Sunday, 7 November 2010

Le Métier de Beauté Le Cirque

I'm sorry it's taken me a while to post about the Le Cirque Kaleidoscope in detail. My parents have been visiting so I've been busy catching up with them.

This was the item of make up I decided to purchase as my treat before the spending ban. Yes, I know that I started the ban ages ago now but better late than never! I absolutely love the colours in this palette. The "odd one out" is the burgundy but it does work extremely well with the other colours. The powder is very finely milled this prevents them becoming muddy when you layer the eyeshadows. These are designed to be worn layered over one another, the technique is called Couches de Couleurs. I mentioned in my makeover post that you can either use the palette top to bottom or bottom to top. In the look I will show you, I applied the colours top to bottom.

The eyeshadows are beautifully soft. The finish is very flattering too, shimmery without being too much. They're not densely pigmented but you're not sat packing them on for hours either. I don't think the layering technique would work with super pigmented shadows. They also work well as individuals colours. The swatch on the far left of the pictures below is Champagne eye pencil which I mentioned in the makeover post. For some amazing pictures of the palette can I recommend you take a look at this post on Café Makeup.

For this eye look, I applied the lightest champagne colour all over the mobile lid to just above the crease. I applied the taupe on top except for the inner most corner. I buffed the burgundy and then the purple on to the crease and outer corner of the lid (using a MAC 217). I took a little of the taupe underneath the eye too. I like how this attempt turned out, it's very soft, everyday look.

MAC Painterly paint pot
Le Cirque Kaleidoscope
Le Métier de Beauté Precision Liner in Black*
Hourglass Film Noir mascara

Spot the little baby hand sneaking into the frame!

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC20
RMK Super Basic Liquid concealer
Shu Uemura H9 Seal Brown brow pencil
Illamasqua Unrequired blusher

Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipstick in Beige Nude

The Le Cirque Kaleidoscope costs £65 and is available from Selfridges, though sadly not online. I'm not going to attempt to justify the price to you. I appreciate this kind of price bracket isn't for everyone, it is very expensive but I bought this as a treat to myself. I really like Le Metier makeup, I think the colours and textures are very well thought out and it's a very flattering, feminine yet sophisticated line. Definitely splurge worthy material in my opinion.

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend xx

*The Precision Liner was one of a few samples I received after my makeover. Just in case you thought I was trying to sneak another purchase past you! As if I would.


  1. I love the look you created and I lovelovelove this Kaleidoscope!
    It's amazing how versatile this can be...I have used for rather dramatic looks as well as (much as you have done here) for softer day-appropriate application. No matter how I use it, it just shines!
    BTW, the peau vierge is fast becoming a deep and enduring love affair with results :-)))

  2. Hi Jane,
    Now don't laugh, but I have only just realised having read your post that this kit has a mirror in the lid. I feel very stupid and am hanging my head in shame! My only defence is that I was too excited by the shadows to pay any attention to the actual Kaleidoscope design.

    I'm going to try the layering technique from bottom to top later as I love the look in your makeover post, very sultry. I wouldn't have thought to do that myself.

    Jennifer X

  3. I've yet to take the plunge into this line but I really like the colours in this palette and the eye look you have created is very pretty. The Film Noir mascara looks sooo black - you have got me interested in this!

  4. Hey Jennifer, you're not the only one!!! I only realised myself a couple of days ago and felt immensely silly lol...oh, well!
    Nina x

  5. Love the look on you, you do your liquid liner so neatly! I need that Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipstick you have on, see you just make me want more and more..... x

  6. ohhhh they layer?

    ohhhhh there's a mirror?! haha what a wally I am.

  7. @Get Gawjus: It’s a really nice choice of colours in the set.

    @Nina: I really want to try something more dramatic next time. I might use a darker liner as a base for it as well. It’s definitely going to be a fast favourite, I find the colours very easy to apply. Great news about the Peau Vierge, results is what we like to hear!

