Sunday, 14 November 2010

Simple Sunday Makeup

My apologies for being absent over the weekend. I had a trip to Ikea yesterday (we were in there for four hours) and today was spent erecting our new table and chairs. So, as you can imagine I wanted to keep my make up simple but pretty of course.

Bourjois Healthy Mix in Vanille
MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC20
RMK Super Basic Concealer
NARS Laguna Bronzer
NARS Desire Blusher

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Some colours from the Guerlain Rue de Passy palette
Eyeliner - Eyeliner shade from Rue de Passy
Hourglass Film Noir mascara

The Body Shop lipstick in 42
e.l.f Hypershine Gloss in Bubblegum

I want to dedicate this post to jv at Makeup Merriment and the lovely Nina "In The Sweet Shop". I won jv's giveaway a little while back and received a bunch of goodies including e.l.f. HD Powder (which I love) and the lipgloss I'm wearing here. jv is such a lovely lady and has always been such a supportive follower. Please do take a look at her blog, you will see where I get lots of product inspiration.

Nina has also been a tremendous supporter and is a great source of make up information. I really value Nina's comments and input, if only she had her own blog! I want to say a big thank you as Nina very kindly sent me the NARS Desire that I'm wearing here, as well as a few other bits, as they were colours she found unsuitable. Many thanks lovely lady, they have definitely found a loving new home.

I hope you've all had a relaxing weekend,
Jane x


  1. You look great!!
    BTW, I shipped your goodies on Friday!

  2. Your skin looks stunning! Looks gorgeous

  3. Last time I went to Ikea I was also in there for 4+ hours but mainly because I couldn't find the way out! They are soooo huge.

    Anyways love the soft and beautiful.
    I actually bought a lipgloss in M&S today called Mulberry and it actually reminded me of you! I picked it up and thought it was just a 'you' colour! hehe ;)

    Fee x

  4. Aaawwww...stop it now! I'm blushing (and it's natural for a change lol)...Thank you for your kind words Jane, they are greatly appreciated!

    Just let me say how much I value the hard work and dedication of beauty bloggers. It would be no exaggeration to say that in the couple of years I have been reading and following blogs, not only has my love for makeup rituals been renewed and liberated but, also, both my imagination and my (limited) expertise have been expanded and say nothing of a sense of community!
    So, just a small thank you to all the lovely women out here who give their time and some small, or bigger part of themselves for all to share :-)))

    That is such a sweet look and I do think that Desire suits you...I'm very happy! And, dare I say it, I'm beginning to really warm up to Rue de Passy. Bad, bad, BAD, I thought I'd had a narow escape with that!

    Have a great week lovely!


  5. Really pretty FOTD, you look great xx

  6. I love this look, it's so pretty and I really like the eyeshadow combo you have used.

  7. Sometimes less is more hun!!You look super pretty even with less make up!!Love your skin!

  8. So pretty <3 love this, makes me want to get my hands on Desire blush :D

  9. Just one question the chuffing heck do you look so bloomin serene with three young children to look after?! ;) Gorgeous.

  10. @Kelsey: Thank you!

    @Michelle: Thank you so much, I’m looking forward to it arriving. I’ll let you know when it gets here. :)

    @Charlie: Thank you, that makes me feel better as my skin is not happy at all at the moment.

    @Makeup Savvy: Heehee! They are like a giant maze, aren’t they? Mulberry sounds lovely and you’re right it’s very me. It’s funny how you can’t spot things that would appeal to other bloggers now, I’ve done that myself whilst out shopping!

    @Nina: What a lovely thing to say. I think the sense of community and relationships with others is what keeps going. I’m always touched by people taking the time to read and comment. As you get to know people, the opinions and advice becomes really valuable. I get a lot out of reading blogs, I have discovered many new things and am constantly improving my techniques.

    With regard to Rue de Passy, I often pick it out to use. I like the colours and I actually really like the little brush duo in there. The texture of a couple of the darker shades isn’t as smooth though. If you spot any of these on sale I would recommend snapping them up. At full price though, I think the eyeshadow quality could definitely have been better on those couple of shades.

    @WelshBeautyBlog: Thank you, I’m pleased you like it.

    @Meeta: Thank you, as I was saying to Nina, I quite often reach for this palette. Despite my disappointment, it does contain some nice soft shades for a gently defined eye.

    @Blushingloves: You’re right, sometimes less is more. I’m pleased you think my skin looks ok, I was a bit stressed about it in the week as we were talking about on Twitter. It’s still not quite back to it’s usual self!

    @Jadegrrrl: Thank you. Desire looks a little intimidating in the pan but I used a little duo fibre brush and it gives a nice flush. I have a couple of bright pinks now, after years of never wearing blusher, I’m surprised by my daring now!

    @MissisG: Ha ha ha! Confession time….only one of them was at home at the time. The boys ended up staying with the Grandparents that night so I’d had a rare semi-lie in. Well, as much as a 9 month old will allow ;)

    Thank you for all of your lovely comments, I really appreciate them.
    Jane x

  11. That's a natural but perky look, nice!
    I've never been into an Ikea, people seem to be traumatised by visits there though so probably best I haven't been ;)
    Nina is lovely isn't she, I really value her opinon too x

  12. Hi Jane

    what a very lovely post (I'm sorry to comment so late- last week was horrid)....
    First off thanks for the overly kind words you truly warm my heart. I can't tell you how many lemmings you have *caused* me to have- xoxo.
    I feel the same as you do about so many of the ladies I have been blessed to met in beauty blog land. In the past I got inspiration from magazines and now they sit gathering dust as I would rather read what *real* people have to say about beauty. I learn all the time(and watch my bank account dwindle-ha), blogging/reading blogs can be a great distraction away from all the yucky things in life.

    You look radiantly gorgeous (as always) and your skin is so CLEAR! I'm also go thrilled you are enjoying your goodies (that bubble gum looks so pretty on you!).

  13. @Replica: Thank you. Yes, don’t EVER go to Ikea if you can help it! Nina is great, I love our make up discussions :)

    @Nina: Feel the love from the like minded! ;)

    @jv: You are most welcome. I very much appreciate your support. I’m really sorry you had a bad week, I hope things are looking better this week. I’m pleased you like the look. The elf lipgloss feels so nice, as you say there are some real elf gems. Thank you again.

    Thank you for the lovely comments,
    Jane x


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