Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Eyeko Portobello Lipgloss

I received this lipgloss as part of the Eyeko Ambassador scheme. I was really pleased when I saw the colour as it looks like NARS Orgasm in lipgloss form. It's a pretty colour, smells like Sweetheart sweeties and although it feels a little sticky it feels quite moisturising too.

Here's the rest of today's makeup.

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage SC-3
RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer
Shu Uemura brow pencil
NARS Laguna
Paul & Joe Face Colour in 04 (thank you Nina!)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NARS Mélusine eyeshadow duo
RBR Lacquer Liner
Maybelline Lash Stiletto

Writing this post has reminded me that I bought some Eyeko polishes a little while ago and I still need to try a few of them out. I'm intrigued to try the Fat Balm next as these seem really popular. Do you have an Eyeko favourites you can recommend?


  1. I love the Grafitti liners! They're really good value for money and really easy to use as well.

    I'm intrigued by the Fat Balm as well!! I'm still on a spending ban for non essential stuff but they are really tempting me!! Must be strong and resist for now! :)

  2. The gloss looks sooo lovely and fresh and juicy! I swear, sometimes you look all of eighteen years old lol...I love the Fat Balms for my lips, I have Cherry and another on (can't remember the name -what else is new?) and I find them fun to use, the colour pay-off is good, they last a long time and they are not too drying...what's not to like?

  3. Lovely look. That lip gloss is so pretty! Glad to see the NARS Melusine duo applied. I have it and haven't used it yet, but plan to do so soon - it looks great! :)

  4. I've not tried a great deal of Eyeko but the lipgloss looks nice. I like the Melusine duo on you, the look is lovely.

  5. I got sent the London Lips gloss in Shoreditch and I love it :) I know what you mean about wanting to try the Fat Balms - I've heard so many good things about them!

  6. @Ms. Wedgie: I have wondered about the Grafitti liners, I’m rather partial to felt pen style liners. I ought to investigate. I know I’m going to have to try that Fat Balms soon! You’re being so good with your no spend too.

    @Nina: Why thank you!! It’s been a long time since I was 18 but I’m definitely accepting that compliment! You have me sold on the Fat Balms, definitely worth a try I think.

    @Makeup Magpie: Thank you. I really like Melusine, it’s a really nice duo. I’ve used the lighter colour on it’s own too. I hope you like it when you give it a try.

    @Meeta: I’m definitely interested in trying more Eyeko things. They used to stock it in my local Superdrug and just as I wanted to try it, it vanished! I really like Melusine. I keep picking it out to use.

    @Emily: I was looking at Shoreditch earlier and it looks nice. I’m going to have to cave and try the Fat Balms I think. They sound really appealing.

    Jane x

  7. I love the nail polishes (especially "Vintage") and lip glosses but I havent tried anything else yet. Heard great things about the face creams - apparently they do actually give that gorgeous glow that's claimed on the website :) Oh and the liners are s'posed to be great too ♥

  8. What? A lipgloss named after a mushroom? I like mushrooms and makeup named after them. Looks like this would go well with NARS Portobello eyeshadow duo.

    BTW, I love your eyes! If you ever want to volunteer pix for Into the Palette and your face. Let me know.

  9. @All Made Up: I have wondered about the creams before. They look very interesting. I think they've brought out some really nice nail colours too. As a fan of pen liners I ought to give the Graffiti pens a try!

    @Olivia: I'd not thought about the mushroom aspect! All of the lipglosses are named after areas of London so I just automatically think Portobello Road. You've made me want to investigate the NARS duo now!!

    I would absolutely love to volunteer some pix for Into the Palette. I'll drop you an email later. Exciting!

    Jane x

  10. this gloss looks lush...and so does the rest of your make up! i haven't really ever tried much from Eyeko...will have to give them a go xx
    super post x

  11. Hi Lola! I've been slow to get round to trying Eyeko. I'm keen to try more though and the Fat Balms are definitely up there!
    Jane x

  12. Lovely look, I am a sucker for purple eyeshadows and Melusine looks so nice on you that I might just have to get my paws on it!

  13. Hi Jen! I find it very hard to resist the lure of a good purple. I really enjoy using Melusine.
    Jane x


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