    @Jennifer: I think it’s quite easy to miss, like you say it’s so exciting to get in to the colours. The mirror is handy though, I used to it to put my make up on this morning. I’d love to see how you got on with the reversed application. I hope you’ll post :)

    @Meeta: The colours are very nice. I had fancied another similar Kaleidoscope before this came out but the colours Le Cirque were just the best fit for me. I love Film Noir, I have quite a few other mascaras open at the moment but I always reach for this one. Whilst it wasn’t as dramatic as I was expecting, it is very dark, it’s not brittle and most importantly for me it NEVER smudges or flakes. I will definitely be replacing it.

    @Replica: I will take that as a huge compliment as it’s one thing I find very hard to get right. The lesson from the SA and using the felt pens (LMDB and the RBR lacquer liner) have made a big difference to my application. I really like the Guerlain lipstick, it’s odd because I never really hear anyone mention the Kiss Kiss lipsticks much but I really like them. Still kicking myself that I didn’t pick up the one I swatched months ago!

    @Charlie: Hee hee! I’m running an LMDB public information service ;).

    Jane x

  8. That is so flattering on you, Jane. Between you and Replica posting about this within moments of each other, I'm pretty much had on this palette (it was only a matter of time).

    I am jealous of how good you are at getting a thin line w your liners! I'm pathetically lazy and just do a heavier line =)

    I believe I have a sample tube of that mascara - it's so rich! Going to try that out soon!
    x jeanie

  9. Hi jv! We are naughty tempting you like that. I think you would really enjoy the colours though. I was really pleased to hear from Nina that it possible to achieve a variety of looks with it. Most of my disappointment with the Guerlain palette was that I was limited to more daytime looks.

    Believe me, my liner has only improved recently! The felt pen liners have helped me a lot, I find I can be much more precise. I was so thrilled to win your giveaway because of the pens :-). Definitely give the mascara a go. I like it very much (it was part of my items to review from Zuneta). I love the fact that it never smudges or flakes. Literally everything else I have tried smudges on me.

    Jane x

  10. Well I can't join in this conversation about missed mirrors in lids and layered looks because this palette would be totally wasted on me *cue grumpy knickeredness re occuring* still I can appreciate it on others! I do actually have a mug which says on one side *grumpy old bag* and on the other *little ray of sunshine* and guess which one I am??? Seriously it looks very lovely on you Jane. Bitter? Moi? Jan xx

  11. It's a lovely look, very subtle. I love the packaging as well. I just couldn't part with that much money for the palette! xx

  12. £65?!?! for eyeshadow!!? I can't even imagine spending that much. Obviously I'm quite jealous that you have and have managed to get some stunning shades but it just seems like so much :)

    The end result is really lovely - quite subtle and pretty and I imagine you'll use these loads. The palette itself is fab, such a cool design

  13. @Jan: You make me chuckle. Please don’t hold it against me, I’m naughty with the palettes. They are my weakness! It was this or the Chantecaille, we should probably all feel sorry for the tigers. I know colour wise it is dupeable but the texture is very easy to work with. Laziness always wins with me!

    @TBBB: Yes, it’s definitely expensive and not a must have for everyone. Gorgeous as a treat though. I’ve been working up to this since July! The shadows are beautiful to work with. Not necessarily a must have but definitely beautiful.

    @All Made Up: Yes, I hold my hands up. I am nuts but it was this or the £72 Chantecaille! The look is dupeable but the finish of the shadows probably not. I won’t try to justify it but I’m pleased I have it. Le Metier is expensive but the quality is there.

    Jane x

  14. I adore the purple churple shade! :)

  15. I have and enjoy this Kaleidoscope too. There are a lot of different looks you can achieve with it. I like how subtly you used the darker shades. And I'm quite impressed with your thin lining. Beautiful job and great review.

  16. It's a lovely kit.....but the baby hand is looooovlier!!!

    Ali x

  17. Hi Hannah, it's lovely isn't it?

    Hi Marcia! I'm really looking forward to trying different looks and depths of colour with this palette. I think the colours are lovely and so complimentary. Thank you for the compliment about my lining, it's taken a lot of practice but I find the pen liners make it easier.

    Hey Ali! Hee hee, she like to get in on the act. Those little hands are quite often reaching out for the make up too ;)

    Jane x


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