. it is available in the states and i'm going to use mine soon. i purchased fro about 14 dollars at cvs. usual hair dyes run here from about 5 dollars to 10 so this was pricier.
    i have significant gray and go to the stylist every 4 weeks at 75.00 a visit. i will keep youposted after i used it. thankyou for the information...great little blog.


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