Monday, 1 November 2010

NARS Gift Sets

Two NARS gifts have been released today and I wanted to share the details as I think they look lovely. The first set is called Sweet Disposition and it includes three mini multiples. The shades are Luxor (Iridescent Pink), Malibu (Pinkish Brown) and Orgasm (Peachy Pink with Shimmer). This looks like an excellent way to try this cult favourite and I think any make up lover would be happy to find this under the tree! This set costs £32.

The Crazy Heart set is made up of five medium sized glosses. The colours are: Easy Lover (Ultra Sheer Hot Pink), Babe (Sheer Orange Red), Orgasm (Sheer Warm Pink with Golden Shimmer
), Turkish Delight (Pink Sorbet) and Misbehave (Sheer Cherry Red with Gold Shimmer). I know that Turkish Delight is a really popular shade and they seem to have picked a nice range of colour to include. This set costs £35.

The Holiday Collection is also released today. I knew I shouldn't have looked at this, Karleigh told me it would test my resolve not to spend and she wasn't wrong! Are you planning any purchases from this collection? I think both Bougainville and Downtown lipglosses look gorgeous.


  1. Multiples! Want! Not the biggest fan of NARS glosses, or glosses in general in fact. But I'd be happy to find Sweet Disposition in my stocking this year!
    Thanks for this!
    Chrissy xx

  2. These look so pretty! I'm going to try to resist the gift sets, but have ordered the Melusine eyeshadow duo from the Holiday collection, because I can't resist a good purple. :)

  3. NARS do some great gift sets - they always appear when I am at my most skint, cam belt needs replacing on car, hark at me just call me lipspannermamma! Jan x

  4. I really like the look of the multiples set but am sure there is one ingredient in them that breaks me out. I can't really make up my mind if I will get any of the holiday items, nothing is really grabbing me as yet. Oh and I think I might hate that Dior polish I bought..

  5. @ChrissyDee: I'd be very happy with either of these, I particularly fancy the multiples.

    @Missy Ellie: I'm the same with purple, so the glosses, Melusine and the nail polish in Pokerface are all talking to me!

    @Jan: It's always the way. It's like they check your bank account first before setting the release date. Replacement Cam belt eh? Sexy!

    @Replica: Hmm..I wonder if it's an ingredient or an actual texture issue. I can see cream highlighters being quite comedogenic. I saw swatches of the lavender lipgloss from the Holiday collection and I felt the urge to buy!

    Oh no, I don't know if I dare inquire about the Dior. Rubbish polish or disappointing colour?

    Jane x

  6. I have been wondering about all these lavender lip shades that are floating about, not sure how flattering they would be on, too stark perhaps ? I do feel tempted though..
    Well the Dior has chipped on nearly every nail and I only did it last night and the colour is not what I thought it would be, really flat.

  7. I have a couple of lavender lip things, it really does depend on the depth or colour and undertone whether or not it's wearable. Up The Amp and my Inglot Lip paint are fine but the likes of Lavender Whip are strictly for the fearless! The lip swatches I saw looked promising. Always difficult to be absolutely sure though as they weren't full face photos.

    Hmm.......the Dior doesn't sound very endearing! x

  8. I havent tried enough NARS products so I reckon these might be a great way to get to know them! As a general rule I dont like the little "collections" or gift sets cos there's always an item or two that I dont use so it doesnt really feel like good value. But then with NARS being such a cult brand I'd hope that it would all be awesome :)

  9. I'm with you on this, I haven't had lots of NARS myself. I have Laguna bronzer and I had a Sheer glow foundation (wrong shade), I have got a few more bit recently but I think this would be a lovely way to try out a few bits in one go. I think they'd make good presents for any make up lover!


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